[WebIDL] Remove some unnecessary specialization for enum types
[WebKit.git] / Source / WebCore / bindings / js / JSSubtleCryptoCustom.cpp
2017-05-23 commit-queue@webki... [WebIDL] Remove some unnecessary specialization for...
2017-05-09 utatane.tea@gmail.comHandle IDLPromise<> properly
2017-04-18 weinig@apple.com[WebIDL] Make annotated types first class allowing...
2017-04-17 jiewen_tan@apple.com[WebCrypto] Add support for ECDSA
2017-04-15 jiewen_tan@apple.com[WebCrypto] Support HKDF
2017-04-06 jiewen_tan@apple.com[WebCrypto] Add support for AES-CTR
2017-03-09 jiewen_tan@apple.comImplement PBKDF2 in WebCrypto
2017-03-09 jiewen_tan@apple.com[WebCrypto] Implement SubtleCrypto::DeriveKey method
2017-03-09 jiewen_tan@apple.com[WebCrypto] Implement ECDH DeriveBits operation
2017-03-08 jiewen_tan@apple.com[WebCrypto] Implement ECDH ImportKey/ExportKey operations
2017-03-07 jiewen_tan@apple.com[WebCrypto] Implement ECDH GenerateKey operation
2017-03-03 jiewen_tan@apple.comWebCrypto API support for AES-GCM
2017-03-03 ryanhaddad@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r213301.
2017-03-02 jiewen_tan@apple.comWebCrypto API support for AES-GCM
2017-02-21 jiewen_tan@apple.com[WebCrypto] Add support for AES-CFB
2017-02-16 jiewen_tan@apple.com[WebCrypto] remove toJSValueFromJsonWebKey from custom...
2017-02-12 weinig@apple.comRemove the remaining functions out of JSDOMBinding
2017-01-27 keith_miller@apple.comclassInfo should take a VM so it is not materialized...
2016-12-31 darin@apple.comRemove setDOMException and a few custom bindings
2016-12-09 jiewen_tan@apple.com[Part 2 of 2] Add support for PKCS8 format while doing...
2016-12-07 jiewen_tan@apple.com[Part 1 of 2] Add support for SPKI format while doing...
2016-12-06 commit-queue@webki... [WebIDL] Add support for converting dictionaries to JS
2016-12-01 jiewen_tan@apple.comUpdate SubtleCrypto::unwrapKey to match the latest...
2016-12-01 jiewen_tan@apple.comSubtleCrypto::deriveBits always return NOT_SUPPORTED_ER...
2016-12-01 jiewen_tan@apple.comSubtleCrypto::deriveKey always return NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR...
2016-12-01 jiewen_tan@apple.comUpdate SubtleCrypto::digest to match the latest spec
2016-11-30 jiewen_tan@apple.comUpdate SubtleCrypto::wrapKey to match the latest spec
2016-11-30 jiewen_tan@apple.comUpdate SubtleCrypto::verify to match the latest spec
2016-11-29 jiewen_tan@apple.comUpdate SubtleCrypto::sign to match the latest spec
2016-11-29 dbates@webkit.orgCryptoAlgorithm::generateKey() should take lvalue refer...
2016-11-19 jiewen_tan@apple.comUpdate SubtleCrypto::decrypt to match the latest spec
2016-11-18 jiewen_tan@apple.comUpdate SubtleCrypto::encrypt to match the latest spec
2016-11-15 jiewen_tan@apple.comUnreviewed, quick fix for r208751
2016-11-15 jiewen_tan@apple.comFollowup patch for r208737
2016-11-15 jiewen_tan@apple.comUpdate SubtleCrypto::exportKey to match the latest...
2016-11-13 darin@apple.comMove crypto code from ExceptionCode to ExceptionOr
2016-11-11 jiewen_tan@apple.comRename CryptoKeyUsage to CryptoKeyUsageBitmap and Crypt...
2016-11-10 jiewen_tan@apple.comUpdate SubtleCrypto::importKey to match the latest...
2016-10-25 jiewen_tan@apple.comUpdate SubtleCrypto::generateKey to match the latest...
2016-07-25 jiewen_tan@apple.comRename SubtleCrypto to WebKitSubtleCrypto
2016-07-10 utatane.tea@gmail.com[GTK] Crash on https://diafygi.github.io/webcrypto...
2016-07-07 benjamin@webkit.org[JSC] Unify how we throw TypeError from C++
2016-05-17 youenn.fablet@crf... DOMPromise should only restrict the resolution type
2016-05-13 cdumez@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r200837.
2016-05-13 youenn.fablet@crf... DOMPromise should only restrict the resolution type
2016-05-12 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r200766.
2016-05-12 youenn.fablet@crf... DOMPromise should only restrict the resolution type
2016-03-24 youenn.fablet@crf... Remove DeferredWrapper::resolve<Vector<unsigned char>>
2016-01-02 aestes@apple.comReplace WTF::move with WTFMove
2015-11-02 youenn.fablet@crf... Rename JSDOMWrapper.impl to JSDOMWrapper.wrapped
2015-10-01 youenn.fablet@crf... Refactor binding generator to factor JS DOM class m_imp...
2015-09-21 cdumez@apple.comPass JSC::ExecState to the custom bindings by reference
2015-06-23 youenn.fablet@crf... MediaDevices.getUserMedia should migrate from callbacks...
2015-06-10 youenn.fablet@crf... DeferredWrapper should clear its JS strong references...
2015-02-27 gyuyoung.kim@samsu... Remove unnecessary create() factory functions
2015-02-02 darin@apple.comFix some leaks found by the leak bot
2015-01-30 cdumez@apple.comRename shared() static member functions to singleton...
2014-09-22 cdumez@apple.comGenerate Element casting helper functions
2014-07-03 dbates@webkit.orgAdd WTF::move()
2014-02-06 joepeck@webkit.orgWeb Inspector: Add Console support to JSContext Inspection
2014-01-19 ap@apple.comMemory leak in JSSubtleCrypto::wrapKey
2014-01-03 weinig@apple.comUpdate Promises to the https://github.com/domenic/promi...
2013-12-17 andersca@apple.comRemove EnumClass.h from WTF
2013-12-13 ap@apple.comWebCrypto wrapKey operation doesn't check key usage
2013-12-02 ap@apple.comSupport WebCrypto AES-KW
2013-11-21 ap@apple.comImplement WebCrypto wrapKey
2013-11-21 ap@apple.comImplement WebCrypto unwrapKey
2013-11-20 ap@apple.comUse std::function callbacks in CryptoAlgorithm instead...
2013-11-18 ap@apple.comJWK crypto key export result is a DOM string instead...
2013-11-16 ap@apple.comWebCrypto no longer uses sequences of ArrayBuffers
2013-11-16 ap@apple.comSupport exporting symmetric keys as JWK
2013-11-14 ap@apple.comImplement raw format for WebCrypto key export
2013-11-08 ap@apple.comImplement JWK key import for HMAC and AES-CBC
2013-11-04 ap@apple.comImplement generateKey for HMAC and AES-CBC
2013-11-04 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r158526.
2013-11-03 ap@apple.comImplement generateKey for HMAC and AES-CBC
2013-11-02 ap@apple.comAdd WebCrypto AES-CBC
2013-11-01 ap@apple.comAdd a Mac WebCrypto implementation of HMAC importKey...
2013-10-31 ap@apple.com[WebCrypto] Add SHA-1
2013-10-14 ap@apple.comAdd an empty window.crypto.webkitSubtle