PolymorphicAccess should try to generate a stub only once
[WebKit.git] / Source / WebKit / CMakeLists.txt
2016-04-11 commit-queue@webki... [CMake] Make FOLDER property INHERITED
2016-04-09 achristensen@apple.comProgress towards running CMake WebKit2 on Mac
2016-04-08 commit-queue@webki... [cmake] Use ICU include dirs in WebKit.
2016-04-06 achristensen@apple.comMake CMake-generated binaries on Mac able to run
2016-02-26 commit-queue@webki... [cmake] Moved WebKit/Storage sources and include dir...
2016-02-22 commit-queue@webki... [cmake] Moved library setup code to WEBKIT_FRAMEWORK...
2016-02-10 achristensen@apple.comFix internal Windows build
2015-12-03 antti@apple.comMove ResourceLoadScheduler to WebKit1
2015-10-29 achristensen@apple.comFix Mac CMake build
2015-10-01 bfulgham@apple.com[Win] Unreviewed CMake build fixes.
2015-09-19 achristensen@apple.comFix Windows tests after r189934.
2015-09-14 achristensen@apple.comProgress towards CMake on Mac.
2015-08-20 achristensen@apple.comCMake Windows build should not include files directly...
2015-08-18 achristensen@apple.comBuild Debug Suffix on Windows with CMake
2015-08-17 achristensen@apple.comMove some commands from ./CMakeLists.txt to Source...
2015-08-14 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r188428.
2015-08-14 commit-queue@webki... Move some commands from ./CMakeLists.txt to Source...
2015-08-05 achristensen@apple.comBuild DumpRenderTree with CMake.
2015-05-19 mcatanzaro@igalia.com[CMake] Ignore warnings in system headers
2015-04-08 achristensen@apple.comAdd CMake build system for WinCairo port.
2015-03-20 achristensen@apple.comProgress towards CMake on Mac.
2015-03-14 achristensen@apple.comProgress towards CMake on Mac.
2015-02-17 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... [CMAKE] Remove CMakeLists.txt in WK1 port
2014-02-27 msaboff@apple.comAuto generate bytecode information for bytecode parser...
2014-02-26 mrowe@apple.comRoll out r164732 since it broke Production Mac builds.
2014-02-26 msaboff@apple.comAuto generate bytecode information for bytecode parser...
2014-02-01 oliver@apple.com2014-01-31 Oliver Hunt <oliver@apple.com>
2014-01-31 oliver@apple.comMake it possible to implement JS builtins in JS
2014-01-08 eric.carlson@apple.comTeach MediaSessionManager to manage interruptions
2014-01-03 simon.fraser@apple.comAttempt to fix EFL build.
2013-12-23 mrobinson@webkit.org.: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=125511
2013-12-23 mrobinson@webkit.orgSmall build fix for GTK+ with the CMake build
2013-12-19 mrobinson@webkit.org[GTK] [CMake] Add support for building WebKit1
2013-11-28 commit-queue@webki... Building EFL Webkit again with mediastream enabled
2013-09-20 paroga@webkit.org[CMake] Use COMPILE_DEFINITIONS target property for...
2013-08-08 ryuan.choi@samsung.comUnreviewed build fix on Efl port after r153785.
2013-07-17 kbalazs@webkit.org[CMake] Undefined references should be detected at...
2013-06-10 betravis@adobe.com[CSS Shapes][CSS Exclusions] Split CSS Exclusions and...
2013-05-28 andersca@apple.comCreate a html/forms subdirectory and move FileIconLoade...
2013-05-18 paroga@webkit.org[CMake] Replace *_LIBRARY_NAME with *_OUTPUT_NAME
2013-04-06 paroga@webkit.org[CMake] Remove general include directories from platfor...
2013-02-12 commit-queue@webki... Build fix: r142549 broke EFL build
2012-12-06 commit-queue@webki... [CMake] Unify coding style for CMake files
2012-10-24 ap@apple.com Add a strategy for shared workers
2012-08-11 commit-queue@webki... [WebGL] Add support for EXT_robustness
2012-07-27 commit-queue@webki... [Cairo] Add complex font drawing using HarfbuzzNG
2012-07-26 commit-queue@webki... [EFL][WK2] Implement Network Information provider
2012-07-17 ryuan.choi@samsung.com[EFL] Move codes related to theme setting from Widget...
2012-06-20 ossy@webkit.org[CMake] Unreviewed speculative buildfix after r120786.
2012-06-13 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Enable SHADOW_DOM flag
2012-06-01 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] EFL's LayoutTestController needs to implement...
2012-05-21 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Minor style fixes in web intents code are needed
2012-05-18 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Add simple implementation of Web Intents
2012-04-10 paroga@webkit.org[CMake] Enable USE_FOLDERS property
2012-04-07 paroga@webkit.org[CMake] Cleanup WTF include directories
2012-03-23 kubo@profusion.mobi[CMake] Unreviewed build fix after r111778.
2012-03-21 eric@webkit.orgMove wtf/Platform.h from JavaScriptCore to Source/WTF/wtf
2012-03-07 kubo@profusion.mobi[CMake] Make the removal of transitive library dependen...
2012-03-06 kubo@profusion.mobi[EFL] Unreviewed; fix the build after r109877.
2012-03-05 kubo@profusion.mobi[CMake] Libraries are installed to /usr/lib and not...
2012-02-23 paroga@webkit.org[CMake] Add WEBKIT_INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILES_IF_EXISTS macro
2012-02-22 fpizlo@apple.comJSC should be a triple-tier VM
2012-02-21 aroben@apple.comRoll out r108309, r108323, and r108326
2012-02-21 fpizlo@apple.comJSC should be a triple-tier VM
2012-02-16 paroga@webkit.orgSource/WebKit: [CMake] Add missing include directories.
2011-12-02 ryuan.choi@samsung.com[EFL] Cleanup includes to reduce code complexity.
2011-11-18 paroga@webkit.org[CMake] Add possibility to overwrite WEBKIT_PORT_DIR...
2011-11-08 zimmermann@webkit.org2011-11-08 Nikolas Zimmermann <nzimmermann@rim.com>
2011-09-16 fpizlo@apple.comDFG JIT should inline Math.abs
2011-08-23 demarchi@webkit.orgSource/WebKit: Patch by Jonas M. Gastal <jgastal@profus...
2011-04-14 commit-queue@webki... 2011-04-13 Ryuan Choi <ryuan.choi@samsung.com>
2011-04-10 ggaren@apple.com2011-04-08 Geoffrey Garen <ggaren@apple.com>
2011-02-19 paroga@webkit.org2011-02-18 Patrick Gansterer <paroga@webkit.org>
2011-02-06 paroga@webkit.org2011-02-06 Patrick Gansterer <paroga@webkit.org>
2011-01-17 abarth@webkit.orgMove WebKit into Source