2004-05-10 mjs Reviewed by Ken.
2004-05-10 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-05-10 hyatt Make sure that when finished parsing if all the right...
2004-05-10 mjs Reviewed by Dave.
2004-05-10 hyatt Move image loading to content.
2004-05-10 cblu Forgot to commit this copied header.
2004-05-10 darin Reviewed by Vicki.
2004-05-09 mjs Reviewed by Dave.
2004-05-08 gramps Reviewed by Dave.
2004-05-07 vicki Reviewed by darin.
2004-05-07 vickiset version number to 140u. the tree is open!
2004-05-07 vickiSafari-139 stamp
2004-05-07 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-05-07 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-05-06 cblu Added alpha to DOMRGBColor as an extension.
2004-05-06 hyattAdd layout test for pres and brs.
2004-05-06 hyatt Fix whitespace rendering for brs inside pres. The...
2004-05-06 cblu * DOM.subproj/WebDOMOperations.h: improved...
2004-05-06 mjsJavaScriptCore:
2004-05-05 hyatt Fixes for 3637924, 3643356, and 3558513, all crashes...
2004-05-05 hyattAdd quirk body height test.
2004-05-05 hyattFixed layout tests plus added a new test.
2004-05-05 hyatt A collection of fixes.
2004-05-05 cbluTests:
2004-05-05 hyatt Fix for 3641331, make sure <th> elements don't reset...
2004-05-04 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-05-04 kocienda Reviewed by me
2004-05-04 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-05-04 kocienda Reviewed by me
2004-05-04 kociendaWebCore:
2004-05-04 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-05-03 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-05-03 darin Reviewed by Ken
2004-05-03 hyatt Make sure that XML processing instructions set themsel...
2004-05-02 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-04-30 rjw Asking an NSInvocation for it's return value when...
2004-04-30 cblu Fixed: <rdar://problem/3543662>: HITLIST-137: REGRESSI...
2004-04-30 hyatt Fix for 3639530, regression on generated content pages...
2004-04-30 sullivan * WebView.subproj/WebView.m:
2004-04-30 sullivanWebCore:
2004-04-30 rjw Fixed several bad problems with the ObjC bindings...
2004-04-29 hyatt Expose summary on tables.
2004-04-29 hyatt Implement image maps for accessibility.
2004-04-29 cblu Fixed:
2004-04-29 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2004-04-29 sullivan - more work on getting the font panel to work...
2004-04-29 hyatt 1. Change the role of links from AXButton to AXLink.
2004-04-29 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-04-29 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-04-29 cblu - Implemented DOMHTMLElementExtensions.
2004-04-29 hyatt Implement sharing of similar style objects. Cuts the...
2004-04-29 cblu - Made WebArchive and WebResource conform to NSCoding...
2004-04-28 darin Reviewed by Chris.
2004-04-28 sullivan A little bit more progress in wiring up the...
2004-04-28 sullivanWebKit:
2004-04-28 hyatt Cut the time spent on an operation inside widthForNext...
2004-04-28 sullivan Initial plumbing to get the font panel to be...
2004-04-28 darin Reviewed by Chris.
2004-04-28 kociendaWebCore:
2004-04-28 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-04-28 sullivan Fixed broken development build.
2004-04-28 rjwWebCore:
2004-04-27 hyatt Eliminate the preferences for timed/resource layouts...
2004-04-27 kociendaWebCore:
2004-04-27 rjw Don't do unnecessary string comparisons when no compos...
2004-04-27 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-04-27 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-04-27 hyatt Fix for Emerson truncation problem using apple-line...
2004-04-26 rjwWebCore:
2004-04-26 cblu More header doc changes after John's review.
2004-04-26 darinFix semicolon.
2004-04-26 darin - fixed <rdar://problem/3634145>: "REGRESSION...
2004-04-26 hyattUpdate layout tests to reflect WinIE body-height quirk.
2004-04-26 hyatt Implement the quirk that makes the <body> and <html...
2004-04-26 cblu * WebView.subproj/WebDataSourcePrivate.h: added...
2004-04-26 kocienda Reviewed by John
2004-04-26 hyatt Eliminate overhangingContents. This concept was redun...
2004-04-26 hyatt Fix for 3258403, implement support for min-height...
2004-04-26 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2004-04-26 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-04-25 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2004-04-25 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2004-04-25 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2004-04-25 darinWebCore:
2004-04-24 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-04-23 hyatt Fix the apple-line-clamp values to more closely match...
2004-04-23 hyatt Fix to make the containing block percentage height...
2004-04-23 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-04-23 kocienda Reviewed by John
2004-04-23 cblu Reviewed by John
2004-04-23 hyatt Fix hiermenu opacity bug. Make sure to save/restore...
2004-04-23 kocienda Reviewed by Darin
2004-04-23 kocienda Reviewed by Darin
2004-04-23 vickiChange version number to '139u'. The tree is open!
2004-04-23 vickiSafari-138 stamp
2004-04-23 kociendaWebCore:
2004-04-23 sullivan - fixed <rdar://problem/3631541>: "repro crash...
2004-04-23 mjs Back out one of the previous changes, it causes...
2004-04-22 rjw Fixed build snafu (re-declaration of NPBool in nprunti...
2004-04-22 rjw Updates to plugin binding APIs.