2004-04-26 hyattUpdate layout tests to reflect WinIE body-height quirk.
2004-04-26 hyatt Implement the quirk that makes the <body> and <html...
2004-04-26 cblu * WebView.subproj/WebDataSourcePrivate.h: added...
2004-04-26 kocienda Reviewed by John
2004-04-26 hyatt Eliminate overhangingContents. This concept was redun...
2004-04-26 hyatt Fix for 3258403, implement support for min-height...
2004-04-26 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2004-04-26 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-04-25 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2004-04-25 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2004-04-25 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2004-04-25 darinWebCore:
2004-04-24 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-04-23 hyatt Fix the apple-line-clamp values to more closely match...
2004-04-23 hyatt Fix to make the containing block percentage height...
2004-04-23 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-04-23 kocienda Reviewed by John
2004-04-23 cblu Reviewed by John
2004-04-23 hyatt Fix hiermenu opacity bug. Make sure to save/restore...
2004-04-23 kocienda Reviewed by Darin
2004-04-23 kocienda Reviewed by Darin
2004-04-23 vickiChange version number to '139u'. The tree is open!
2004-04-23 vickiSafari-138 stamp
2004-04-23 kociendaWebCore:
2004-04-23 sullivan - fixed <rdar://problem/3631541>: "repro crash...
2004-04-23 mjs Back out one of the previous changes, it causes...
2004-04-22 rjw Fixed build snafu (re-declaration of NPBool in nprunti...
2004-04-22 rjw Updates to plugin binding APIs.
2004-04-22 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-04-22 rjw Updated plugin binding API to reflect latest revision...
2004-04-22 kociendaWebCore:
2004-04-22 kociendaTests:
2004-04-22 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-04-22 mjs*** empty log message ***
2004-04-22 mjsJavaScriptCore:
2004-04-22 kocienda Reviewed by Darin
2004-04-22 darin * khtml/ecma/kjs_window.cpp: (Window::get)...
2004-04-22 kociendaWebCore:
2004-04-22 hyattFix multiple rowspan test.
2004-04-22 hyattAdd layout test with multiple rows expanding in percent...
2004-04-22 hyatt Fix for 3245627, nested tables don't expand vertically...
2004-04-22 hyattAdd layout test for weird rowspan case.
2004-04-22 hyatt Fix for 3020449, ensure that the paint order of cells...
2004-04-21 hyattAdd test case for nested percent height tables.
2004-04-21 hyatt Remove the (incorrect) restriction on table flexing...
2004-04-21 hyattAdd layout test to cover percentage height cells case.
2004-04-21 hyatt Make sure cells that get flexed vertically in tables...
2004-04-21 hyattAdd test for the hiermenu image positioning bug.
2004-04-21 hyatt Fix for hiermenus bug. Absolutely positioned images...
2004-04-21 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-04-21 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-04-21 kocienda Reviewed by John
2004-04-20 hyattFix frames layout tests now that regression has been...
2004-04-20 cblu Fixed: <rdar://problem/3605209>: "HITLIST: REGRESSION...
2004-04-20 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-04-20 kociendaWebCore:
2004-04-20 sullivanWebKit:
2004-04-19 kociendaWebCore:
2004-04-19 mjs Reviewed by Dave.
2004-04-19 cblu Added support for pasting frames via WebArchives.
2004-04-19 mjs Reviewed by Richard.
2004-04-17 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-04-16 cblu Subresources weren't being archived for LINK tags.
2004-04-16 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-04-16 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-04-16 vickiset version to '138u'. the tree is open!
2004-04-16 vickiSafari-137 stamp
2004-04-16 kociendaAhh! I checked in changes in my tree when I rolled...
2004-04-16 kociendaRolling out last change. Tree was closed.
2004-04-16 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-04-16 rjwWebKit:
2004-04-16 cbluWebCore:
2004-04-16 mjs Reviewed by Ken.
2004-04-16 hyatt Fix for 3624335, bugs with overflow and positioned...
2004-04-15 kocienda Reviewed by Dave
2004-04-15 hyatt Fix for 3603455, block truncation support.
2004-04-15 hyatt Make sure isOpaque returns NO when the WebHTMLVIew...
2004-04-15 sullivan * WebView.subproj/WebPreferencesPrivate.h:
2004-04-15 rjw Updated fix for 3576315. Don't hardcode 22 as the...
2004-04-14 hyattRemove garbage from the render table header.
2004-04-14 sullivanWebKit:
2004-04-14 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-04-14 cbluWebCore:
2004-04-13 hyattAdd overflow test for overflow:scroll body quirk bug.
2004-04-13 hyatt Fix for 3559764, make sure overflow is applied consist...
2004-04-13 cblu Fixed deployment build failure.
2004-04-12 mjs Reviewed by John.
2004-04-12 hyatt Fix for 3556036, make sure that when the position...
2004-04-12 cbluWebCore:
2004-04-12 kociendaWebCore:
2004-04-12 kocienda Reviewed by John
2004-04-09 kociendaWebCore:
2004-04-09 darinWebCore:
2004-04-09 kocienda Reviewed by me
2004-04-09 mjsJavaScriptCore:
2004-04-09 hyatt Fix for 3613081, repaint glitches when using overflow...
2004-04-09 rjwFixed build problem.
2004-04-09 hyatt Fix for 3608445, garbage characters rendered after...
2004-04-09 cbluWebKit:
2004-04-09 kocienda Reviewed by me