13 years agoJavaScriptCore:
sfalken@apple.com [Wed, 12 Mar 2008 05:40:03 +0000 (05:40 +0000)]

        Disable LTCG/PGO for grammar.cpp and nodes.cpp.
        PGO on these files causes us to hang.

        Copy newer vsprops files from relative WebKitLibraries path to environment variable based path.

        Reviewed by Oliver.

        * JavaScriptCore.vcproj/JavaScriptCore/JavaScriptCore.vcproj:
        * JavaScriptCore.vcproj/JavaScriptCore/JavaScriptCoreGenerated.make:


        Disable LTCG/PGO for all of WebCore for now.
        We'll re-enable this as part of follow-on PGO work.

        Reviewed by Oliver.

        * WebCore.vcproj/WebCore.vcproj:


        Use PGO to build WebKit.dll.

        Reviewed by Oliver.

        * WebKit.vcproj/WebKit.pgd: Added.
        * WebKit.vcproj/WebKit.vcproj:


        Disable two PGO/LTCG specific warnings.

        Reviewed by Oliver.

        * win/tools/vsprops/common.vsprops:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30981 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWebCore:
darin@apple.com [Wed, 12 Mar 2008 05:27:19 +0000 (05:27 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Sam.

        - remove all bridge-related things from WebCore except the bridge itself

        * WebCore.base.exp: Removed the bridge and setBridge functions.

        * loader/FrameLoader.cpp:
        (WebCore::FrameLoader::detachFromParent): Removed call to the bridge's
        close method.

        * page/Frame.cpp:
        (WebCore::Frame::~Frame): Removed call to setBridge(0).
        (WebCore::FramePrivate::FramePrivate): Removed initialization of m_bridge.
        * page/Frame.h: Removed setBridge and bridge functions.
        * page/FramePrivate.h: Removed m_bridge pointer.
        * page/mac/FrameMac.mm: Removed setBridge and bridge functions.

        * page/mac/WebCoreFrameBridge.h: Added setWebCoreFrame: method.
        Removed bridgeForDOMDocument: and clearFrame methods.
        * page/mac/WebCoreFrameBridge.mm: Ditto.
        (-[WebCoreFrameBridge close]): Changed to set m_frame to 0 directly.
        (-[WebCoreFrameBridge setWebCoreFrame:]): Added.


        Reviewed by Sam.

        - remove all bridge-related things from WebCore except the bridge itself

        * DOM/WebDOMOperations.mm:
        (-[DOMNode _bridge]): Reimplemented to not use the bridgeForDOMDocument: method.

        * DefaultDelegates/WebDefaultContextMenuDelegate.mm: Removed unneeded include.

        * Plugins/WebPluginController.mm: Ditto.

        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameBridge.h: Removed unneeded things, including the
        init and close methods. Added a setWebFrame: method.

        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameBridge.mm:
        (-[WebFrameBridge setWebFrame:]): Added.

        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameLoaderClient.mm:
        (WebFrameLoaderClient::frameLoaderDestroyed): Added an assertion.
        (WebFrameLoaderClient::detachedFromParent4): Moved the call to close on the
        bridge here. Soon we will be able to remove this entirely!
        (WebFrameLoaderClient::createFrame): Rewrote this to use the method moved
        into WebFrame from the bridge.

        * WebView/WebFrame.mm:
        (-[WebFramePrivate dealloc]): Added code to release the bridge, because it's
        now owned by the frame.
        (-[WebFramePrivate finalize]): Added this missing method. We'd leak the script
        debugger under GC without this!
        (kit): Rewrote the function that maps from a WebCore::Frame to a WebFrame to
        use WebFrameLoaderClient instead of the bridge.
        (+[WebFrame _createFrameWithPage:frameName:frameView:ownerElement:]): Added.
        This is code that used to live in the bridge's init function.
        (+[WebFrame _createMainFrameWithPage:frameName:frameView:]): Ditto.
        (+[WebFrame WebCore::_createSubframeWithOwnerElement:frameName:frameView:]): Ditto.
        (-[WebFrame _initWithWebFrameView:webView:bridge:]): Retain the bridge, since
        the WebView is now the bridge's owner.
        (-[WebFrame _updateBackground]): Changed this one call site that was calling the
        WebCore::Frame::bridge function directly to use the kit function instead.
        (-[WebFrame dealloc]): Added code to clear the WebFrame pointer in the bridge.
        This code won't last long -- we're eliminating the bridge soon.
        (-[WebFrame finalize]): Ditto.

        * WebView/WebFrameInternal.h: Added a coreFrame backpointer and two new methods
        for creating frames.

        * WebView/WebView.mm:
        (-[WebView _commonInitializationWithFrameName:groupName:]): Rewrote this to use
        the method moved into WebFrame from the bridge. Gets rid of the unpleasant idiom
        where we have to allocate a WebFrameBridge and then immediately release it.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30980 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWebCore:
darin@apple.com [Wed, 12 Mar 2008 05:13:21 +0000 (05:13 +0000)]

        - restored some code I removed in the Range change; this code can't go
          until the rest of the Range fix is in

        * dom/Range.cpp:
        (WebCore::Range::commonAncestorContainer): Added back the check for 0
        that I removed erroneously in the Range patch.
        (WebCore::Range::processContents): Left in assertions I used to debug


        Reviewed by Beth Dakin.

        Update test to catch the SECURITY_ERR thrown by
        CanvasRenderingContext2D::getImageData() and
        HTMLCanvasElement::toDataURL() on a tainted canvas

        * http/tests/security/canvas-remote-read-remote-image-expected.txt:
        * http/tests/security/canvas-remote-read-remote-image.html:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30979 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago - update expected result changed by recent Range patch
darin@apple.com [Wed, 12 Mar 2008 03:51:53 +0000 (03:51 +0000)]
    - update expected result changed by recent Range patch

        * platform/mac/editing/execCommand/4920488-expected.txt: Removed incorrect exception log.
        * platform/qt/editing/execCommand/4920488-expected.txt: Ditto.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30978 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago - fix Release build
darin@apple.com [Wed, 12 Mar 2008 01:31:36 +0000 (01:31 +0000)]
    - fix Release build

        * platform/mac/ScrollViewMac.mm:
        (WebCore::ScrollView::setContentsPos): Don't use NSMakePoint.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30977 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWebCore:
darin@apple.com [Wed, 12 Mar 2008 01:23:29 +0000 (01:23 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Anders.

        - simplify Mac code for ScrollView, since it's used only for FrameView
          and not in two different modes like it was historically
        - remove code depending on the bridge to get from an NSView to a WebCore::Frame

        * bindings/objc/DOMHTML.mm:
        (-[DOMHTMLInputElement _rectOnScreen]): getDocumentView -> documentView.

        * bridge/jni/jni_jsobject.cpp:
        (createRootObject): Instead of using WebCoreViewFactory to find the frame given
        and NSView, use the WebCoreFrameView interface to do it.

        * editing/mac/EditorMac.mm:
        (WebCore::Editor::paste): getDocumentView -> documentView.
        * editing/mac/SelectionControllerMac.mm:
        (WebCore::SelectionController::notifyAccessibilityForSelectionChange): Ditto.

        * page/FrameView.h: Fixed comment.

        * page/InspectorController.cpp:
        (WebCore::InspectorController::drawNodeHighlight): Removed uneeded typecasts
        to ScrollView* since FrameView is derived from ScrollView.

        * page/mac/EventHandlerMac.mm:
        (WebCore::EventHandler::focusDocumentView): getDocumentView -> documentView.
        * page/mac/FrameMac.mm:
        (WebCore::Frame::imageFromRect): Ditto.
        * page/mac/WebCoreAXObject.mm:
        (-[WebCoreAXObject position]): Ditto.
        (-[WebCoreAXObject doAXTextMarkerForPosition:]): Ditto.
        (-[WebCoreAXObject rendererForView:]): Updated code that used to use
        WebCoreBridgeHolder to use WebCoreFrameView instead.

        * page/mac/WebCoreFrameBridge.mm:
        (-[WebCoreFrameBridge computePageRectsWithPrintWidthScaleFactor:printHeight:]):
        getDocumentView -> documentView.

        * page/mac/WebCoreFrameView.h: Removed the WebCoreScrollbarMode type; we just
        use WebCore::ScrollbarMode directly. Renamed the WebCoreFrameView protocol to
        WebCoreFrameScrollView, since it's a protocol for the scroll view, not the
        frame view itself. Replaced WebCoreBridgeHolder protocol with WebCoreFrameView
        protocol, which returns a WebCore::Frame directly rather than a bridge.

        * page/mac/WebCoreViewFactory.h: Eliminated the bridgeForView method.

        * platform/ScrollView.h: Moved the constructor and destructor out of the
        class-specific #if blocks. Renamed Mac-specific function that gets the
        NSView for from getDocumentView to documentView and a scrollView function
        that returns an appropriately classed NSScrollView.

        * platform/graphics/MediaPlayer.h: Changed type of parentWidget to FrameView
        instead of Widget.
        * platform/graphics/mac/MediaPlayerPrivateQTKit.mm:
        (WebCore::MediaPlayerPrivate::createQTMovieView): Removed unnecessary cast.

        * platform/mac/PopupMenuMac.mm:
        (WebCore::PopupMenu::show): getDocumentView -> documentView.
        * platform/mac/ScrollViewMac.mm:
        (WebCore::ScrollView::ScrollView): Added.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::~ScrollView): Added.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::scrollView): Added.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::visibleWidth): Removed unused non-NSScrollView case.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::visibleHeight): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::visibleContentRect): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::visibleContentRectConsideringExternalScrollers): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::contentsWidth): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::contentsHeight): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::contentsX): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::contentsY): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::scrollOffset): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::scrollRectIntoViewRecursively): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::setContentsPos): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::setVScrollbarMode): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::setHScrollbarMode): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::setScrollbarsMode): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::vScrollbarMode): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::hScrollbarMode): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::suppressScrollbars): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::addChild): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::resizeContents): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::updateContents): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::contentsToWindow): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::windowToContents): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::setStaticBackground): Ditto.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::documentView): Renamed and removed unused case.
        (WebCore::ScrollView::scrollbarUnderMouse): Removed incorrect comment.

        * platform/mac/WidgetMac.mm:
        (WebCore::Widget::getOuterView): Update for protocol name change.

        * rendering/RenderThemeMac.mm:
        (WebCore::RenderThemeMac::paintCheckbox): getDocumentView -> documentView.
        (WebCore::RenderThemeMac::paintRadio): Ditto.
        (WebCore::RenderThemeMac::paintButton): Ditto.
        (WebCore::RenderThemeMac::paintMenuList): Ditto.
        (WebCore::RenderThemeMac::paintSliderThumb): Ditto.
        (WebCore::RenderThemeMac::paintSearchField): Ditto.
        (WebCore::RenderThemeMac::paintSearchFieldCancelButton): Ditto.
        (WebCore::RenderThemeMac::paintSearchFieldResultsDecoration): Ditto.
        (WebCore::RenderThemeMac::paintSearchFieldResultsButton): Ditto.


        Reviewed by Anders.

        * WebKit.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Change WebDynamicScrollBarsView.m to be Obj-C++.
        We can rename the file later.


        Reviewed by Anders.

        - remove code depending on the bridge to get from an NSView to a WebCore::Frame

        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameLoaderClient.mm:
        (WebFrameLoaderClient::transitionToCommittedForNewPage): Remove incorrect call
        to setView. A couple lines later, there is a call to _install, which sets the
        view to the scroll view.

        * WebCoreSupport/WebViewFactory.mm: Removed bridgeForView method.

        * WebView/WebDynamicScrollBarsView.h: Moved most of the declarations out of
        this file, since it's used by Safari.
        * WebView/WebDynamicScrollBarsViewInternal.h: Added.
        * WebView/WebDynamicScrollBarsView.m:
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView updateScrollers]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView setAllowsScrolling:]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView allowsScrolling]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView setAllowsHorizontalScrolling:]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView setAllowsVerticalScrolling:]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView allowsHorizontalScrolling]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView allowsVerticalScrolling]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView horizontalScrollingMode]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView verticalScrollingMode]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView setHorizontalScrollingMode:]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView setHorizontalScrollingMode:andLock:]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView setVerticalScrollingMode:]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView setVerticalScrollingMode:andLock:]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView setScrollingMode:]): Ditto.
        (-[WebDynamicScrollBarsView setScrollingMode:andLock:]): Ditto.

        * WebView/WebFrameView.mm:
        (-[WebFrameView _web_frame]): Added. Replaces the webCoreBridge method.

        * WebView/WebView.mm:
        (-[WebView setAlwaysShowVerticalScroller:]): Updated for changes to WebCoreFrameView.h.
        (-[WebView alwaysShowVerticalScroller]): Ditto.
        (-[WebView setAlwaysShowHorizontalScroller:]): Ditto.
        (-[WebView alwaysShowHorizontalScroller]): Ditto.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30976 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWebCore:
darin@apple.com [Wed, 12 Mar 2008 00:48:00 +0000 (00:48 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Adam Roben.

        Split CookieJarWin.cpp into CFNet and non-CFNet versions to
        reduce the massive amount of conditionalization in the file.
        (see http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17788)

        * WebCore.vcproj/WebCore.vcproj:
        * platform/network/win/CookieJarCFNetWin.cpp: Copied from WebCore/platform/network/win/CookieJarWin.cpp.
        * platform/network/win/CookieJarWin.cpp:


        Reviewed by Sam.

        - eliminate the remaining parts of WebCoreBridge used for calls to WebKit from WebCore

        * WebCoreSupport/WebChromeClient.h: Added new virtual functions that replace
        bridge methods.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebChromeClient.mm: Added lots of BEGIN_BLOCK_OBJC_EXCEPTIONS
        to recently-created functions.
        (WebChromeClient::firstResponder): Moved code here from the bridge.
        (WebChromeClient::makeFirstResponder): Ditto.
        (WebChromeClient::runOpenPanel): Ditto.
        (WebChromeClient::willPopUpMenu): Ditto.

        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameBridge.h: Removed almost everything. What's left
        is related to creating the bridge and connecting it to WebCore, which will
        go next when I eliminate use of the bridge to get to/from the Frame*.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameBridge.mm:
        (-[WebFrameBridge close]): Moved the code to track the bridge count here
        instead of the dealloc and finalize methods.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30975 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-11 Brent Fulgham <bfulgham@gmail.com>
pewtermoose@webkit.org [Wed, 12 Mar 2008 00:28:37 +0000 (00:28 +0000)]
2008-03-11  Brent Fulgham  <bfulgham@gmail.com>

        Reviewed by Adam Roben.

        Split CookieJarWin.cpp into CFNet and non-CFNet versions to
        reduce the massive amount of conditionalization in the file.
        (see http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17788)

        * WebCore.vcproj/WebCore.vcproj:
        * platform/network/win/CookieJarCFNetWin.cpp: Copied from WebCore/platform/network/win/CookieJarWin.cpp.
        * platform/network/win/CookieJarWin.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30974 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWebCore:
darin@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 23:43:12 +0000 (23:43 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Mitz.

        - make some Range improvements (preparation for Range support for DOM mutation)

        Made constructors private, added create functions.
        Made refcount start at 1 rather than starting at 0 and being incremented.
        Made Range use two Position objects for the start/end container/offset pairs.

        * WebCore.base.exp: Updated.

        * dom/Document.cpp:
        (WebCore::Document::createRange): Changed to use Range::create.
        (WebCore::Document::removeMarkers): Updated for Range::first/pastLastNode name change.

        * dom/Position.cpp:
        (WebCore::Position::formatForDebugger): Updated for member variable name change.
        (WebCore::Position::showTreeForThis): Ditto.
        (WebCore::startPosition): Changed to use Range::startPosition.
        (WebCore::endPosition): Changed to use Range::endPosition.

        * dom/Position.h: Made the data members public and renamed them to container
        and offset. But since offset() is already a function, temporarily used posOffset
        for the data member. Later we'll get rid of offset(). Made more functions inline.
        Removed the constructor that takes a PositionIterator.

        * dom/PositionIterator.cpp:
        (WebCore::PositionIterator::operator Position): Added. Replaces the constructor
        that used to be in Position.
        * dom/PositionIterator.h: Added conversion operator to produce a Position.
        Removed friend declaration for Position.

        * dom/Range.cpp:
        (WebCore::Range::Range): Updated constructors for data member changes and made
        them use a refcount of 1.
        (WebCore::Range::create): Added.
        (WebCore::Range::startContainer): Updated to eliminate use of m_detached; detached
        is now indicated by m_start.container of 0. Also updated to use m_start instead
        of the old m_startContainer.
        (WebCore::Range::startOffset): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::endContainer): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::endOffset): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::commonAncestorContainer): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::collapsed): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::setStart): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::setEnd): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::collapse): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::isPointInRange): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::comparePoint): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::compareNode): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::compareBoundaryPoints): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::boundaryPointsValid): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::deleteContents): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::intersectsNode): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::processContents): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::extractContents): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::cloneContents): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::insertNode): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::toString): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::text): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::createContextualFragment): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::detach): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::checkNodeBA): Changed to use switch statements instead of
        multiple calls to the virtual nodeType() function.
        (WebCore::Range::cloneRange): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::setStartAfter): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::setEndBefore): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::setEndAfter): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::selectNode): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::selectNodeContents): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::surroundContents): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::setStartBefore): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::checkDeleteExtract): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::containedByReadOnly): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::firstNode): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::editingStartPosition): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::pastLastNode): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::addLineBoxRects): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::formatForDebugger): Ditto.
        (WebCore::operator==): Ditto.
        (WebCore::rangeOfContents): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::maxStartOffset): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Range::maxEndOffset): Ditto.

        * dom/Range.h: Made constructors private. Added create functions.
        Added getters for startContainer/Offset and endContainer/Offset that
        return 0 instead of an exception for detached ranges that are inline
        and don't require an ExceptionCode out parameter. Changed the parameters
        to setStart and setEnd to PassRefPtr. Removed isDetached function.
        Made ActionType and processContents private. Made startPosition and
        endPosition inlines and have then return const&. Renamed startNode and
        pastEndNode to firstNode and pastLastNode to reduce the chance of
        confusion with startContainer/endContainer. Used Position for m_start
        and m_end instead of separate container and offset members. Changed
        maxStartOffset and maxEndOffset into int to match other offsets.

        * editing/ApplyStyleCommand.cpp:
        (WebCore::ApplyStyleCommand::applyBlockStyle): Changed to use Range::create.
        (WebCore::ApplyStyleCommand::applyInlineStyle): Ditto.
        * editing/CompositeEditCommand.cpp:
        (WebCore::CompositeEditCommand::inputText): Ditto.
        (WebCore::CompositeEditCommand::moveParagraphs): Ditto.
        * editing/DeleteSelectionCommand.cpp:
        (WebCore::DeleteSelectionCommand::mergeParagraphs): Ditto.
        * editing/Editor.cpp:
        (WebCore::Editor::fontForSelection): Changed for pastLastNode name change.
        (WebCore::Editor::setComposition): Changed to use Range::create.
        (WebCore::paragraphAlignedRangeForRange): Ditto.
        (WebCore::markMisspellingsOrBadGrammar): Changed to get rid of check for
        isDetached and check for 0 from startContainer instead.
        (WebCore::Editor::compositionRange): Changed to use Range::create.
        * editing/EditorCommand.cpp:
        (WebCore::unionDOMRanges): Ditto.
        * editing/Selection.cpp:
        (WebCore::Selection::toRange): Ditto.
        * editing/TextIterator.cpp:
        (WebCore::TextIterator::TextIterator): Changed for firstNode and pastLastNode
        name change.
        (WebCore::TextIterator::range): Changed to use Range::create.
        (WebCore::SimplifiedBackwardsTextIterator::range): Ditto.
        (WebCore::TextIterator::subrange): Ditto.
        * editing/VisiblePosition.cpp:
        (WebCore::makeRange): Ditto.
        * editing/VisiblePosition.h: Added now-needed include.
        * editing/htmlediting.cpp:
        (WebCore::indexForVisiblePosition): Changed to use Range::create.
        (WebCore::avoidIntersectionWithNode): Changed to get rid of check for
        isDetached and check for 0 instead and to use Range::create.
        * editing/markup.cpp:
        (WebCore::renderedText): Changed to use Range::create.
        (WebCore::createMarkup): Changed to no longer use isDetached and also
        for new firstNode/pastEndNode names.
        (WebCore::createFragmentFromText): Ditto.
        * editing/visible_units.cpp:
        (WebCore::previousBoundary): Changed to use Range::create.
        * page/mac/WebCoreFrameBridge.mm:
        (-[WebCoreFrameBridge convertToNSRange:]): Changed to no longer use
        * rendering/RenderTextControl.cpp:
        (WebCore::RenderTextControl::visiblePositionForIndex): Changed to use Range::create.
        (WebCore::RenderTextControl::indexForVisiblePosition): Ditto.


        Reviewed by Mitz.

        - update code affected by Range changes

        * Misc/WebNSAttributedStringExtras.mm:
        (+[NSAttributedString _web_attributedStringFromRange:]): Update for name changes.
        * WebView/WebHTMLRepresentation.mm:
        (-[WebHTMLRepresentation attributedStringFrom:startOffset:to:endOffset:]):
        Use Range::create.
        * WebView/WebHTMLView.mm:
        (-[WebHTMLView attributedString]): Ditto.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30973 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-11 Daniel Zucker <zucker@wake3.com>
pewtermoose@webkit.org [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 23:32:43 +0000 (23:32 +0000)]
2008-03-11  Daniel Zucker <zucker@wake3.com>

        Reviewed by Adam Roben.

        There are a handful of placed where the use of CFNetwork-specific
        calls are protected by PLATFORM(CF).  Revise to use the more specific
        USE(CFNETWORK) macro.  (See http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17783)

        * platform/network/ProtectionSpace.cpp:  Change PLATFORM(CF) to USE(CFNETWORK)
        * platform/network/ResourceHandle.cpp: Change PLATFORM(CF) to USE(CFNETWORK)
        * platform/network/win/CookieJarWin.cpp:  Correct error in
          InternetGetCookie call.  Conditionalize 'cookiesEnabled' the same
          as all other implementations in this file.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30972 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoFix version comparison from previous checkin
pewtermoose@webkit.org [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 23:06:39 +0000 (23:06 +0000)]
Fix version comparison from previous checkin

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30971 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-11 Xan Lopez <xan@gnome.org>
alp@webkit.org [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 23:06:38 +0000 (23:06 +0000)]
2008-03-11  Xan Lopez  <xan@gnome.org>

        Reviewed by Alp Toker.


        Add libsoup HTTP backend.

        * GNUmakefile.am:
        * platform/network/ResourceHandleInternal.h:
        * platform/network/soup/AuthenticationChallenge.h: Added.
        * platform/network/soup/ResourceError.h: Added.
        * platform/network/soup/ResourceHandleSoup.cpp: Added.
        * platform/network/soup/ResourceRequest.h: Copied from WebCore/platform/network/curl/ResourceRequest.h.
        * platform/network/soup/ResourceResponse.h: Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30970 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-11 Rodney Dawes <dobey@wayofthemonkey.com>
pewtermoose@webkit.org [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 22:53:38 +0000 (22:53 +0000)]
2008-03-11  Rodney Dawes  <dobey@wayofthemonkey.com>

        Fix Qt build.

        * plugins/qt/PluginDataQt.cpp:


        Fix the Qt build.

        * WebCoreSupport/FrameLoaderClientQt.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30969 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-11 Robert Blaut <webkit@blaut.biz>
mrowe@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 21:43:43 +0000 (21:43 +0000)]
2008-03-11  Robert Blaut  <webkit@blaut.biz>

        Reviewed by Darin Adler.

        Fix bug http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17280
        Patch deletes an obsolete hitlist.html page and other references to it

        * nav.inc: removed menu link to hitlist.html
        * projects/compat/hitlist.html: Removed.
        * projects/compat/index.html: removed reference to hitlist.html

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30968 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-11 Brent Fulgham <bfulgham@gmail.com>
pewtermoose@webkit.org [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 21:28:22 +0000 (21:28 +0000)]
2008-03-11  Brent Fulgham  <bfulgham@gmail.com>


        Reviewed by Adam Roben.

        Enabled WinLauncher as part of normal Windows build.

        * WebKit.vcproj/WebKit.sln:  Add WinLauncher to the set of things
          build during a Windows build.


        Reviewed by Adam Roben.

        Enabled WinLauncher as part of normal Windows build.

        * WinLauncher/WinLauncher.vcproj: Update to use vsprops so that
          it can find the proper libraries to link against.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30967 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Make attribute quoting in DOM view more consistent with source view
aroben@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 19:59:29 +0000 (19:59 +0000)]
    Make attribute quoting in DOM view more consistent with source view

        Two changes which make the DOM view more consistent with source view:
         1) We now quote all attribute values, including URLs
         2) The quotes around the values are now purple, matching the left and
            right angle brackets that surround the tag

        One bug fixed by these changes:
         1) The entire URL is selected for editing when you double-click a URL
            that is an attribute value. Previously, the first and last
            characters were not included in the selection.

        Reviewed by Darin.

        * page/inspector/DocumentPanel.js:
        (WebInspector.DOMNodeTreeElement._startEditingAttribute): Don't need
        to account for the quotes around attribute values anymore because the
        quotes are now outside the webkit-html-attribute-value span.
        * page/inspector/utilities.js:
        (nodeTitleInfo): Quote all attribute values, including URLs, and place
        the quotes outside the webkit-html-attribute-value span.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30966 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Stop including pthread.h in WebCore on Windows
aroben@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 19:59:04 +0000 (19:59 +0000)]
    Stop including pthread.h in WebCore on Windows

        Reviewed by Darin.

        * WebCore.vcproj/WebCore.vcproj:
          - Changed the include path to not contain pthreads/
          - Let VS remove a duplicate FileConfiguration element
          - Let VS have its way with the file ordering
        * WebCorePrefix.h: Made the #include of pthread.h be compiled out on
        * loader/FTPDirectoryDocument.cpp: Added a Windows-specific #define of
        localtime_r (pthread.h was providing a macro that substituted plain
        old localtime before, but localtime_s is "more secure", so I went with
        * loader/FTPDirectoryParser.cpp: Ditto for gmtime_r.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30965 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoRoll out r30961 since it breaks the default site icon on Windows
aroben@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 19:58:35 +0000 (19:58 +0000)]
Roll out r30961 since it breaks the default site icon on Windows

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30964 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed by Darin Adler.
mitz@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 18:30:36 +0000 (18:30 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Darin Adler.

        - clean up line layout code

        * platform/graphics/GraphicsContext.cpp:
        (WebCore::TextRunIterator::increment): Removed the resolver parameter.
        (WebCore::GraphicsContext::drawBidiText): Adjusted for changes to
        createBidiRunsForLine(), which no longer takes a start parameter.
        * platform/text/BidiResolver.h:
        (WebCore::BidiResolver::): Made Noncopyable and removed the
        m_adjustEmbedding member variable.
        (WebCore::BidiResolver::position): Added. Returns the resolver's current
        (WebCore::BidiResolver::setPosition): Added. Sets the resolver's current
        position without changing any other state.
        (WebCore::BidiResolver::increment): Added. Advances the resolver to the
        next position, allowing the iterator to push and pop embedding.
        (WebCore::BidiResolver::appendRun): Removed the resolver parameter in
        the call to increment().
        (WebCore::BidiResolver::embed): Removed code to save, set and restore
        (WebCore::BidiResolver::createBidiRunsForLine): Changed to not take a
        'start' iterator. Instead, start at the current position. Removed code
        to set m_adjustEmbedding. Changed for noncopyability.
        * rendering/RenderBlock.h:
        * rendering/bidi.cpp:
        (WebCore::bidiNext): Made the resolver parameter optional. Changed to
        null-check the 'end of inline' pointer only twice.
        (WebCore::bidiFirst): Made the resolver parameter optional.
        (WebCore::BidiIterator::increment): Ditto.
        (WebCore::BidiState::increment): Added. Overrides the default
        BidiResolver::increment() method by passing the resolver to
        (WebCore::checkMidpoints): Removed the resolver parameter.
        (WebCore::BidiState::appendRun): Removed code to save, set and restore
        m_adjustEmbedding. Adjusted for change to increment().
        (WebCore::RenderBlock::bidiReorderLine): Removed the 'start' parameter
        and unreachable code.
        (WebCore::buildCompactRuns): Adjusted for changes to BidiResolver/
        (WebCore::RenderBlock::layoutInlineChildren): Moved code to initialize
        the resolver from this method to determineStartPosition(). Unified the
        resolver with the 'start' iterator. Removed unreachable code. Moved one
        statement from the beginning of the while loop to the end.
        (WebCore::RenderBlock::determineStartPosition): Moved code to initialize
        the resolver from layoutInlineChildren() into this method.
        (WebCore::RenderBlock::matchedEndLine): Adjusted for the resolver and
        the 'start' iterator being one object.
        (WebCore::skipNonBreakingSpace): Made the parameter const.
        (WebCore::requiresLineBox): Ditto.
        (WebCore::RenderBlock::generatesLineBoxesForInlineChild): Adjusted for
        the change to BidiIterator::increment().
        (WebCore::RenderBlock::skipWhitespace): Made two versions of this
        method, one for BidiIterator and one for BidiState.
        (WebCore::shouldSkipWhitespaceAfterStartObject): Removed the resolver
        (WebCore::RenderBlock::findNextLineBreak): Removed the resolver
        parameter. Removed calls to setAdjustEmbedding(). Removed the 'previous'
        variable and changed the 'last' variable to do its job.
        * rendering/bidi.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30963 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Part of Bug 17224: DOM nodes/attributes should be editable
aroben@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 15:54:16 +0000 (15:54 +0000)]
    Part of Bug 17224: DOM nodes/attributes should be editable


        This patch makes text nodes editable via double-click.

        Reviewed by Tim.

        * page/inspector/DocumentPanel.js:
          - Moved most of this code to _startEditingAttribute
          - Calls _startEditingTextNode or _startEditingAttribute as
        (WebInspector.DOMNodeTreeElement._startEditingAttribute): Added. Code
        came from _startEditing.
        (WebInspector.DOMNodeTreeElement._startEditingTextNode): Added.
        (WebInspector.DOMNodeTreeElement._textNodeEditingCommitted): Added.
        (WebInspector.DOMNodeTreeElement._editingCancelled): Renamed from
        * page/inspector/utilities.js:
        (nodeTitleInfo): Wrap text nodes in a webkit-html-text-node span so
        that we can easily recognize/edit them.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30962 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agor25512 inlined the urlIcon to improve the startup time of Safari on Mac. Inlining is
zecke@webkit.org [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 15:38:58 +0000 (15:38 +0000)]
r25512 inlined the urlIcon to improve the startup time of Safari on Mac. Inlining is
not suitable for platforms where this icon is themable. E.g. the Qt platform is allowing
to theme this icon and the Gtk+ platform will probably end up with themable icons
as well.

Remove dead code from the windows port and move the urlIcon from the windows
directory to the Resource directory to be used by Qt and other ports.

Ifdef the usage of the built-in icon in IconDatabase.cpp and for Qt do not use
it. Gtk+ currently has no proper implementation of Image::loadPlatformResource but
once it does it wants to use this for getting the urlIcon as well.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30961 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-11 Tor Arne Vestbø <tavestbo@trolltech.com>
hausmann@webkit.org [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 14:59:58 +0000 (14:59 +0000)]
2008-03-11  Tor Arne Vestbø  <tavestbo@trolltech.com>

        Reviewed by Darin.

        Implemented HTML media element support for QtWebKit, using Phonon.


git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30960 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoFix the Qt build (silly typo).
hausmann@webkit.org [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 13:50:31 +0000 (13:50 +0000)]
Fix the Qt build (silly typo).

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30959 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-11 Tor Arne Vestbø <tavestbo@trolltech.com>
hausmann@webkit.org [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 12:52:00 +0000 (12:52 +0000)]
2008-03-11  Tor Arne Vestbø  <tavestbo@trolltech.com>

        Reviewed by Simon.

        Moved obscuring progress bar to the lower right corner.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30958 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-11 Tor Arne Vestbø <tavestbo@trolltech.com>
hausmann@webkit.org [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 12:51:47 +0000 (12:51 +0000)]
2008-03-11  Tor Arne Vestbø  <tavestbo@trolltech.com>

        Reviewed by Simon.

        Added reload action and grouped stop and reload actions together.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30957 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoHolger Hans Peter Freyther <holger.freyther@trolltech.com>
hausmann@webkit.org [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 11:38:07 +0000 (11:38 +0000)]
Holger Hans Peter Freyther <holger.freyther@trolltech.com>

* Set a Icon on the QAction if we have one.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30956 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoFix the Qt build.
hausmann@webkit.org [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 08:17:07 +0000 (08:17 +0000)]
Fix the Qt build.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30955 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWebCore:
weinig@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 07:20:35 +0000 (07:20 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Beth Dakin.

        Throw a SECURITY_ERR when accessing a tainted canvas
        by CanvasRenderingContext2D::getImageData() and

        * html/CanvasRenderingContext2D.cpp:
        * html/CanvasRenderingContext2D.h:
        * html/CanvasRenderingContext2D.idl:
        * html/HTMLCanvasElement.cpp:
        * html/HTMLCanvasElement.h:
        * html/HTMLCanvasElement.idl:


        Reviewed by Beth Dakin.

        Update test to catch the SECURITY_ERR thrown by
        CanvasRenderingContext2D::getImageData() and
        HTMLCanvasElement::toDataURL() on a tainted canvas

        * http/tests/security/canvas-remote-read-remote-image-expected.txt:
        * http/tests/security/canvas-remote-read-remote-image.html:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30954 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago - Windows build fix
darin@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 06:28:48 +0000 (06:28 +0000)]
    - Windows build fix

        * kjs/function.cpp: (KJS::decode): Initialize variable.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30953 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWebCore:
justin.garcia@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 04:42:14 +0000 (04:42 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Sam.

        <rdar://problem/5779984> REGRESSION (r30391): GMail: Safari won't display the Edit Link dialog

        * bindings/js/JSCSSStyleDeclarationCustom.cpp:
        (WebCore::hasCSSPropertyNamePrefix): Fixed a typo.  The code was only
        comparing the first character of the prefix to the first character
        of the property name.


        Reviewed by Sam.

        <rdar://problem/5779984> REGRESSION (r30391): GMail: Safari won't display the Edit Link dialog

        * editing/pasteboard/5780697-2-expected.txt: Added.
        * editing/pasteboard/5780697-2.html: Added.
        * editing/selection/5779984-1-expected.txt: Added.
        * editing/selection/5779984-1.html: Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30952 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed by Beth.
bdakin@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 03:40:59 +0000 (03:40 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Beth.

        Hold off on initializing the frame to avoid the RenderView getting
        a null FrameView. This could potentially cause problems.

        * svg/graphics/SVGImage.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30951 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago - try to fix Qt build
darin@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 00:48:25 +0000 (00:48 +0000)]
    - try to fix Qt build

        * bridge/qt/qt_runtime.cpp:
        (KJS::Bindings::convertQVariantToValue): Change KJS::UChar to UChar.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30950 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed by Antti.
darin@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 00:45:47 +0000 (00:45 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Antti.

        - fix <rdar://problem/3059610> VIP: links opened in new frame, window, or tab
          should be redrawn as visited immediately
        - fix <rdar://problem/4382809> Going "back" a page doesn't change the color of
          the visited URL at directory.umi
        - fix http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4941
          Visited links should be marked as visited
        - fix http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7960
          REGRESSION: Visited link color doesn't displayed after loading page from cache

        We now mark all links on a page as "changed" at the appropriate times.

        * WebCore.base.exp: Update since I made completeURL be a const member function.

        * css/CSSStyleSelector.cpp: Got rid of some unneeded globals that could be turned
        into locals. Also changed some static data members to file-scoped globals with
        internal linkage. Renamed the globals to get rid of the m_ prefix. Changed the
        prefix on m_styleNotYetAvailable to s_styleNotYetAvailable.
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::CSSStyleSelector): Updated for name changes.
        (WebCore::parseUASheet): Tweak the comment.
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::loadDefaultStyle): Updated for name changes and to
        use local variables instead of globals where possible.
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::checkPseudoState): Made this a member function so
        it can store the link in a hash. Also changed it to have a return value instead
        of having it modify a global variable. Added code to put the hash into a set so
        we can tell later if this is one of the links that affects this page.
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::canShareStyleWithElement): Updated for the change to
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::matchUARules): Updated for name changes.
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::styleForElement): Ditto.
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::adjustRenderStyle): Ditto.
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::pseudoStyleRulesForElement): Changed code to read
        the SVG style sheet to use a boolean global and put it right here in the function
        since this is the only code that needs to know about it.
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::checkOneSelector): Updated for name changes.
        (WebCore::colorForCSSValue): Moved code inside the function that is not needed
        anywhere else.
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::getColorFromPrimitiveValue): Updaed for the change
        to checkPseudoState.
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::allVisitedStateChanged): Added. Calls setChanged on
        all links if there were any in the set.
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::visitedStateChanged): Added. Calls setChanged on all
        links if the one that changed is in the set.

        * css/CSSStyleSelector.h: Removed unused StyleSelector class and State enum. Made
        CSSStyleSelector derive from Noncopyable. Made lots of member functions private that
        didn't need to be public, and removed others that could be made into non-member
        functions. Changed pseudoStyleRulesForElement to take a const String& instead of
        a StringImpl*. Added new allVisitedStateChanged and visitedStateChanged functions.
        Got rid of unneeded friend declarations.

        * dom/Document.cpp:
        (WebCore::Document::completeURL): Made const.
        (WebCore::findSlashDotDotSlash): Moved here from PageGroup.
        (WebCore::findSlashSlash): Ditto.
        (WebCore::findSlashDotSlash): Ditto.
        (WebCore::cleanPath): Ditto.
        (WebCore::matchLetter): Ditto.
        (WebCore::needsTrailingSlash): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Document::visitedLinkHash): Moved this here from PageGroup. This is
        the poor-man's completeURL function. The idea of putting it here is that this
        way it can be alongside the real completeURL function. Later we should figure out
        a way to make this function share more code with the real thing and match behavior.

        * dom/Document.h: Marked completeURL function const. Added visitedLinkHash function.

        * page/DOMWindow.cpp:
        (WebCore::DOMWindow::getMatchedCSSRules): Updated for change to CSSStyleSelector.

        * page/Page.cpp:
        (WebCore::Page::allVisitedStateChanged): Added. Calls allVisitedStateChanged on all
        style selectors.
        (WebCore::Page::visitedStateChanged): Ditto.
        * page/Page.h: Added the above functions.

        * page/PageGroup.cpp:
        (WebCore::PageGroup::isLinkVisited): Changed to take a visitedLinkHash parameter.
        The CSSStyleSelector now handles actually computing the hash, and it does so by
        calling code in Document.
        (WebCore::PageGroup::addVisitedLink): Refactored so the two overloaded copies share
        a bit more code. Added code that calls visitedStateChanged if a new link was added.
        (WebCore::PageGroup::removeVisitedLinks): Added code to call allVisitedStateChanged
        if any visited links are removed.
        * page/PageGroup.h: Include StringHash.h instead of having the AlreadyHashed struct
        definition here.

        * platform/text/StringHash.h:
        (WebCore::CaseFoldingHash::hash): Tweaked to make this a bit more consistent with
        the StringImpl::computeHash function, using the same technique for avoiding 0.
        (WebCore::AlreadyHashed::hash): Added. Was formerly in PageGroup.h.
        (WebCore::AlreadyHashed::avoidDeletedValue): Added. Was formerly in PageGroup.cpp.

        * rendering/RenderStyle.cpp:
        (WebCore::RenderStyle::isStyleAvailable): Changed to use an inline function instead
        of getting directly at a data member so the data member could be made private.

        * loader/FrameLoader.cpp:
        (WebCore::FrameLoader::scrollToAnchor): Added call to updateHistoryForAnchorScroll.
        (WebCore::FrameLoader::updateHistoryForAnchorScroll): Added.
        * loader/FrameLoader.h: Added updateHistoryForAnchorScroll.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30949 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoNo review, build fix only.
eric@webkit.org [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 00:36:26 +0000 (00:36 +0000)]
No review, build fix only.

        Speculative fix for Windows build, use ::UChar instead of KJS::UChar

        * WebScriptCallFrame.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30948 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Part of Bug 17224: DOM nodes/attributes should be editable
aroben@apple.com [Tue, 11 Mar 2008 00:14:39 +0000 (00:14 +0000)]
     Part of Bug 17224: DOM nodes/attributes should be editable


         This patch makes DOM attributes editable via double-click.

         Reviewed by Tim.

         * page/inspector/DocumentPanel.js:
         (WebInspector.DOMNodeTreeElement.onmousedown): Don't do anything if
         we're being edited, since we want default editing behaviors to work.
         (WebInspector.DOMNodeTreeElement.ondblclick): Try to start editing
         before doing anything else.
         (WebInspector.DOMNodeTreeElement._startEditing): Added. Currently only
         lets you edit attributes.
         (WebInspector.DOMNodeTreeElement._attributeEditingCommitted): Added.
         Uses a scratch element to get the new attribute(s) parsed, then sets
         the attribute(s) on the node in the inspected document.
         (WebInspector.DOMNodeTreeElement._attributeEditingCancelled): Added.
         (WebInspector.DOMNodeTreeElement._updateTitle): Added. Refreshes the
         representation of the node in the Inspector's DOM tree to reflect
         the node's current state.
         * page/inspector/inspector.css: Made the .editing class apply
         * page/inspector/utilities.js:
         (nodeTitleInfo): Changed to surround attribute name/value pairs in a
         webkit-html-attribute span so that we can easily edit the pair as a

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30947 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-10 Brent Fulgham <bfulgham@gmail.com>
aroben@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 23:39:06 +0000 (23:39 +0000)]
2008-03-10  Brent Fulgham  <bfulgham@gmail.com>

        Windows build fix

        Reviewed by Adam.

        * JavaScriptCore.vcproj/JavaScriptCore/JavaScriptCoreGenerated.make:
        Set the PATH to include Cygwin before running touch.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30946 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Fix 64-bit builds.
ddkilzer@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 23:02:43 +0000 (23:02 +0000)]
    Fix 64-bit builds.

        Reviewed by Stephanie.

        WebCore.exp only gets generated once for both 32-bit and 64-bit builds,
        so we must exclude the _NPN symbols when creating WebCore.LP64.exp.

        * WebCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Reverted build phase shell code to
        r30826 to remove _NPN symbols from 64-bit builds in WebCore.LP64.exp.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30945 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed by NOBODY.
eric@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 22:57:14 +0000 (22:57 +0000)]
    Reviewed by NOBODY.

        Build fix for JSC on windows.

        * API/JSStringRefCF.cpp:
        * kjs/function.cpp:
        * kjs/nodes2string.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30944 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago No review, build fix only.
eric@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 22:44:33 +0000 (22:44 +0000)]
    No review, build fix only.

        Attempt to fix the windows build?

        * kjs/ustring.h: change unsigned short to UChar

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30943 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed by Darin.
eric@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 22:06:44 +0000 (22:06 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Darin.

        Remove KJS::UChar, use ::UChar instead

        To functional changes, thus no tests.

        * bindings/js/JSCSSStyleDeclarationCustom.cpp:
        * bindings/js/JSDOMWindowBase.cpp:
        * bindings/js/JSSVGPODTypeWrapper.h:
        * bindings/js/kjs_proxy.cpp:
        * bridge/objc/objc_utility.mm:
        * dom/Document.cpp:
        * platform/text/AtomicString.cpp:
        * platform/text/String.cpp:
        (WebCore::String::operator Identifier):
        (WebCore::String::operator UString):
        * platform/text/TextCodecICU.cpp:
        * svg/SVGAnimatedTemplate.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30942 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Fix build break caused by r30920.
sfalken@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 18:58:59 +0000 (18:58 +0000)]
    Fix build break caused by r30920.

        Serialize remaining dependent builds by adding dependencies.
        Visual Studio per-vcproj parallelization doesn't add a lot of value
        since so many of our builds are dependent - this just enforces that.
        We do our parallelization via pdevenv, which works much better.

        * WebKit.vcproj/WebKit.sln:
        * WebKit.vcproj/WebKit.submit.sln:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30941 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-10 Xan Lopez <xan@gnome.org>
alp@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 18:25:08 +0000 (18:25 +0000)]
2008-03-10  Xan Lopez  <xan@gnome.org>

        Reviewed by Alp Toker.

        Fix "missing braces" compiler warning.

        * webkit/webkitwebview.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30940 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWebCore:
darin@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 17:37:19 +0000 (17:37 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Sam.

        - eliminate keyboard UI mode method from WebCoreFrameBridge

        * page/ChromeClient.h: Added keyboardUIMode function.
        (WebCore::ChromeClient::keyboardUIMode): Ditto.
        * page/mac/EventHandlerMac.mm:
        (WebCore::EventHandler::tabsToAllControls): Call chrome client function instead
        of bridge function.
        * page/mac/WebCoreFrameBridge.h: Removed keyboardUIMode method, and other unused

        * WebCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Allowed Xcode to change the project.
        Do not try to fight the Xcode.


        Reviewed by Sam.

        - eliminate keyboard UI mode method from WebCoreFrameBridge

        * WebCoreSupport/WebChromeClient.h: Added keyboardUIMode function.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebChromeClient.mm:
        (WebChromeClient::keyboardUIMode): Ditto. Calls WebView.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameBridge.h: Removed unused things, including the
        fields for keyboard UI mode.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameBridge.mm:
        (-[WebFrameBridge dealloc]): Removed unneeded code; eliminated the fini
        (-[WebFrameBridge finalize]): Ditto.
        * WebView/WebView.mm: Moved the keyboard mode code in here.
        (-[WebView _close]): Remove observer from the distributed notification
        center as well as the normal one.
        (-[WebView _retrieveKeyboardUIModeFromPreferences:]): Added. Code moved
        here from the bridge.
        (-[WebView _keyboardUIMode]): Ditto.
        * WebView/WebViewInternal.h: Added _keyboardUIMode method.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30939 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed by Beth Dakin.
weinig@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 17:36:54 +0000 (17:36 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Beth Dakin.

        Add Tiger specific results for toDataURL-supportedTypes.html as the image
        encoders have slightly changed between releases.

        * platform/mac-tiger/fast/canvas: Added.
        * platform/mac-tiger/fast/canvas/toDataURL-supportedTypes-expected.txt: Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30938 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago - oops, forgot to save last couple changes from the editor
darin@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 17:29:00 +0000 (17:29 +0000)]
    - oops, forgot to save last couple changes from the editor

        * bindings/js/JSDOMWindowCustom.cpp:
        (WebCore::markDOMObjectWrapper): Tweaked a tiny bit.
        (WebCore::JSDOMWindow::mark): Sorted alphabetically.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30937 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed by Geoff.
darin@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 17:26:42 +0000 (17:26 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Geoff.

        - fix failing regression test (window.navigator is getting garbage
          collected and thus losing its custom properties)

        * bindings/js/JSDOMWindowCustom.cpp:
        (WebCore::markDOMObject): Added helper function.
        (WebCore::JSDOMWindow::mark): Added. Marks the wrappers for all the objects that hang
        off the window object.

        * page/DOMWindow.h:
        (WebCore::DOMWindow::optionalScreen): Added so we can get the Screen object without
        creating it if it's already there.
        (WebCore::DOMWindow::optionalSelection): Ditto.
        (WebCore::DOMWindow::optionalHistory): Ditto.
        (WebCore::DOMWindow::optionalLocationbar): Ditto.
        (WebCore::DOMWindow::optionalMenubar): Ditto.
        (WebCore::DOMWindow::optionalPersonalbar): Ditto.
        (WebCore::DOMWindow::optionalScrollbars): Ditto.
        (WebCore::DOMWindow::optionalStatusbar): Ditto.
        (WebCore::DOMWindow::optionalToolbar): Ditto.
        (WebCore::DOMWindow::optionalConsole): Ditto.
        (WebCore::DOMWindow::optionalNavigator): Ditto.

        * page/DOMWindow.idl: Added the CustomMarkFunction flag. Sorted the flags in
        alphabetical order since there are a lot of them.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30936 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWebCore:
darin@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 17:01:00 +0000 (17:01 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Sam.

        - eliminate Java applet methods from WebCoreFrameBridge

        * loader/FrameLoaderClient.h: Added a javaApplet function.
        * page/mac/FrameMac.mm:
        (WebCore::Frame::createScriptInstanceForWidget): Streamlined the code.
        Use the loader client instead of the bridge to get the applet.
        * page/mac/WebCoreFrameBridge.h: Removed the getAppletInView and
        pollForAppletInView methods. Also removed other unused things.


        Reviewed by Sam.

        - eliminate Java applet methods from WebCoreFrameBridge

        * WebCoreSupport/WebChromeClient.mm: Removed unneeded headers and declarations.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameBridge.mm: Ditto. Also removed unneeded methods, including
        the ones that load Java applets.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameLoaderClient.h: Added javaApplet function.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameLoaderClient.mm: Ditto.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30935 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed and landed by Darin.
darin@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:33:06 +0000 (16:33 +0000)]
    Reviewed and landed by Darin.

        Bug 17581: Use of uninitialized value in string ne at WebKitTools/Scripts/run-webkit-tests line 1576.

        Remove the previous warning which occurs when the --random option is used.

        * Scripts/run-webkit-tests: verify that $component[0] is defined before checking for
        its inequality

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30934 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed by Eric, landed by Darin.
darin@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:28:55 +0000 (16:28 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Eric, landed by Darin.

        Move GraphicsContextPrivate to its own header file.

        Moves GraphicsContextState and GraphicsContextPrivate to its
        own header

        * WebCore.vcproj/WebCore.vcproj:
        * platform/graphics/GraphicsContext.cpp:
        * platform/graphics/GraphicsContextPrivate.h: Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30933 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWebCore:
darin@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:25:12 +0000 (16:25 +0000)]

        Reviewed and landed by Darin.

        bug 12182 : XMLHttpRequest should raise SECURITY_ERR for same-origin policy violations

        Removed reference to PERMISSION_DENIED (previous non standard exception) and replaced it
        by DOM exception SECURITY_ERR. Updated XMLHttpRequest::open to raise SECURITY_ERR.

        * bindings/js/kjs_binding.cpp:
        (WebCore::setDOMException): Removed PERMISSION_DENIED code.
        * dom/ExceptionCode.cpp: Added SECURITY_ERR exception.
        * dom/ExceptionCode.h: Ditto.
        * xml/XMLHttpRequest.cpp:
        (WebCore::XMLHttpRequest::open): Returns SECURITY_ERR now.
        * xml/XMLHttpRequestException.h: Removed PERMISSION_DENIED.


        Reviewed and landed by Darin.

        bug 12182 : XMLHttpRequest should raise SECURITY_ERR for same-origin policy violations

        * http/tests/xmlhttprequest/exceptions-expected.txt: Updated results

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30932 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Refactor CSS editing code so we can share it with DOM editing
aroben@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:17:38 +0000 (16:17 +0000)]
    Refactor CSS editing code so we can share it with DOM editing

        Add WebInspector.startEditing, which takes the element to be edited, a
        committedCallback, a cancelledCallback, and a context parameter. This
        function takes care of setting up the element for editing, and calls
        either the cancelledCallback or committedCallback when editing ends.

        Reviewed by Tim.

        * page/inspector/StylesSidebarPane.js:
          - Call WebInspector.isBeingEdited and WebInspector.startEditing
          - Removed code now handled by WebInspector.startEditing
          - Renamed from endEditing
          - Removed code now handled by WebInspector.startEditing
          - Renamed from cancelEditing
          - Changed parameters to match WebInspector.startEditing's
          - Renamed from commitEditing
          - Changed parameters to match WebInspector.startEditing's
        * page/inspector/inspector.js:
        (WebInspector.changeFocus): Changed a call to firstParentWithClassName
        to firstParentOrSelfWithClassName so that if the focusable element
        itself is the target it will be recognized. I don't know why this
        change wasn't needed before this.
        (WebInspector.isBeingEdited): Added.
        (WebInspector.startEditing): Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30931 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Windows build fix
aroben@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:17:12 +0000 (16:17 +0000)]
    Windows build fix

        * WebCore.vcproj/WebCore.vcproj: Pick up generated source files out of
        $(WebKitOutputDir) instead of hard-coding WebKitBuild.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30930 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago * DerivedSources.make: Merge plug-in-related changes with the new way of...
darin@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:15:50 +0000 (16:15 +0000)]
    * DerivedSources.make: Merge plug-in-related changes with the new way of handling
        autogenerated DOM classes.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30929 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed, tweaked and landed by Alexey.
ap@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 15:38:04 +0000 (15:38 +0000)]
    Reviewed, tweaked and landed by Alexey.

        - fix http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17732

        We didn't have a fallback to frame encoding in the case of loading a script via
        changing its src attribute.

        Test: fast/dom/HTMLScriptElement/script-decoding-error-after-setting-src.html

        * html/HTMLScriptElement.cpp:
        (WebCore::HTMLScriptElement::parseMappedAttribute): Use a helper function to get proper
        charset for correct decoding of script content.
        (WebCore::HTMLScriptElement::scriptCharset): A helper function for getting proper charset
        for the script (as much as can be determined prior to loading it).
        * html/HTMLScriptElement.h:
        * html/HTMLTokenizer.cpp:
        (WebCore::HTMLTokenizer::parseTag): Use a helper function to get proper charset for correct
        decoding of script content.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30928 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-10 Simon Hausmann <hausmann@webkit.org>
hausmann@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 13:59:37 +0000 (13:59 +0000)]
2008-03-10  Simon Hausmann  <hausmann@webkit.org>

        Reviewed by Lars.

        Fix reference counting of returned MimeType and Plugin objects
        created in the array wrappers.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30927 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWx linking fix.
hausmann@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 12:29:59 +0000 (12:29 +0000)]
Wx linking fix.

Added missing stubs for PluginData.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30926 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWindows build fix that I forgot to merge earlier ;(
hausmann@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 12:20:50 +0000 (12:20 +0000)]
Windows build fix that I forgot to merge earlier ;(

Forward declare Page as class, not struct.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30925 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoAttempt to fix the Wx build.
hausmann@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 12:09:17 +0000 (12:09 +0000)]
Attempt to fix the Wx build.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30924 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-07 Simon Hausmann <hausmann@webkit.org>
hausmann@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 11:52:27 +0000 (11:52 +0000)]
2008-03-07  Simon Hausmann  <hausmann@webkit.org>


        Reviewed by Darin.

        Done with Lars.


        Ported the manually written JS bindings of window.navigator,
        window.navigator.plugins and window.navigator.mimeTypes to
        auto-generated bindings.

        Moved the globally cached plugin and mimetype information to a
        per WebCore::Page shared PluginData structure.

        Implemented window.navigator.plugins.refresh() in a
        platform-independent way.


        Added a testcase for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16815


        Replaced the QWebObjectPlugin interfaces with QWebPluginFactory.


        Simplified WebViewFactory's refreshPlugins method to only refresh the
        plugins and not reload the frames anymore since that's now done in a
        platform independent manner by WebCore::Page.

        Also removed the now unused pluginNameForMIMEType and
        pluginSupportsMIMEType methods.


        Ported the netscape test plugin to QWebPluginFactory.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30923 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-10 Simon Hausmann <hausmann@webkit.org>
hausmann@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 11:29:35 +0000 (11:29 +0000)]
2008-03-10  Simon Hausmann  <hausmann@webkit.org>

        Reviewed by Holger.

        Replace two printfs() in the Qt port with notImplemented().

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30922 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-10 Simon Hausmann <hausmann@webkit.org>
hausmann@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 11:23:06 +0000 (11:23 +0000)]
2008-03-10  Simon Hausmann  <hausmann@webkit.org>

        Reviewed by Alp.

        Compilation fix with gcc 4.3: Include stdio.h for printf.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30921 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoJavaScriptCore:
sfalken@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 05:35:30 +0000 (05:35 +0000)]

        Stop Windows build if an error occurs in a prior project.

        Rubber stamped by Darin.

        * JavaScriptCore.vcproj/JavaScriptCore/JavaScriptCore.vcproj:
        * JavaScriptCore.vcproj/JavaScriptCore/JavaScriptCoreGenerated.make:
        * JavaScriptCore.vcproj/WTF/WTF.vcproj:
        * JavaScriptCore.vcproj/testkjs/testkjs.vcproj:


        Stop Windows build if an error occurs in a prior project.

        Rubber stamped by Darin.

        * WebCore.vcproj/WebCore.vcproj:
        * WebCore.vcproj/WebCoreGenerated.vcproj:


        Stop Windows build if an error occurs in a prior project.

        Rubber stamped by Darin.

        * WebKit.vcproj/Interfaces.vcproj:
        * WebKit.vcproj/InterfacesGenerated.vcproj:
        * WebKit.vcproj/WebKit.vcproj:
        * WebKit.vcproj/WebKitGUID.vcproj:


        Stop Windows build if an error occurs in a prior project.

        Rubber stamped by Darin.

        * Drosera/win/Drosera.vcproj/Drosera.vcproj:
        * DumpRenderTree/win/DumpRenderTree.vcproj:
        * DumpRenderTree/win/ImageDiff.vcproj:
        * DumpRenderTree/win/TestNetscapePlugin/TestNetscapePlugin.vcproj:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30920 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago * DerivedSources.make: Third try at fixing the build.
darin@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 03:10:59 +0000 (03:10 +0000)]
    * DerivedSources.make: Third try at fixing the build.
        * bindings/js/JSRGBColor.cpp: And touching this file.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30919 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago * DerivedSources.make: One *more* try at fixing the build.
darin@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 03:03:47 +0000 (03:03 +0000)]
    * DerivedSources.make: One *more* try at fixing the build.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30918 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago * DerivedSources.make: One more try at fixing the build.
darin@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 02:58:11 +0000 (02:58 +0000)]
    * DerivedSources.make: One more try at fixing the build.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30917 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago * DerivedSources.make: Re-land the change, fixed, and with an attempt to...
darin@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 02:53:30 +0000 (02:53 +0000)]
    * DerivedSources.make: Re-land the change, fixed, and with an attempt to fix the
        bots by removing the incorrect file.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30916 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-09 Alp Toker <alp@atoker.com>
alp@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 02:44:33 +0000 (02:44 +0000)]
2008-03-09  Alp Toker  <alp@atoker.com>

        GTK+ build fix for r30913.

        Use UNICODE_CFLAGS for C++ sources as well as C sources.

        * GNUmakefile.am:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30915 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoRoll out r30909 -- it breaks the build and is a non-trivial fix (according to weinig)
oliver@apple.com [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 00:49:20 +0000 (00:49 +0000)]
Roll out r30909 -- it breaks the build and is a non-trivial fix (according to weinig)

RS=Mark Rowe

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30914 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-09 J?rg Billeter <j@bitron.ch>
alp@webkit.org [Mon, 10 Mar 2008 00:49:15 +0000 (00:49 +0000)]
2008-03-09  J?rg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>

        Reviewed by Alp Toker.

        Conditionalise ICU for Unicode in the GTK+ port.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30913 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Make WebInspectorClient use WindowMessageBroadcaster instead of manual subcla...
aroben@apple.com [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 23:01:46 +0000 (23:01 +0000)]
    Make WebInspectorClient use WindowMessageBroadcaster instead of manual subclassing

        Reviewed by Darin.

        * WebCoreSupport/WebInspectorClient.cpp:
        (WebInspectorClient::WebInspectorClient): Removed
        m_orignalWebViewWndProc member.
        (WebInspectorClient::attachWindow): Register as a listener with
        WindowMessageBroadcaster instead of subclassing.
        (WebInspectorClient::detachWindow): Deregister as a listener with
        WindowMessageBroadcaster instead of unsubclassing.
        (WebInspectorClient::windowReceivedMessage): Renamed from
        SubclassedWebViewWndProc. Also added a missing break statement after
        the call to onWebViewWindowPosChanging.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebInspectorClient.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30912 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Make the node highlight not obscure the tab bar when it first appears
aroben@apple.com [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 23:01:27 +0000 (23:01 +0000)]
    Make the node highlight not obscure the tab bar when it first appears

        Reviewed by Darin.

        * WebNodeHighlight.cpp:
        (WebNodeHighlight::onWebViewWindowPosChanged): Added. Listens for
        changes to the WebView's size and resizes the highlight window to
        (WebNodeHighlight::onRootWindowPosChanged): Added. Listens for changes
        to the WebView's root window's position and moves the highlight window
        to match.
        (WebNodeHighlight::windowReceivedMessage): Call
        onWebViewWindowPosChanged/onRootWindowPosChanged as appropriate.
        * WebNodeHighlight.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30911 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Fix Bug 14254: Inspector node highlight applied to all tabs
aroben@apple.com [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 23:00:36 +0000 (23:00 +0000)]
    Fix Bug 14254: Inspector node highlight applied to all tabs


        WebNodeHighlight now listens for the WM_SHOWWINDOW message being sent
        to the inspected WebView so that it can hide/show itself as the
        WebView is hidden/shown.

        Reviewed by Anders.

        * WebNodeHighlight.cpp:
        (WebNodeHighlight::~WebNodeHighlight): Remove ourselves as a listener
        for our inspected WebView's window's messages.
        (WebNodeHighlight::show): Add ourselves as a listener for our
        inspected WebView's window's messages.
        (WebNodeHighlight::onWebViewShowWindow): Added. Hide ourselves when
        the WebView hides, show ourselves when the WebView is shown.
        (WebNodeHighlight::windowReceivedMessage): Added a separate switch
        statement to handle the inspected WebView's window's messages.
        * WebNodeHighlight.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30910 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed by Adam.
darin@apple.com [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 20:36:41 +0000 (20:36 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Adam.

        * DerivedSources.make: Put the list of DOM classes into its own
        variable, and generate the JavaScript bindings and Objective-C
        bindings dependencies from that. Added some separators to make it
        a little easier to see the sections of the file. Moved all the
        Mac-specific rules (except for the SVG conditional part) down
        to the bottom of the file in a separate section.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30909 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Windows build fix
aroben@apple.com [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 17:47:47 +0000 (17:47 +0000)]
    Windows build fix

        * WebCore.vcproj/WebCore.vcproj: Make sure all Cairo files are
        excluded from all three CG-based configurations: Debug, Release, and

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30908 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoFix stray executable bit.
darin@apple.com [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 07:59:08 +0000 (07:59 +0000)]
Fix stray executable bit.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30907 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoAttempt to fix the Qt build.
mrowe@apple.com [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 07:00:25 +0000 (07:00 +0000)]
Attempt to fix the Qt build.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30906 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoBug 16516: canvas image patterns stop working with some transformations
oliver@apple.com [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 06:48:41 +0000 (06:48 +0000)]
Bug 16516: canvas image patterns stop working with some transformations

Reviewed by Sam W.

Simple fix.  We used x/yStep of FLT_MAX to fake a no-repeat-x/y pattern
with CG.  However any transforms involving FLT_MAX immediately get
consumed by the introduced floating point error.  yStep had already been
clamped to a much smaller arbitrary value, and this patch makes us use
that clamp value for xStep as well.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30905 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoBug 17728: Canvas.createPattern with null repeat argument throws an exception
oliver@apple.com [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 02:39:28 +0000 (02:39 +0000)]
Bug 17728: Canvas.createPattern with null repeat argument throws an exception

Reviewed by Mitz

Trivial fix, we were calling toString on null which produces the string "null",
we just needed to switch to using valueToStringWithNullCheck rather than
JSValue::toString directly

Test: fast/canvas/canvas-pattern-behaviour.html

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30904 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-08 Julien Chaffraix <julien.chaffraix@gmail.com>
mrowe@apple.com [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 01:57:17 +0000 (01:57 +0000)]
2008-03-08  Julien Chaffraix  <julien.chaffraix@gmail.com>

        Reviewed by Mark Rowe.

        DRT build fix for Tiger.

        * DumpRenderTree/mac/DumpRenderTreeMac.h: Define BUILDING_ON_TIGER.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30903 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-08 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>
mrowe@apple.com [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 01:57:08 +0000 (01:57 +0000)]
2008-03-08  Mark Rowe  <mrowe@apple.com>

        Reviewed by Darin Adler.

        Fix 64-bit build with GCC 4.2.

        * bindings/objc/WebScriptObject.mm: Use NSUInteger in place of unsigned where required.
        * platform/mac/SharedBufferMac.mm: Ditto.

2008-03-08  Mark Rowe  <mrowe@apple.com>

        Reviewed by Darin Adler.

        Fix 64-bit build with GCC 4.2.

        * DefaultDelegates/WebDefaultScriptDebugDelegate.m: Use NSUInteger in place of unsigned where required.
        * DefaultDelegates/WebDefaultUIDelegate.m: Ditto.
        * History/WebHistoryItem.mm: Ditto.
        * Misc/WebElementDictionary.mm: Ditto.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameLoaderClient.mm:
        (WebFrameLoaderClient::objectContentType): Move variable declaration outside of if to avoid warning about the
        variable being unused in 64-bit.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebInspectorClient.mm: Use NSUInteger in place of unsigned where required.
        * WebView/WebHTMLView.mm:
        (-[WebHTMLView adjustPageHeightNew:top:bottom:limit:]): Use CGFloat in place of float where required.
        (-[WebTextCompleteController numberOfRowsInTableView:]): Use NSInteger in place of int where required.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30902 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed by Oliver Hunt.
mitz@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 23:10:16 +0000 (23:10 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Oliver Hunt.

        - fix garbage in transparent areas in canvas.toDataURL results

        * platform/graphics/cg/ImageBufferCG.cpp:
        (WebCore::ImageBuffer::toDataURL): Clear the bitmap context before
        painting the canvas image onto it.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30901 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWebCore:
darin@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 14:09:52 +0000 (14:09 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Adele.

        - eliminate custom highlight methods from WebCoreFrameBridge

        * page/Chrome.cpp:
        (WebCore::ChromeClient::customHighlightRect): Added.
        (WebCore::ChromeClient::paintCustomHighlight): Added.
        * page/ChromeClient.h: Added custom highlight functions.
        * page/Frame.h: Removed custom highlight functions.
        * page/mac/FrameMac.mm: Ditto.
        * page/mac/WebCoreFrameBridge.h: Removed custom highlight methods.
        * rendering/InlineTextBox.cpp:
        (WebCore::InlineTextBox::paintCustomHighlight): Changed code to use
        the ChromeClient instead of WebCoreFrameBridge to do the custom highlight.
        * rendering/RenderBox.cpp:
        (WebCore::RenderBox::paintCustomHighlight): Ditto.
        * rendering/RootInlineBox.cpp:
        (WebCore::RootInlineBox::addHighlightOverflow): Ditto.
        (WebCore::RootInlineBox::paintCustomHighlight): Ditto.


        Reviewed by Adele.

        - eliminate custom highlight methods from WebCoreFrameBridge

        * WebCoreSupport/WebChromeClient.h: Added custom highlight functions.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebChromeClient.mm:
        (WebChromeClient::customHighlightRect): Moved code here from bridge.
        (WebChromeClient::paintCustomHighlight): Ditto.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameBridge.mm: Removed code here.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30900 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago * platform/win/Skipped: Fixed some typos (stray "s" characters).
darin@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 14:05:44 +0000 (14:05 +0000)]
    * platform/win/Skipped: Fixed some typos (stray "s" characters).

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30899 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago 2008-03-07 Stephanie Lewis <slewis@apple.com>
slewis@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 08:09:42 +0000 (08:09 +0000)]
 2008-03-07  Stephanie Lewis  <slewis@apple.com>

         Reviewed by Oliver.

         Fix Windows build.

         * platform/graphics/cg/ImageBufferCG.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30898 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoJavaScriptCore:
ddkilzer@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 07:54:51 +0000 (07:54 +0000)]

        Unify concept of enabling Netscape Plug-in API (NPAPI).

        Reviewed by Darin.

        * wtf/Platform.h: Define ENABLE_NETSCAPE_PLUGIN_API here.


        Unify concept of enabling Netscape Plug-in API (NPAPI).

        Reviewed by Darin.

        No test cases since there is no change in functionality.

        * DerivedSources.make: Added check for ENABLE_NETSCAPE_PLUGIN_API macro.
        If defined as "1", add WebCore.NPAPI.exp to WEBCORE_EXPORT_DEPENDENCIES.
        * WebCore.NPAPI.exp: Added.
        * WebCore.base.exp: Moved exported NPAPI methods to WebCore.NPAPI.exp.
        * WebCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Removed changes in r30826 (except
        comments) since we now handle exported NPAPI methods via DerivedSources.make.

        * config.h: Removed USE(NPOBJECT) since we now use ENABLE(NETSCAPE_PLUGIN_API) as
        defined in Platform.h.

        * bindings/objc/DOM.mm: Replaced USE(NPOBJECT) with ENABLE(NETSCAPE_PLUGIN_API).
        (-[DOMElement _NPObject]):

        * bridge/NP_jsobject.cpp: Replaced !PLATFORM(DARWIN) || !defined(__LP64__) with
        * bridge/NP_jsobject.h: Ditto.
        * bridge/c/c_class.cpp: Ditto.
        * bridge/c/c_class.h: Ditto.
        * bridge/c/c_instance.cpp: Ditto.
        * bridge/c/c_instance.h: Ditto.
        * bridge/c/c_runtime.cpp: Ditto.
        * bridge/c/c_runtime.h: Ditto.
        * bridge/c/c_utility.cpp: Ditto.
        * bridge/c/c_utility.h: Ditto.
        * bridge/npruntime.cpp: Ditto.
        * bridge/npruntime_impl.h: Ditto.
        * bridge/npruntime_priv.h: Ditto.
        * bridge/runtime.cpp: Ditto.

        * html/HTMLPlugInElement.cpp: Replaced USE(NPOBJECT) with ENABLE(NETSCAPE_PLUGIN_API).
        * html/HTMLPlugInElement.h: Ditto.

        * page/Frame.cpp: Replaced USE(NPOBJECT) with ENABLE(NETSCAPE_PLUGIN_API).
        (WebCore::FramePrivate::FramePrivate): Also added #if ENABLE(NETSCAPE_PLUGIN_API)
        guard around m_windowScriptNPObject.
        * page/Frame.h: Replaced USE(NPOBJECT) with ENABLE(NETSCAPE_PLUGIN_API).
        * page/FramePrivate.h: Added #if ENABLE(NETSCAPE_PLUGIN_API) guard around
        * page/mac/FrameMac.mm: Replaced USE(NPOBJECT) with ENABLE(NETSCAPE_PLUGIN_API).


        Unify concept of enabling Netscape Plug-in API (NPAPI).

        Reviewed by Darin.

        * WebKit.exp: Removed unused class export for WebBaseNetscapePluginView.

        * WebKitPrefix.h: Removed WTF_USE_NPOBJECT since we now use
        ENABLE(NETSCAPE_PLUGIN_API) as defined in Platform.h.

        * Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginStream.h: Replaced #ifndef __LP64__ with
        * Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginStream.mm: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginView.h: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginView.mm: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginViewInternal.h: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginViewPrivate.h: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebBasePluginPackage.h: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebBasePluginPackage.m: Ditto.
        (+[WebBasePluginPackage pluginWithPath:]):
        * Plugins/WebNetscapeDeprecatedFunctions.c: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebNetscapeDeprecatedFunctions.h: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebNetscapePluginEmbeddedView.h: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebNetscapePluginEmbeddedView.mm: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebNetscapePluginPackage.h: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebNetscapePluginPackage.m: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebNetscapePluginStream.h: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebNetscapePluginStream.mm: Ditto.
        * Plugins/WebPluginDatabase.m: Ditto.
        (-[WebPluginDatabase pluginForKey:withEnumeratorSelector:]):
        * Plugins/npapi.m: Ditto.
        * WebCoreSupport/WebFrameLoaderClient.mm: Ditto.
        * WebView/WebHTMLView.mm: Ditto.
        (-[NSArray _web_makePluginViewsPerformSelector:withObject:]):
        * WebView/WebHTMLViewInternal.h: Ditto.

        * WebView/WebFrame.mm: Replaced #ifndef __LP64__ with
        #if ENABLE(NETSCAPE_PLUGIN_API). Moved methods below from (WebPrivate)
        category to (WebInternal) category so we don't expose the ENABLE() macro
        from the private header.
        (-[WebFrame _recursive_resumeNullEventsForAllNetscapePlugins]):
        (-[WebFrame _recursive_pauseNullEventsForAllNetscapePlugins]):
        * WebView/WebFrameInternal.h: Ditto.
        * WebView/WebFramePrivate.h: Ditto.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30897 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed by Darin.
ap@webkit.org [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 07:46:27 +0000 (07:46 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Darin.

        <rdar://problem/5579292> REGRESSION: (safari 2-3): "Default default" encoding for Korean
        changed from Korean (Windows, DOS) to Korean (ISO 2022-KR), which breaks some sites

        * WebView/WebPreferences.m:
        (+[WebPreferences _setInitialDefaultTextEncodingToSystemEncoding]): Make encoding name match
        the one used in Safari.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30896 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-07 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>
mrowe@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 07:25:28 +0000 (07:25 +0000)]
2008-03-07  Mark Rowe  <mrowe@apple.com>

        Reviewed by Oliver Hunt.

        Fix WebKit build with GCC 4.2.

        * Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginView.mm: Use the correct return type in method signature.

2008-03-07  Mark Rowe  <mrowe@apple.com>

        Reviewed by Oliver Hunt.

        Fix WebKit build with GCC 4.2.

        * WebKit.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj:  Mark WebTypesInternal.h as a private header so that DumpRenderTree can use it.

2008-03-07  Mark Rowe  <mrowe@apple.com>

        Reviewed by Oliver Hunt.

        Fix WebKit build with GCC 4.2.

        * DumpRenderTree/mac/ResourceLoadDelegate.mm: Use correct argument type in method signature.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30895 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Reviewed by Darin.
ap@webkit.org [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 07:11:37 +0000 (07:11 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Darin.

        REGRESSION: Korean decoding doesn't support extended EUC-KR.

        Test: fast/encoding/char-decoding.html

        * platform/text/TextCodecICU.cpp:
        (WebCore::TextCodecICU::registerExtendedEncodingNames): Untangle the system of duplicate ICU
        encoding names by manually registering windows-939-2000, and mapping all other related
        encodings to it.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30894 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-07 Dan Bernstein <mitz@apple.com>
slewis@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 06:19:04 +0000 (06:19 +0000)]
2008-03-07  Dan Bernstein  <mitz@apple.com>

        Reviewed by Stephanie.

        - try to fix leaks seen on Tiger after r30840

        * css/CSSStyleSelector.cpp:
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::~CSSStyleSelector): Use the default operator
        delete, rather than arena delete, to deallocate the root default style.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30893 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-07 Pierre-Luc Beaudoin <pierre-luc.beaudoin@collabora.co.uk>
alp@webkit.org [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 06:07:54 +0000 (06:07 +0000)]
2008-03-07  Pierre-Luc Beaudoin  <pierre-luc.beaudoin@collabora.co.uk>

        Reviewed by Alp Toker.

        GtkLauncher fails to render an element with position: fixed

        Implement the required parts of PlatformScreenGtk.

        * ChangeLog:
        * platform/gtk/PlatformScreenGtk.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30892 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoBug 16610: <canvas> restore() removes path segments created before it
oliver@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 05:58:20 +0000 (05:58 +0000)]
Bug 16610: <canvas> restore() removes path segments created before it

Reviewed by Darin Adler (code) and Mark Rowe (tests)

The problem here is that WebKit stored the Path as part of the state, so
restore would incorrectly lose changes made to the canvas path.  To match
Firefox and HTML5 we make two real changes:
  * Move the context path from the state object directly onto the context.
    This is responsible for all the changes to the path manipulation functions
  * Add transform tracking to each state -- this is needed to correctly transform
    the current path when restore()-ing to a prior state.

Test: fast/canvas/canvas-save-restore-with-path.html

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30891 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoFix for crash caused by FrameLoader incorrectly assuming it has
oliver@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 03:43:35 +0000 (03:43 +0000)]
Fix for crash caused by FrameLoader incorrectly assuming it has
a RenderWidget

Reviewed by Ada

In some circumstances an application embedding a WebView may
choose to prevent a webview from loading a resource.  If that
resource was requested by an <object> element then we may
fallback to different content which may not produce a RenderWidget.
Unfortunately FrameLoader::loadSubframe was assuming that if a
renderer was produced it would always be a RenderWidget, and arbitrarily
performed what could be an incorrect cast.  This could then lead to
a crash.

We currently don't have anyway of making a test for this.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30890 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago 2008-03-07 Stephanie Lewis <slewis@apple.com>
slewis@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 03:25:54 +0000 (03:25 +0000)]
 2008-03-07  Stephanie Lewis <slewis@apple.com>

         Reviewed by Oliver.

         Add Windows part of <rdar://problem/5693690>

         * DumpRenderTree/win/DumpRenderTree.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30889 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoWebCore:
weinig@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 03:08:48 +0000 (03:08 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Oliver Hunt.

        Fix for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16673
        <canvas> lacks toDataURL()

        Tests: fast/canvas/toDataURL-noData.html

        * html/CanvasRenderingContext2D.cpp:
        (WebCore::CanvasRenderingContext2D::printSecurityExceptionMessage): Make message non-global.
        * html/HTMLCanvasElement.cpp:
        (WebCore::HTMLCanvasElement::printSecurityExceptionMessage): Log error message indicating that toDataURL has
        been called on a tainted canvas.
        (WebCore::HTMLCanvasElement::toDataURL): This does the tainted canvas check, ensures that the canvas has pixel
        data, checks to see if the MIME type is supported.  Unsupported MIME types and the null string (which is made
        by passing no argument/null/undefined in JavaScript) are treated as being PNG, as per the spec.  The actual
        toDataURL logic is actually done in the ImageBuffer class.
        * html/HTMLCanvasElement.h: Add function declarations.
        * html/HTMLCanvasElement.idl: Add function declaration.

        * platform/MIMETypeRegistry.cpp:
        * platform/MIMETypeRegistry.h:
        Clean up and add new supportedImageMIMETypesForEncoding set which contains the set of
        MIME types the platform knows how to encode. Currently only implemented for CG and Qt.

        * platform/graphics/ImageBuffer.h: Add toDataURL method.
        * platform/graphics/cairo/ImageBufferCairo.cpp:
        (WebCore::ImageBuffer::toDataURL): Add stub.
        * platform/graphics/cg/ImageBufferCG.cpp:
        Converts the current context to a data: url of the specified MIME type.  This method
        unfortunately has to flip the context, resulting in less than optimal code.

        * platform/graphics/qt/ImageBufferQt.cpp:
        (WebCore::ImageBuffer::toDataURL): Add stub.
        * platform/graphics/wx/ImageBufferWx.cpp:
        (WebCore::ImageBuffer::toDataURL): Add stub.


        Reviewed by Oliver Hunt.

        Tests for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16673
        <canvas> lacks toDataURL()

        * fast/canvas/toDataURL-noData-expected.txt: Added.
        * fast/canvas/toDataURL-noData.html: Added.
        * fast/canvas/toDataURL-supportedTypes-expected.txt: Added.
        * fast/canvas/toDataURL-supportedTypes.html: Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30888 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-07 Alp Toker <alp@atoker.com>
alp@webkit.org [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 01:30:46 +0000 (01:30 +0000)]
2008-03-07  Alp Toker  <alp@atoker.com>

        Back out the r30818, r30819 build fix attempts now the GTK+ build
        server has been upgraded.

        * Scripts/webkitdirs.pm:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30887 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Build fix.
sfalken@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 01:28:36 +0000 (01:28 +0000)]
    Build fix.

        * WebCore.vcproj/WebCore.vcproj:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30886 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years agoRemoving duplicate entry for hasFocus.html
adele@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 00:19:59 +0000 (00:19 +0000)]
Removing duplicate entry for hasFocus.html

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30885 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-07 Stephanie Lewis <slewis@apple.com>
slewis@apple.com [Sat, 8 Mar 2008 00:09:25 +0000 (00:09 +0000)]
2008-03-07  Stephanie Lewis <slewis@apple.com>

update Windows Skipped List

        * platform/win/Skipped:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30884 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago2008-03-07 Brent Fulgham <bfulgham@gmail.com>
mrowe@apple.com [Fri, 7 Mar 2008 23:29:31 +0000 (23:29 +0000)]
2008-03-07  Brent Fulgham  <bfulgham@gmail.com>

        Reviewed by Mark Rowe.

        Correct build intermediary output

        * WebKit/win/WebKit.vcproj/WebKit.vcproj:  Correct output and intermediary paths

2008-03-07  Brent Fulgham  <bfulgham@gmail.com>

        Reviewed by Mark Rowe.

        Correct build intermediary output

        * WebCore/WebCore.vcproj:  Correct intermediary paths

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30883 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

13 years ago Adding fast/dom/HTMLDocument/hasFocus.html to the skipped list, while I inves...
adele@apple.com [Fri, 7 Mar 2008 22:56:33 +0000 (22:56 +0000)]
    Adding fast/dom/HTMLDocument/hasFocus.html to the skipped list, while I investigate the failure.

        * platform/win/Skipped:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@30882 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc