2004-08-24 kocienda Reviewed by Chris
2004-08-24 kocienda Reviewed by John
2004-08-24 mjs Reviewed by Richard.
2004-08-24 hyatt Fix for 3558334.
2004-08-24 mjs Reviewed by Kevin.
2004-08-24 mjs Reviewed by Richard.
2004-08-24 cblu Fixed build.
2004-08-23 cblu Fixed: <rdar://problem/3674867> use new Security frame...
2004-08-23 darinGet rid of stray conflict markers.
2004-08-23 kdecker Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-08-23 vickibump all version numbers to 160u, since I just submitte...
2004-08-23 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-08-23 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-08-23 hyatt Apply leo's fix to marquees.
2004-08-23 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-08-21 hyatt Divorce the notion of a marquee being stopped from...
2004-08-20 hyattFix layout tests.
2004-08-20 hyatt Fix the directionality of the unicode hyphen so that...
2004-08-20 rjwAdded.
2004-08-20 rjwWebKit:
2004-08-20 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-08-20 kocienda Reviewed by Darin
2004-08-20 treyGet rid of weird chars in bug titles from last checkin...
2004-08-20 treyWebCore:
2004-08-20 kociendaI neglected to add these files on my previous checkin
2004-08-20 kocienda Reviewed by Trey
2004-08-20 trey Fixing: Spellchecker called once or twice for...
2004-08-20 sullivan * English.lproj/StringsNotToBeLocalized.txt:
2004-08-20 mjs Reviewed by John.
2004-08-20 mjs Reviewed by Dave and Darin.
2004-08-20 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2004-08-20 rjw Continue to call old pollForAppletInView: in...
2004-08-19 hyatt Fix crash when text is contained inside a table-colgroup.
2004-08-19 trey Unexpected errors hit while finding word boundaries...
2004-08-19 hyatt Make XSLT imports/includes work. This code has to...
2004-08-19 vickiset version to Safari 2.0, (v159u) for tip of tree.
2004-08-19 vickiSafari-158 stamp
2004-08-19 cblu Fixed typo in comment.
2004-08-19 cblu Fixed: <rdar://problem/3566336> CrashTracer: .2403...
2004-08-19 vicki- initialize deletedElementIndex to make the compiler...
2004-08-19 trey 3765958 - downstreamPosition() can hit infinite loop...
2004-08-19 hyatt Make the header overlap the footer in the zero-line...
2004-08-18 rjwWebKit:
2004-08-18 cblu Fixed: <rdar://problem/3692199> 8A146: Safari crashes...
2004-08-18 kocienda Reviewed by me
2004-08-18 kocienda Coded by Darin and Ken
2004-08-18 darinChange some tabs to spaces.
2004-08-18 rjw Fixed <rdar://problem/3759093> Need PDF context...
2004-08-18 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-08-18 darin Reviewed by Adele.
2004-08-17 mjs Code change by Eric Albert, reviewd by me.
2004-08-17 rjw JNI needs both the jmethodID and return type...
2004-08-17 hyatt Fix the line truncation function for Emerson so that...
2004-08-17 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-08-17 trey Various spelling fixes.
2004-08-17 darinAdded a bug number to the textarea bug fix check-in,
2004-08-17 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-08-17 trey Fix ASSERT in spelling marker management.
2004-08-17 treyWebCore:
2004-08-17 vickiset version number to '158u'. the tree is open
2004-08-17 vickiSafari-157 stamp
2004-08-17 hyattFix project so that OTHER_LDFLAGS in the project also...
2004-08-17 hyatt Fix the #define. I had it all backwards.
2004-08-17 hyatt Land initial support for XSLT using xml-stylesheet...
2004-08-16 mjs Fix build.
2004-08-16 rjw Fixed <rdar://problem/3704339> Context2D forces intege...
2004-08-16 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-08-16 rjw Fixed <rdar://problem/3581092> cash in KJS...
2004-08-16 hyatt Fix the blank textarea problem by ensuring that any...
2004-08-16 rjwWebKit:
2004-08-13 mjsBack out accidental bad change.
2004-08-13 mjstop level:
2004-08-13 trey 3761794 Slider doesn't call onmouseup handler
2004-08-13 darin Reviewed by Chris.
2004-08-13 treyWebCore:
2004-08-13 trey 3761098 - red dotted underline for misspelled...
2004-08-13 darin - fix build so we can compile again
2004-08-13 rjwWebKit:
2004-08-13 mjs Reviewed by Richard.
2004-08-13 cblu Fixed: <rdar://problem/3761097> should be able to...
2004-08-12 kocienda Reviewed by Chris
2004-08-12 kocienda Reviewed by Trey
2004-08-12 rjw Quick fix for 3760903. The real fix is describ...
2004-08-12 cbluWebKit:
2004-08-12 darin Reviewed by Adele.
2004-08-12 vickiback to 157u, 2.0 for TOT. the tree is open!
2004-08-12 vickiSafari-156 stamp
2004-08-12 kocienda Reviewed by Darin
2004-08-12 kocienda Reviewed by Darin
2004-08-12 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-08-12 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-08-12 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-08-12 darin - fixed a tiny problem with the UTF-16 PCRE...
2004-08-12 adele Reviewed by me, bug fix by Darin.
2004-08-11 cblu Fixed: <rdar://problem/3758216> PARENTAL: buttons...
2004-08-11 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-08-11 kocienda Reviewed by me
2004-08-11 kocienda Reviewed by Trey
2004-08-11 kocienda Reviewed by Darin
2004-08-11 kocienda Reviewed by John