Remove support for WebKitSystemInterface
[WebKit.git] / Source / cmake / OptionsAppleWin.cmake
2020-03-16 krollin@apple.comRemove support for WebKitSystemInterface
2020-02-17[CMake] Use builtin targets
2020-02-06 bfulgham@apple.comPrevent navigating top level frames to Data URLs
2020-01-31[CMake] Add SQLite::SQLite3 target
2019-05-18[CMake] Use builtin FindICU
2019-04-16[CMake] Set WTF_SCRIPTS_DIR
2019-04-14[CMake] JavaScriptCore derived sources should only...
2019-01-17[Win] gperf command not found
2018-08-30[CMake] Replace using CMake
2018-02-21[CMake][Win] Use cmakeconfig.h rather than config.h...
2017-11-27[CMake][Win] Conditionally select DLL CRT or static CRT
2017-09-01[CMake] Make USE_CF conditional within Windows
2017-08-30[CMake] Use find_package for zlib
2017-08-29[CMake] Use find_package for libxml2 and libxstl
2017-08-24[CMake] Use find_package for SQLite
2016-10-11 achristensen@apple.comRemove dead networking code
2016-10-11[Win][Direct2D] Compile fix.
2016-10-06[Win][Direct2D] Add Direct2D CMake rules
2016-08-29 pvollan@apple.comAttempt to fix WinCairo build after r205090.
2015-08-17 achristensen@apple.comMove some commands from ./CMakeLists.txt to Source...
2015-05-01 mrobinson@webkit.orgUSE(...) macro should expect unprefixed variables
2014-08-01 achristensen@apple.comProgress towards cmake on Windows.
2014-07-08 commit-queue@webki... Steps towards CMake on Windows.