20 years agoTop level:
mjs [Fri, 29 Mar 2002 01:10:39 +0000 (01:10 +0000)]
Top level:
Fix the regression tests:

* Tests/WebFoundation-Misc/ifnsthreadextensions-test.chk,
(-[ThreadTest run:], main): Don't

* Tests/harness.c: (runtest): Make leaks count as failures again.

* Tests/libiftest/IFCheckLeaks.c: (IFCheckLeaksAtExitHandler):
Exclude the leak in +[NSUserDefaults standardDefaults]

* Tests/qt/qlist-test.chk, Tests/qt/qlist-test.cpp: (main): Fix a
leak in this test program.

* Tests/test.list: Fix path to JavaScript test.
* kjs/kjs-test.chk: Update output for new test results.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@883 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Fix Radar 2890340 (JavaScript doesn't work)
mjs [Fri, 29 Mar 2002 00:50:00 +0000 (00:50 +0000)]
Fix Radar 2890340 (JavaScript doesn't work)

* src/kwq/KWQKHTMLPart.mm: (KHTMLPart::executeScript): Implement
the other overloaded version of this function. This is needed for
JavaScript to work.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@882 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago New private interface for getting at the cache.
darin [Thu, 28 Mar 2002 23:18:24 +0000 (23:18 +0000)]
    New private interface for getting at the cache.

* Misc.subproj/IFCache.h: New.
* Misc.subproj/IFCache.mm: New.
* WebKit.pbproj/project.pbxproj: Added IFCache files.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@881 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * src/kdelibs/khtml/misc/loader.h: Added API for looking at the contents of the
darin [Thu, 28 Mar 2002 23:17:15 +0000 (23:17 +0000)]
* src/kdelibs/khtml/misc/loader.h: Added API for looking at the contents of the
        cache, flushing the cache, and disabling the cache.
* src/kwq/KWQKloader.mm: (Cache::requestImage): Don't cache if disabled.
        (Cache::requestStyleSheet): Don't cache if disabled.
(Cache::requestScript): Don't cache if disabled.
        (Cache::flush): Simplify ifdefs.
        (Cache::getStatistics), (Cache::flushAll), (Cache::setCacheDisabled): New.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@880 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * WebView.subproj/IFBaseWebController.mm:
darin [Thu, 28 Mar 2002 19:12:44 +0000 (19:12 +0000)]
* WebView.subproj/IFBaseWebController.mm:
        (-[IFBaseWebController locationChangeDone:forFrame:]): Remove log of errors
        loading now that we have the activity viewer.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@879 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Modified the initial layout policy. We now try to layout as close
rjw [Thu, 28 Mar 2002 19:03:28 +0000 (19:03 +0000)]
    Modified the initial layout policy.  We now try to layout as close
        as possible to WebKitInitialTimedLayoutDelay seconds after the
        load was started, not after the provisional-to-committed transition.
        If the time to the provisional-to-committed transition exceeds
        WebKitInitialTimedLayoutDelay we layout immediately.

        Fixed crasher.  Removed unnecessary cleanup to widget that was called after the
        widget was already disposed.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@878 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * History.subproj/IFWebHistoryPrivate.m:
sullivan [Thu, 28 Mar 2002 17:36:41 +0000 (17:36 +0000)]
* History.subproj/IFWebHistoryPrivate.m:
(-[IFWebHistoryPrivate _loadHistoryGuts:]):
Made this more robust about bad data from the disk file. I
don't know how bad data could get into the disk file in normal
use, but it seems to have happened to Richard.

* AppController.m: (-[AppController menuTitleForURL:withTitle:]),
(-[AppController _menuTitleForURIEntry:]), (-[AppController
insertHistoryEntry:intoMenu:atIndex:]): Added asserts in various
places to catch bad callers earlier.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@877 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Private preferences.
rjw [Thu, 28 Mar 2002 03:36:43 +0000 (03:36 +0000)]
Private preferences.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@876 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Added initial-layout-after-delay-if-not-layed-out-yet feature.
rjw [Thu, 28 Mar 2002 03:35:22 +0000 (03:35 +0000)]
    Added initial-layout-after-delay-if-not-layed-out-yet feature.

        Turned on live layout when font size or type is changed.

        Removed problematic code.  Not sure why it was necessary.  For now
        it prevents crasher.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@875 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * src/kwq/KWQListImpl.mm: (KWQListImpl::insert): Fix disastrous name
darin [Thu, 28 Mar 2002 01:25:03 +0000 (01:25 +0000)]
* src/kwq/KWQListImpl.mm: (KWQListImpl::insert): Fix disastrous name
        collision which could lead to infinite loops.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@874 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * src/kwq/KWQCString.mm: (QCString::isEmpty): The || should be &&.
darin [Thu, 28 Mar 2002 01:11:11 +0000 (01:11 +0000)]
* src/kwq/KWQCString.mm: (QCString::isEmpty): The || should be &&.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@873 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * src/kdelibs/khtml/css/css_valueimpl.cpp:
darin [Thu, 28 Mar 2002 00:55:36 +0000 (00:55 +0000)]
* src/kdelibs/khtml/css/css_valueimpl.cpp:
(FontFamilyValueImpl::FontFamilyValueImpl): Disable misguided font matching
        code in khtml.

* src/kwq/KWQFont.mm: (QFont::getFont): Change the fallback so that it uses
        the default font family, but the other settings as requested, rather than
        using the default font.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@872 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago2002-03-27 Kenneth Kocienda <kocienda@apple.com>
kocienda [Wed, 27 Mar 2002 21:54:03 +0000 (21:54 +0000)]
2002-03-27  Kenneth Kocienda  <kocienda@apple.com>

        Changed loadProgress->bytesSoFar to use [sender contentLengthReceived]
        instead of the size of the chunk that was delivered in the callback.
        This makes the activity window data more correct than it was.


        * src/kwq/KWQKloader.mm: (-[URLLoadClient


        * WebView.subproj/IFMainURLHandleClient.mm: (-[IFMainURLHandleClient

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@871 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago2002-03-27 Chris Blumenberg <cblu@apple.com>
cblu [Wed, 27 Mar 2002 21:52:46 +0000 (21:52 +0000)]
2002-03-27  Chris Blumenberg  <cblu@apple.com>

        Now setting the modifier bit for the activate and cursor events.

        * Plugins.subproj/IFPluginView.h:
        * Plugins.subproj/IFPluginView.mm: (-[IFPluginView drawRect:]), (-[IFPluginView
        windowBecameKey:]), (-[IFPluginView windowResignedKey:]), (-[IFPluginView
        mouseEntered:]), (-[IFPluginView mouseExited:]):

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@870 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * NSStringBrowserAdditions.m: (+[NSString urlStringWithUserTypedString:]):
darin [Wed, 27 Mar 2002 16:23:53 +0000 (16:23 +0000)]
* NSStringBrowserAdditions.m: (+[NSString urlStringWithUserTypedString:]):
        Add ".com" to the end if there's no ".". Add "file:" to the beginning if the
        thing begins with a "/".

* Preferences.subproj/TextPreferences.m:
        (-[TextPreferences initializeFromDefaults]): Switch back to serif font, since
using Luicida Grande was exposing some font bugs.

* WebView.subproj/IFPreferences.mm: (+[IFPreferences load]): Switch back
        to serif font, since using Luicida Grande was exposing some font bugs.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@868 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * src/kdelibs/khtml/ecma/Makefile.am: Get the create_hash_table tool
darin [Wed, 27 Mar 2002 15:59:46 +0000 (15:59 +0000)]
* src/kdelibs/khtml/ecma/Makefile.am: Get the create_hash_table tool
        from JavaScriptCore. We might need a better way to handle this later.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@867 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agotop level:
mjs [Wed, 27 Mar 2002 04:19:29 +0000 (04:19 +0000)]
top level:
* configure.in: Remove WebCore/src/kjs and add JavaScriptCore to
Set up kjs to build by itself into libJavaScriptCore.dylib.

* .cvsignore: Added.
* Makefile.am: Added.
* dummy.cpp: Added.
* kjs/.cvsignore: Added.
Removed kjs from here - it's now been moved to JavaScriptCore at
the top level.

* src/Makefile.am: Don't link libkjs.o.
* src/kdelibs/Makefile.am: Remove kjs from subdirs.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/.cvsignore: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/Makefile.am: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/array_object.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/array_object.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/bool_object.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/bool_object.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/collector.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/collector.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/create_hash_table: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/date_object.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/date_object.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/debugger.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/debugger.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/error_object.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/error_object.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/function.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/function.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/function_object.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/function_object.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/grammar.y: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/internal.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/internal.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/interpreter.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/interpreter.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/keywords.table: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/kjs-test: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/kjs-test.chk: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/lexer.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/lexer.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/lookup.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/lookup.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/math_object.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/math_object.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/nodes.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/nodes.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/nodes2string.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/number_object.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/number_object.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/object.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/object.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/object_object.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/object_object.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/operations.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/operations.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/property_map.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/property_map.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/regexp.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/regexp.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/regexp_object.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/regexp_object.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/string_object.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/string_object.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/test.js: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/testkjs.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/types.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/types.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/ustring.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/ustring.h: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/value.cpp: Removed.
* src/kdelibs/kjs/value.h: Removed.
* WebKit.pbproj/project.pbxproj: Fixed to build with standalone
* WebBrowser.pbproj/project.pbxproj: Include libJavaScriptCore.dylib

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@866 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoTop level:
mjs [Wed, 27 Mar 2002 00:54:46 +0000 (00:54 +0000)]
Top level:
Removed all the borrowed Qt code.

* Makefile.am: Don't bother to reconfigure when ChangeLog changes.
* acconfig.h: Remove BORROWED #defines.
* borrowed-classes.txt: Removed.
* configure.in: Remove setting of unused flags.
Removed all the borrowed Qt code.

* src/kwq/KWQGlobal.mm: Renamed from qt/_qglobal.cpp to avoid
confusion about the borrowedness status of this file.
* src/kwq/Makefile.am: Removed references to kde and qt
* src/kwq/kde/.cvsignore: Removed.
* src/kwq/kde/Makefile.am: Removed.
* src/kwq/kde/_kurl.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/kde/_kurl.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/Makefile.am: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qarray.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qbuffer.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qbuffer.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qcollection.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qcollection.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qcolor.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qcstring.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qcstring.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qdatetime.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qdatetime.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qdict.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qdir.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qdir.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qdir_unix.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qfile.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qfile.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qfileinfo.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qfileinfo.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qfileinfo_unix.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qgarray.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qgarray.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qgdict.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qgdict.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qglist.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qglist.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qglobal.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qgvector.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qgvector.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qiodevice.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qiodevice.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qlist.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qmap.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qmap.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qpoint.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qpoint.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qptrdict.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qrect.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qrect.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qregexp.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qregexp.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qregion.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qregion.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qshared.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qsize.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qsize.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qsortedlist.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qstack.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qstring.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qstring.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qstringlist.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qstringlist.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qstrlist.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qtextcodec.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qtextstream.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qtl.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qurl.cpp: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qurl.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qvaluelist.h: Removed.
* src/kwq/qt/_qvector.h: Removed.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@865 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago2002-03-26 Kenneth Kocienda <kocienda@apple.com>
kocienda [Wed, 27 Mar 2002 00:18:54 +0000 (00:18 +0000)]
2002-03-26  Kenneth Kocienda  <kocienda@apple.com>

        These changes help the transition to the new build system which unifies
        our development build setting with the settings we use to ship


        Removed --enable-alexander-test configure option
        Added --with-buildstyle option

        * configure.in:


        * WebFoundation.pbproj/project.pbxproj:


        * Makefile.am:
        * WebKit.pbproj/kocienda.pbxuser:
        * WebKit.pbproj/project.pbxproj:


        * Makefile.am:
        * WebBrowser.pbproj/project.pbxproj:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@864 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * src/kwq/KWQKjobclasses.mm: (TransferJobPrivate::TransferJobPrivate):
darin [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 23:06:24 +0000 (23:06 +0000)]
* src/kwq/KWQKjobclasses.mm: (TransferJobPrivate::TransferJobPrivate):
        Nil out the handle so we don't autorelease garbage.

* src/kwq/KWQKloader.mm:
        (-[URLLoadClient IFURLHandleResourceDidCancelLoading:]),
(-[URLLoadClient IFURLHandleResourceDidFinishLoading:data:]),
        (-[URLLoadClient IFURLHandle:resourceDidFailLoadingWithResult:]):
        Delete the job instead of just autoreleasing the sender. Fixes a leak.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@863 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoi Try to ensure that display needed bits are correctly set.
rjw [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 23:05:40 +0000 (23:05 +0000)]
i        Try to ensure that display needed bits are correctly set.

        Fixed leak of decoder.  This caused us to leak the entire
        document text for every load!

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@862 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * src/kdelibs/khtml/rendering/render_list.cpp: (RenderListItem::setStyle):
darin [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:40:44 +0000 (21:40 +0000)]
* src/kdelibs/khtml/rendering/render_list.cpp: (RenderListItem::setStyle):
        Fix a leak (missing delete).

* src/kwq/KWQMetrics.h:
* src/kwq/KWQFontMetrics.mm:
        (-[KWQLayoutInfo drawString:atPoint:withFont:color:]): Don't bother keeping things
        around that we only need to use once.
(-[KWQLayoutInfo _initializeCaches]): Create them here instead.
        (-[KWQLayoutInfo dealloc]): Don't need to free them here.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@861 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoTesting cvs mail.
mjs [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:38:50 +0000 (21:38 +0000)]
Testing cvs mail.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@860 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoTesting cvs mail.
mjs [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:29:07 +0000 (21:29 +0000)]
Testing cvs mail.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@859 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoTesting cvs mail.
mjs [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:27:05 +0000 (21:27 +0000)]
Testing cvs mail.

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20 years agoTesting commit emails.
mjs [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:15:04 +0000 (21:15 +0000)]
Testing commit emails.

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20 years agoTesting cvs mail...
mjs [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:02:48 +0000 (21:02 +0000)]
Testing cvs mail...

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20 years agoTesting cvs mail...
mjs [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 21:00:59 +0000 (21:00 +0000)]
Testing cvs mail...

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20 years ago * Misc.subproj/IFError.m: (+[IFError initialize]): Fix a typo where
darin [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 20:28:02 +0000 (20:28 +0000)]
* Misc.subproj/IFError.m: (+[IFError initialize]): Fix a typo where
        we said "unvailable".

* WebView.subproj/IFPreferences.mm: (+[IFPreferences load]): Change
        the default sans-serif font to "Lucida Grande" to match the OS X
        system font, and also make that the defalt standard font.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@854 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * src/kwq/KWQFontMetrics.mm: (-[KWQLayoutInfo dealloc]): Free the
darin [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 20:20:41 +0000 (20:20 +0000)]
* src/kwq/KWQFontMetrics.mm: (-[KWQLayoutInfo dealloc]): Free the
        style groups, styles, and glyph vectors.

* src/kwq/KWQFont.mm: (QFont::getFont): Use default font if we can't
        find a font from the passed-in family. Before, we were raising an
        exception and quitting the application.

* src/kwq/KWQCString.mm: (QCString::isEmpty): Faster version that
        doesn't call strlen.

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20 years ago2002-03-26 Kenneth Kocienda <kocienda@apple.com>
kocienda [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 19:22:58 +0000 (19:22 +0000)]
2002-03-26  Kenneth Kocienda  <kocienda@apple.com>

        Moved a constant that need not be visible externally into the .m file.

        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFHTTPURLProtocolHandler.h:

        Protocol handlers are now given an opportunity to act upon an object that
        will be returned from cache. This is so that things like cached HTTP
        response headers can be set properly.

        I also added some code to check to see if a cached object needs revalidation
        as described the HTTP RFC sections on caching. This is not fully implemented
        yet, but the support for revalidation is better than it was.

        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFHTTPURLProtocolHandler.m: (-[IFHTTPURLProtocolHandler
        performHTTPHeaderRead:]), (-[IFHTTPURLProtocolHandler willReturnCacheObject:]),
        (-[IFHTTPURLProtocolHandler cacheObjectIsValid:]), (-[IFHTTPURLProtocolHandler
        cacheObjectRequiresRevalidation:]), (-[IFHTTPURLProtocolHandler

        Added a version field that will allow the cache to tell when incompatible
        changes have been made to the cache format.

        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFURLCacheObject.h:
        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFURLCacheObject.m: (-[IFURLCacheObject initWithCoder:]),
        (-[IFURLCacheObject encodeWithCoder:]):

        Added support for more sophisticated cache checking, using the new protocol
        handler methods.

        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFURLLoad.m: (-[IFURLLoad returnCacheObject:]),
        (+[IFURLLoad IFURLLoadCacheCheckerRun:]):

        Cached attributes are now returned properly from memory cached objects.

        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFURLMemoryCache.m:

        Changed name of isValidCacheObject: method to willReturnCacheObject:
        Added new cacheObjectRequiresRevalidation: method.

        These now support improved cache checking and object validation

        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFURLProtocolHandler.h:
        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFURLProtocolHandler.m: (-[IFURLProtocolHandler
        willReturnCacheObject:]), (-[IFURLProtocolHandler cacheObjectIsValid:]),
        (-[IFURLProtocolHandler cacheObjectRequiresRevalidation:]):

        Added nil check for returned cache object

        * Database.subproj/IFURLFileDatabase.m: (-[IFURLFileDatabase objectForKey:]):

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20 years ago * WebKit.pbproj/project.pbxproj:
sullivan [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 19:22:21 +0000 (19:22 +0000)]
* WebKit.pbproj/project.pbxproj:
Marked IFProgress.h Public.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@851 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Broke IFLoadProgress out into its own file, and added
sullivan [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 05:31:04 +0000 (05:31 +0000)]
Broke IFLoadProgress out into its own file, and added
an init method and getters, without which this class
is useless in Objective-C files (but strangely usable
in Objective-C++ files, see radar 2887253).

* WebView.subproj/IFWebController.h:
* WebView.subproj/IFBaseWebController.mm:
Took IFLoadProgress declaration and implementation out of here.

* WebView.subproj/IFLoadProgress.h,
* WebView.subproj/IFLoadProgress.mm:
Moved IFLoadProgress declaration and implementation to here;
added -[IFLoadProgress initWithBytesSoFar:totalToLoad:type:]
and getters for each field.

* WebKit.pbproj/project.pbxproj: Updated for new files

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@850 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Removed conditional check that prevent layout of iframes. I don't
rjw [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 02:52:01 +0000 (02:52 +0000)]
    Removed conditional check that prevent layout of iframes.  I don't
        understand why the check was being done.

        Tweaks to force layout of frames and iframes.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@849 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoWebFoundation:
mjs [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 01:40:34 +0000 (01:40 +0000)]
* CacheLoader.subproj/IFURLHandle.m (-[IFURLHandle
initWithURL:attributes:flags:]): Instantiate the right concrete
* src/kwq/KWQKHTMLPart.mm: (KHTMLPart::slotData): Use
-[IFURLHandle characterSet] to get the character set, instead of
parsing it out of the header by hand.
* WebView.subproj/IFWebDataSourcePrivate.mm: (-[IFWebDataSource
_startLoading:]): Just create an IFURLHandle, since it now creates
the proper concrete subclass automagically.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@847 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * MIME.subproj/IFMIMEDatabase.m: (+[IFMIMEDatabase sharedMIMEDatabase]),
cblu [Tue, 26 Mar 2002 00:06:30 +0000 (00:06 +0000)]
    * MIME.subproj/IFMIMEDatabase.m: (+[IFMIMEDatabase sharedMIMEDatabase]),
        (-[IFMIMEDatabase MIMEHandlerForMIMEType:]), (setMimeHandlers):
        * MIME.subproj/IFMIMEHandler.h:
        * MIME.subproj/IFMIMEHandler.m: (-[IFMIMEHandler
        initWithMIMEType:handlerType:handlerName:]), (-[IFMIMEHandler MIMEType]),
        (-[IFMIMEHandler MIMESupertype]), (-[IFMIMEHandler MIMESubtype]),
        (-[IFMIMEHandler handlerName]), (-[IFMIMEHandler handlerType]), (-[IFMIMEHandler

        Initial implementation of the above.

        Also recommitted the TestPlugin

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@846 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Added private API to allow browser to access the DOM tree.
rjw [Mon, 25 Mar 2002 23:59:34 +0000 (23:59 +0000)]
    Added private API to allow browser to access the DOM tree.
        Added support for the "View BOM Tree" menu.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@845 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Added support for the "View Render Tree" menu.
rjw [Mon, 25 Mar 2002 22:18:58 +0000 (22:18 +0000)]
    Added support for the "View Render Tree" menu.
i        Added private API to allow browser to access the render tree.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@844 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago2002-03-25 Kenneth Kocienda <kocienda@apple.com>
kocienda [Mon, 25 Mar 2002 20:02:24 +0000 (20:02 +0000)]
2002-03-25  Kenneth Kocienda  <kocienda@apple.com>

        Disk cache now has accessor for path on disk

        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFURLDiskCache.h:
        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFURLDiskCache.m: (-[IFURLDiskCache path]):

        Fixed bug introduced in lazy cache code. This simple typo quite effectively
        prevented data from being written out to disk.

        * Database.subproj/IFURLFileDatabase.m: (-[IFURLFileDatabase setObject:forKey:]),
        (-[IFURLFileDatabase objectForKey:]), (-[IFURLFileDatabase
        * WebFoundation.pbproj/project.pbxproj:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@843 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago2002-03-25 Kenneth Kocienda <kocienda@apple.com>
kocienda [Mon, 25 Mar 2002 17:45:44 +0000 (17:45 +0000)]
2002-03-25  Kenneth Kocienda  <kocienda@apple.com>

        Fix for this bug:

        Radar 2867562 (Disk cache should write new entries lazily)

        * Database.subproj/IFURLFileDatabase.h:
        * Database.subproj/IFURLFileDatabase.m: (+[IFURLFileDatabaseOp
        opWithCode:key:object:]), (-[IFURLFileDatabaseOp initWithCode:key:object:]),
        (-[IFURLFileDatabaseOp opcode]), (-[IFURLFileDatabaseOp key]),
        (-[IFURLFileDatabaseOp object]), (-[IFURLFileDatabaseOp perform:]),
        (-[IFURLFileDatabaseOp dealloc]), (-[IFURLFileDatabase initWithPath:]),
        (-[IFURLFileDatabase dealloc]), (-[IFURLFileDatabase setTimer]),
        (-[IFURLFileDatabase setObject:forKey:]), (-[IFURLFileDatabase
        removeObjectForKey:]), (-[IFURLFileDatabase removeAllObjects]),
        (-[IFURLFileDatabase objectForKey:]), (-[IFURLFileDatabase
        performSetObject:forKey:]), (-[IFURLFileDatabase performRemoveObjectForKey:]),
        (-[IFURLFileDatabase lazySync:]), (-[IFURLFileDatabase sync]):
        * WebFoundation.pbproj/project.pbxproj:

        Simple fix to remove Objective-C include when compiling with
        a straight C compiler.

        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFURLCacheLoaderConstants.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@840 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Improved KURL performance:
mjs [Mon, 25 Mar 2002 12:18:48 +0000 (12:18 +0000)]
Improved KURL performance:

* src/kwq/kdecore/kurl.h, src/kwq/KWQKURL.mm:
(KURL::normalizeURLString): New function to cache rewritten URL
(RelativeURLKeyRetainCallBack, RelativeURLKeyReleaseCallBack,
RelativeURLKeyEqualCallBack, RelativeURLKeyHashCallBack,
KURL::normalizeRelativeURLString): Cache results of relative URL
(KURL::clearCaches): function to clear the caches so they don't
grow forever.
(KURL::KURL): Set nothing but the string at construction time.
(KURL::isEmpty, KURL::isMalformed, KURL::hasPath, KURL::url,
KURL::protocol, KURL::host, KURL::port, KURL::pass, KURL::user,
KURL::ref, KURL::query, KURL::path, KURL::setProtocol,
KURL::setHost, KURL::setPort, KURL::setRef, KURL::setQuery,
KURL::setPath, KURL::prettyURL, KURL::copyOnWrite, KURL::parse,
KURL::assemble): Parse into parts on demand instead.
(KURL::swap, KURL::operator=): Handle KURL's new urlString field.

* src/kwq/KWQKloader.mm: (Cache::requestImage, Cache::requestStyleSheet,
Cache::requestScript): Don't redundantly check if KURL isMalformed.

* src/kwq/KWQKHTMLPart.mm (KHTMLPart::end): Clear KURL caches at
the end of each page load.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@839 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * src/kwq/KWQListImpl.mm: (KWQListImpl::getFirst), (KWQListImpl::getLast):
darin [Mon, 25 Mar 2002 06:19:41 +0000 (06:19 +0000)]
* src/kwq/KWQListImpl.mm: (KWQListImpl::getFirst), (KWQListImpl::getLast):
        Apparently getLast needs to handle cases where the list is empty. Since
        getFirst didn't handle it either, I added a check in both cases.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@836 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Add tail pointer to KWQListImpl, since that shows up on so many profiles.
darin [Sun, 24 Mar 2002 23:06:40 +0000 (23:06 +0000)]
    Add tail pointer to KWQListImpl, since that shows up on so many profiles.

* src/kwq/KWQListImpl.mm: (KWQListImpl::KWQListPrivate::copyList): Return
        a tail pointer too.
(KWQListImpl::KWQListPrivate::KWQListPrivate): Set up tail pointer.
        (KWQListImpl::clear): Clean tail pointer too.
(KWQListImpl::at): Special case the tail so we don't walk the whole list
        when we ask for the last element.
        (KWQListImpl::insert): Update the tail node to when inserting. Also add
        a special case for adding at the end so we don't walk the whole list.
        (KWQListImpl::remove): Update the tail node. Also, use at() in the index-
        based remove so we don't ahve to replicate the logic about finding a
        node with the special case for the tail.
(KWQListImpl::getLast): Trivial now.
        (KWQListImpl::last): Trivial now.
(KWQListIteratorImpl::toLast): Trivial now.

* src/kwq/KWQString.mm: (QString::operator=): Remove unneeded line of code.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@835 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago A number of fixes to support non-latin1 decoding
rjw [Sun, 24 Mar 2002 22:48:10 +0000 (22:48 +0000)]
    A number of fixes to support non-latin1 decoding
        and font measurement/drawing.

        Changed data source to create IFURLHandle of the appropriate class.
        The prevented us from getting the response headers correctly.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@834 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Merged kdelibs from KDE 3.0 RC 3 into our 3.0 beta 2-based sources.
darin [Sun, 24 Mar 2002 22:23:26 +0000 (22:23 +0000)]
    Merged kdelibs from KDE 3.0 RC 3 into our 3.0 beta 2-based sources.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@830 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Cached available families from NSFontManager.
rjw [Sun, 24 Mar 2002 19:49:08 +0000 (19:49 +0000)]
    Cached available families from NSFontManager.
        http://www.gamespy.com/gdc2002/okamoto went from 4.8 seconds
        to 0.7 seconds. [Do we need to worry about updating the cache if
        the available fonts change?]

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@824 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Removed erroneous comments.
rjw [Sun, 24 Mar 2002 18:53:39 +0000 (18:53 +0000)]
    Removed erroneous comments.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@823 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Fixed big leak in QString assignment operator.
rjw [Sun, 24 Mar 2002 17:47:53 +0000 (17:47 +0000)]
    Fixed big leak in QString assignment operator.
        Updated comments.  Removed old fprintfs.
        Added some frame debugging logs.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@822 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Fixed problem with extra empty items in menus.
darin [Sat, 23 Mar 2002 21:39:23 +0000 (21:39 +0000)]
    Fixed problem with extra empty items in menus.

* src/kwq/KWQComboBox.mm: (QComboBox::insertItem): Add back logic that puts
        an item in a certain position. Even though this is called insertItem, the
        behavior is to replace an item at a certain position.
* src/kwq/KWQKComboBox.mm: (KComboBox::setSize): No need to fill the
        array with empty strings; just a waste of time based on how we do things.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@821 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * src/kdelibs/khtml/java/Makefile.am:
darin [Sat, 23 Mar 2002 00:31:57 +0000 (00:31 +0000)]
    * src/kdelibs/khtml/java/Makefile.am:
        * src/kdelibs/khtml/java/tests/.cvsignore:
        * src/kdelibs/khtml/java/tests/Makefile.am:
        Remove empty test subdirectory.

        * src/kdelibs/kjs/.cvsignore: Ignore kjs-test output.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@820 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * MIME.subproj/IFMIMEDatabase.h:
cblu [Sat, 23 Mar 2002 00:29:00 +0000 (00:29 +0000)]
    * MIME.subproj/IFMIMEDatabase.h:
        Added a list of mime type that WebKit will be capable of handling

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@819 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoTop level:
mjs [Fri, 22 Mar 2002 23:41:03 +0000 (23:41 +0000)]
Top level:
* prepare-ChangeLog: Detect added and removed files, fixing Radar
2886161 (prepare-ChangeLog ignores added and removed files)

Hack automake to not complain about libraries ending in .o or
.dylib, to avoid the need to run autogen manually sometimes.

* Updates/automake-1.5-mac-ported.diff:
* Updates/install-automake.sh:
Fix some things that were making automake complain.

* src/kdelibs/kjs/Makefile.am:
* src/kwq/Makefile.am:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@813 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoRemoved these autogenerated files.
darin [Fri, 22 Mar 2002 23:19:01 +0000 (23:19 +0000)]
Removed these autogenerated files.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@811 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * WebKit.pbproj/project.pbxproj:
cblu [Fri, 22 Mar 2002 23:11:24 +0000 (23:11 +0000)]
    * WebKit.pbproj/project.pbxproj:
        Added the MIME classes to WebKit.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@810 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * src/kdelibs/khtml/css/cssstyleselector.cpp: (khtml::applyRule):
darin [Fri, 22 Mar 2002 22:05:40 +0000 (22:05 +0000)]
    * src/kdelibs/khtml/css/cssstyleselector.cpp: (khtml::applyRule):
        Fix boolean logic mistake from the original KDE sources.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@808 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Finally giving up on the complete QString rewrite after doing it 3 times,
darin [Fri, 22 Mar 2002 21:07:54 +0000 (21:07 +0000)]
    Finally giving up on the complete QString rewrite after doing it 3 times,
        Darin checks in some improvements for the old QString. This makes a QString
        be 8 bytes instead of 12, and improves a few other details. No dramatic
        speedups, but no slowdown either.

* src/kwq/qt/qstring.h:
* src/kwq/KWQString.mm:
(QString::QString), (QString::~QString), (QString::operator=),
        (QString::unicode), (QString::latin1): Store the cache type inside the cache.
(QString::copy): No need to deep copy here.
        (QString::simplifyWhiteSpace): Use CFStringInlineBuffer.
(QString::insert): Fix single-character insertions so they don't create and
        destroy a mutable CFStringRef every time.
        (QString::operator+=): Call the appropriate insert function.
(QString::flushCache): Store cache type inside cache.
        (QString::compareToLatin1): Use CFStringInlineBuffer.
(operator==): Use CFStringInlineBuffer.
        (QConstString::QConstString): Store the cache type inside the cache.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@807 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * WebView.subproj/IFWebView.mm: (-[IFWebView reapplyStyles]):
sullivan [Fri, 22 Mar 2002 19:59:50 +0000 (19:59 +0000)]
* WebView.subproj/IFWebView.mm: (-[IFWebView reapplyStyles]):
Removed stale FIXME.

Made changing font sizes work immediately (other than an
unrelated crash).

* src/kwq/KWQKHTMLSettings.mm:
(KHTMLSettings::fontSizes): Moved defaults-fetching code from
constructor to accessor, so it doesn't get out of synch with
preference changes.

* src/kwq/khtml/khtml_settings.h: Added "mutable" keyword
to declaration of m_fontSizes, so the other change would compile.

* BrowserDocument.m: (-[BrowserDocument reapplyStyles:]):
Added call to -[IFWebView setNeedsLayout:YES]. This causes
a sporadic but frequent crashing bug when changing fonts
and styles from the Preferences. I'm going to hand lucky
Richard a bug on that.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@806 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoFixed reapplyStyles to use new KDE3 recalcStyle function.
rjw [Fri, 22 Mar 2002 18:20:44 +0000 (18:20 +0000)]
Fixed reapplyStyles to use new KDE3 recalcStyle function.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@805 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Fixed reapplyStyles to use new KDE3 recalcStyle function.
rjw [Fri, 22 Mar 2002 18:19:20 +0000 (18:19 +0000)]
    Fixed reapplyStyles to use new KDE3 recalcStyle function.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@804 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago2002-03-22 Kenneth Kocienda <kocienda@apple.com>
kocienda [Fri, 22 Mar 2002 17:15:04 +0000 (17:15 +0000)]
2002-03-22  Kenneth Kocienda  <kocienda@apple.com>

        Moved KWQKloader to the new thread-safe API for accessing handle attributes.

        * src/kwq/KWQKloader.mm: (-[URLLoadClient IFURLHandleResourceDidBeginLoading:]),
        (-[URLLoadClient IFURLHandleResourceDidCancelLoading:]), (-[URLLoadClient
        IFURLHandleResourceDidFinishLoading:data:]), (-[URLLoadClient
        IFURLHandle:resourceDataDidBecomeAvailable:]), (-[URLLoadClient

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@803 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Fixed subtle measurement problems. These were most evident of pages
rjw [Fri, 22 Mar 2002 17:06:33 +0000 (17:06 +0000)]
    Fixed subtle measurement problems.  These were most evident of pages
        that had lots of rounding deviation.  My assumptions about being able to
        round glyph advances was incorrect.  We must pay the expense of a float addition,
        instead of integer addition.  This slows down our inner loop.  Oh well,
        we're still very fast.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@802 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Fixed the following post-merge crashers:
mjs [Fri, 22 Mar 2002 08:44:13 +0000 (08:44 +0000)]
Fixed the following post-merge crashers:

2885602 - Alexander crashes when clicking on a particular link in Google groups
2885564 - Alexander crashes on load failures

* src/kdelibs/khtml/khtmlview.cpp: (KHTMLView::~KHTMLView): Fix
Radar 2885602 by detaching the document from the view when the
view is destroyed. This was making the document reference a
destroyed view later.

* src/kwq/KWQKHTMLPart.mm:
(KHTMLPart::~KHTMLPart): Fix Radar 2885564 by checking if m_doc is
NULL, since it's now inititally set to NULL.
(KHTMLPart::KHTMLPart, KHTMLPart::init): Formatting tweaks.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@801 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * WebView.subproj/IFWebView.mm: (-[IFWebView reapplyStyles]):
sullivan [Fri, 22 Mar 2002 01:42:32 +0000 (01:42 +0000)]
* WebView.subproj/IFWebView.mm: (-[IFWebView reapplyStyles]):
Commented out call to applyChanges that no longer exists.
This was breaking the build. Live font changes are
temporarily broken again.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@800 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoMerged changes from LABYRINTH_KDE_3_MERGE branch.
mjs [Fri, 22 Mar 2002 00:31:57 +0000 (00:31 +0000)]
Merged changes from LABYRINTH_KDE_3_MERGE branch.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@798 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoDoh!
rjw [Thu, 21 Mar 2002 23:21:58 +0000 (23:21 +0000)]

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@797 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoheader changes for setNeedsToApplyStyles: and reapplyStyles
rjw [Thu, 21 Mar 2002 23:19:32 +0000 (23:19 +0000)]
header changes for setNeedsToApplyStyles: and reapplyStyles

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@796 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoAdded setNeedsToApplyStyles: and reapplyStyles. This is for dynamic preferences
rjw [Thu, 21 Mar 2002 22:59:04 +0000 (22:59 +0000)]
Added setNeedsToApplyStyles: and reapplyStyles.  This is for dynamic preferences
refresh support.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@795 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago2002-03-21 Kenneth Kocienda <kocienda@apple.com>
kocienda [Thu, 21 Mar 2002 22:02:44 +0000 (22:02 +0000)]
2002-03-21  Kenneth Kocienda  <kocienda@apple.com>

        Fixed an issue with the disk cache taking too long to empty. Now, the disk cache
        is emptied on a background thread.

        * Database.subproj/IFURLFileDatabase.h:
        * Database.subproj/IFURLFileDatabase.m: (-[IFURLFileDatabase removeAllObjects]):
        * Misc.subproj/IFNSFileManagerExtensions.h:
        * Misc.subproj/IFNSFileManagerExtensions.m: (-[NSFileManager
        performRemoveFileAtPath:]), (-[NSFileManager backgroundRemoveFileAtPath:]):

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@794 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Cleaned up defaults registration and use. The class
sullivan [Thu, 21 Mar 2002 19:38:37 +0000 (19:38 +0000)]
Cleaned up defaults registration and use. The class
IFPreferences now registers the defaults at load time, early
enough that Alexander doesn't have to register them separately
as it had been. Also, all the defaults currently in use now
have accessor cover methods, which Alexander will use

* WebView.subproj/IFPreferences.mm:
New file, registers defaults and implements cover methods.

* WebView.subproj/IFPreferences.h:
This file existed but wasn't being used (contents #ifdeffed out).
Now it declares the cover methods, but still has an #ifdeffed
section for possible future stuff.

* WebKit.pbproj/project.pbxproj: Updated for new file.

* WebView.subproj/IFWebDataSource.mm:
(+[IFWebDataSource initialize]): removed defaults-registration
from here.

Reworked access of WebKit preferences. Now they are always accessed through
IFPreferences cover methods, never directly.

* Defaults.plist,
* PreferenceKeys.h:
Took out all mention of WebKit preferences.

* Preferences.subproj/ActiveContentPreferences.m: (-[ActiveContentPreferences
toggleJavaEnabled:]), (-[ActiveContentPreferences toggleJavaScriptEnabled:]),
(-[ActiveContentPreferences toggleJavaScriptCanOpenWindows:]),
(-[ActiveContentPreferences updateJavaScriptViews]), (-[ActiveContentPreferences
togglePluginsEnabled:]), (-[ActiveContentPreferences initializeFromDefaults]):
* Preferences.subproj/TextPreferences.m: (-[TextPreferences defaultFontSize]),
(-[TextPreferences setDefaultFontSize:]), (-[TextPreferences
updateFontSampleField:]), (-[TextPreferences changeFont:]), (-[TextPreferences
Rewrote to use IFPreferences for all WebKit preferences.

* WebBrowser.pbproj/project.pbxproj: version wars

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@793 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Added displayTitle field to IFURIEntry. This is intended to hold the string
sullivan [Thu, 21 Mar 2002 01:11:01 +0000 (01:11 +0000)]
Added displayTitle field to IFURIEntry. This is intended to hold the string
used in menu items, window titles, etc. Alexander uses this to cache the
center-truncated title for pages with very long titles.

* History.subproj/IFURIEntry.h:
* History.subproj/IFURIEntry.m: (-[IFURIEntry setDisplayTitle:]), (-[IFURIEntry
dictionaryRepresentation]), (-[IFURIEntry initFromDictionaryRepresentation:]):

Made Go, Window, and Debug menus use center-truncated strings for long URLs.

* StringTruncator.h,
* StringTruncator.m:
New class, donated by Albert Dul, that truncates a string to a given width,
inserting an ellipses in the center.

* Defaults.plist,
* PreferenceKeys.h: New (non-UI) user default for maximum menu item width.

* AppController.h:
* AppController.m:
(-[AppController setUpStringTruncator]): set the StringTruncator to use
the menu font at the menu font size.
(-[AppController awakeFromNib]): call setUpStringTruncator.
(_URLMenuTitleMaxWidth): read the max width from prefs and cache it in a variable.
(-[AppController menuTitleForURL:withTitle:]): New method, uses center-truncated
string technology.
(-[AppController _menuTitleForURIEntry:]): Calls menuTitleForURL:withTitle, storing
result using -[IFURIEntry setDisplayTitle] so we never have to measure this entry
(-[AppController insertHistoryEntry:intoMenu:atIndex:]): Use _menuTitleForURIEntry.
(-[AppController _removeHistoryFromMenu]): added leading underscore to name (I gotta
do this more systematically).
(-[AppController _addHistoryToMenu]): broke out into separate method for convenience.
(-[AppController updateHistoryInMenu]): report timing with WebKitDebug

* BrowserDocument.m: (-[BrowserDocument displayName]):
Use center-truncated string technology.

* Debug/DebugUtilities.m:
(+[DebugUtilities addBookmarkToMenu:forURL:keyEquivalent:]),
(+[DebugUtilities loadDebugBookmarks:]):
Use center-truncated string technology for debug bookmarks (not cached).

* WebBrowser.pbproj/project.pbxproj: Updated for new files.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@792 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoFixed NSPopupButton performance bottleneck.
rjw [Wed, 20 Mar 2002 04:01:26 +0000 (04:01 +0000)]
Fixed NSPopupButton performance bottleneck.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@787 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoFixed IFWebView leak.
rjw [Wed, 20 Mar 2002 02:15:59 +0000 (02:15 +0000)]
Fixed IFWebView leak.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@785 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoiChanged float width cache to use shorts.
rjw [Tue, 19 Mar 2002 22:57:00 +0000 (22:57 +0000)]
iChanged float width cache to use shorts.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@783 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoImproved cache-miss case for non-latin1 characters.
rjw [Tue, 19 Mar 2002 18:23:17 +0000 (18:23 +0000)]
Improved cache-miss case for non-latin1 characters.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@780 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * src/kwq/KWQListImpl.mm: (KWQListImpl::sort): Use insertion sort for
darin [Tue, 19 Mar 2002 00:10:35 +0000 (00:10 +0000)]
* src/kwq/KWQListImpl.mm: (KWQListImpl::sort): Use insertion sort for
small lists. Also special case for lists of size 2 and under.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@778 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Added comments about new layout scheme. Cleaned up code.
rjw [Mon, 18 Mar 2002 23:26:30 +0000 (23:26 +0000)]
    Added comments about new layout scheme.  Cleaned up code.
        Improved core measurement routine.

Turned off logging by default.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@777 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoFix NULL case.
darin [Mon, 18 Mar 2002 23:09:33 +0000 (23:09 +0000)]
Fix NULL case.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@776 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago2002-03-18 Kenneth Kocienda <kocienda@apple.com>
kocienda [Mon, 18 Mar 2002 22:29:19 +0000 (22:29 +0000)]
2002-03-18  Kenneth Kocienda  <kocienda@apple.com>

        Changed file load thread so that it tries to use a memory-mapped file to
        read from the file system instead of using CFStreams. Now more than 2x faster.

        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFFileURLProtocolHandler.h:
        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFFileURLProtocolHandler.m: (-[IFFileURLProtocolHandler
        didLoadData:]), (-[IFFileURLProtocolHandler fileLoadThread]),
        (-[IFFileURLProtocolHandler beginLoadInBackground]), (-[IFFileURLProtocolHandler

        Changed instance of memcpy to the new IFFastMemoryMove function

        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFHTTPURLProtocolHandler.m: (-[IFHTTPURLProtocolHandler

        Moved timeout back to 60 seconds from 240 seconds.

        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFURLLoad.m:

        NSData now reads from a mapped file instead of using NSFileManager to read the file.

        * Database.subproj/IFURLFileDatabase.m: (-[IFURLFileDatabase objectForKey:]):
        * WebFoundation.pbproj/project.pbxproj:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@775 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Redo inlining of QChar and QString and some other small speed improvements.
darin [Mon, 18 Mar 2002 22:10:33 +0000 (22:10 +0000)]
    Redo inlining of QChar and QString and some other small speed improvements.
        Sadly, this doesn't seem to make things measurably faster, but I decided to
        commit my work rather than discarding it; it doesn't make things slower.

* src/kwq/qt/qstring.h:
* src/kwq/KWQChar.mm:
* src/kwq/KWQString.mm:
        Do a lot more inlining. Also, the CFStringRef inside a QString is now never
        nil, so we can get rid of many checks for nil.

* src/kwq/KWQFontMetrics.mm: (QFontMetrics::width): Use _rectForString() a
        couple more places.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@774 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoChanged to use non direct _rectForString() function. Avoids
rjw [Mon, 18 Mar 2002 19:16:01 +0000 (19:16 +0000)]
Changed to use non direct _rectForString() function.   Avoids
unnecessary NSString allocation.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@773 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * prepare-ChangeLog: use ${cvs_command} rather than
sullivan [Mon, 18 Mar 2002 17:40:53 +0000 (17:40 +0000)]
* prepare-ChangeLog: use ${cvs_command} rather than
cvs in new update line; makes it work on appecvs-encrusted
Jaguars again.

Imposed age limit on history items saved to/loaded from disk.
Sped up history loading by reversing list before processing entries.

* History.subproj/IFWebHistoryPrivate.m:
(+[IFWebHistoryPrivate initialize]): Register default for age limit.
(-[IFWebHistoryPrivate _ageLimitDate]): New convenience method, returns a date older
than any history entry that should be stored/loaded.
(-[IFWebHistoryPrivate arrayRepresentation]): skip too-old dates.
(-[IFWebHistoryPrivate _loadHistoryGuts:]), (-[IFWebHistoryPrivate _saveHistoryGuts:]):
Broke into separate methods to make timing wrapper less messy. Respect age limit.
Report number of items saved/loaded in timing message.
(-[IFWebHistoryPrivate loadHistory]), (-[IFWebHistoryPrivate saveHistory]):
use broken-out _guts methods.
* WebKit.pbproj/project.pbxproj: version wars

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@772 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago * src/kwq/KWQFontMetrics.mm: (QFontMetricsPrivate::getInfo),
darin [Mon, 18 Mar 2002 17:34:21 +0000 (17:34 +0000)]
    * src/kwq/KWQFontMetrics.mm: (QFontMetricsPrivate::getInfo),
        (QFontMetrics::width), (QFontMetrics::_width), (QFontMetrics::boundingRect),
        (QFontMetrics::size): Don't make the info object right away, in case the
        metrics object is only used to compute ascent and descent.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@771 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago2002-03-18 Kenneth Kocienda <kocienda@apple.com>
kocienda [Mon, 18 Mar 2002 15:34:15 +0000 (15:34 +0000)]
2002-03-18  Kenneth Kocienda  <kocienda@apple.com>

        I reworked the code a bit in IFURLLoadManager so I could remove some more locking and made
        the locking that still needs to be there more fine grained.

        * CacheLoader.subproj/IFURLLoadManager.m: (-[IFURLLoadManager objectForURL:]),
        (-[IFURLLoadManager setObject:forURL:attributes:expiry:]), (-[IFURLLoadManager
        invalidateURL:]), (-[IFURLLoadManager clearAllCaches]), (-[IFURLLoadManager
        cancelRequestWithURLHandle:]), (-[IFURLLoadManager cancelAllRequestsWithURL:]),
        (-[IFURLLoadManager cancelAllRequestsInGroup:]):

        Some small code clean ups here.

        * Database.subproj/IFURLFileDatabase.m: (-[IFURLFileDatabase initWithPath:]),
        (-[IFURLFileDatabase setObject:forKey:]), (-[IFURLFileDatabase
        removeObjectForKey:]), (-[IFURLFileDatabase objectForKey:]), (-[IFURLFileDatabase

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@770 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoImplementation of replacement code for NSLayoutManager. Huge
rjw [Mon, 18 Mar 2002 05:45:49 +0000 (05:45 +0000)]
Implementation of replacement code for NSLayoutManager.  Huge
performance gains.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@768 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago i Fixed scroll bar flash. Add provisional view to go along with
rjw [Sun, 17 Mar 2002 03:22:44 +0000 (03:22 +0000)]
 i        Fixed scroll bar flash.  Add provisional view to go along with
        provisional widget.

        Temporary hack to bypass spin-o-death problem.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@767 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoiFixed error handling. Removed ObjC code for url handle client from KHTMLPart.
rjw [Sun, 17 Mar 2002 02:08:29 +0000 (02:08 +0000)]
iFixed error handling.  Removed ObjC code for url handle client from KHTMLPart.
Need to sanitize KHTMLPart further.

Changed stop to use stopLoading on frame instead of datasource.

Fixed error handling.  Fixed most frame loading problems.
Cleaned up frame state machine.
Moved IFMainURLHandleClient from WebCore.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@765 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoiFixed crasher initializing items in popup button.
rjw [Sat, 16 Mar 2002 01:00:43 +0000 (01:00 +0000)]
iFixed crasher initializing items in popup button.
Increased fragment cache initial size.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@756 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoMade scrolling a little nicer by sending an updateEvent before NPP_SetWindow instead...
cblu [Sat, 16 Mar 2002 00:51:50 +0000 (00:51 +0000)]
Made scrolling a little nicer by sending an updateEvent before NPP_SetWindow instead of after

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@755 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Impose default-based limit (1000 by default) on number of history items
sullivan [Fri, 15 Mar 2002 23:59:28 +0000 (23:59 +0000)]
Impose default-based limit (1000 by default) on number of history items
saved/loaded. Also instrumented timing for saving/loading history.

* History.subproj/IFWebHistoryPrivate.m:
(+[IFWebHistoryPrivate initialize]): register default for WebKitHistoryItemLimit.

(-[IFWebHistoryPrivate arrayRepresentation]): respect limit
(-[IFWebHistoryPrivate loadHistory]): respect limit, time the load.
(-[IFWebHistoryPrivate saveHistory]): time the save.

* WebKit.pbproj/project.pbxproj: version wars

* Debug/DebugUtilities.m: (-[IFWebHistory populateHistoryWithTestData:]):
Changed number of items generated by Populate History menu item to 1000.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@754 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoiMore string usage optimizations. Got another 10% or so.
rjw [Fri, 15 Mar 2002 23:08:39 +0000 (23:08 +0000)]
iMore string usage optimizations.  Got another 10% or so.

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20 years ago Fixed bug where history entry images weren't showing up, except by historical
sullivan [Fri, 15 Mar 2002 22:17:51 +0000 (22:17 +0000)]
Fixed bug where history entry images weren't showing up, except by historical
accident in some cases.
Made IFWebHistory no longer be a singleton class; made the file location
be passed in at init time.

* History.subproj/IFURIEntry.m: (-[IFURIEntry image]): Get the default image
a way that works with frameworks; only get the default image once.

* History.subproj/IFWebHistory.h:
* History.subproj/IFWebHistory.m:
(+[IFWebHistory webHistoryWithFile:]): New convenience constructor that returns
a new IFWebHistory object with a particular disk file.
(-[IFWebHistory initWithFile:]): New init method for specifying a disk file.
(-[IFWebHistory file]): New accessor for file path.
(-[IFWebHistory loadHistory]),
(-[IFWebHistory saveHistory]): Use file accessor.
Also removed the methods that were computing a file path to use.

* History.subproj/IFWebHistoryPrivate.h:
* History.subproj/IFWebHistoryPrivate.m:
(-[IFWebHistoryPrivate initWithFile:]),
(-[IFWebHistoryPrivate dealloc]), (-[IFWebHistoryPrivate file]),
(-[IFWebHistoryPrivate loadHistory]), (-[IFWebHistoryPrivate saveHistory]):
Guts of implementation for file-manipulation stuff.

* Resources/url_icon.tiff: ran tiffUtil to premultiply the alpha channel. This
was spewing error messages that I didn't notice before because they only
happen on Puma and I was on Jaguar.

* WebKit.pbproj/project.pbxproj: not sure what change I made, maybe version wars.

Made app's IFWebHistory object come from AppController rather than using
the now-obsolete sharedWebHistory; made Populate History Debug item create
a large number of items so I can test the performance of loading them; added
Erase All History item to Debug menu for convenience.

* AppController.h:
* AppController.m:
(GetRefPath), (FindFolderPath),
(-[AppController _computeHistoryFilePath]): New methods, moved from
IFWebHistory, to determine the file path for the History file.

(-[AppController webHistory]): new method to get at app-wide IFWebHistory.

(-[AppController awakeFromNib]), (-[AppController dealloc]),
(-[AppController applicationWillTerminate:]),
(-[AppController insertItemsForDate:intoMenu:atIndex:withRunningTotal:limit:]),
(-[AppController updateHistoryInMenu]): Updated to use [AppController webHistory]
instead of [IFWebHistory sharedWebHistory]

* BrowserDocument.m: (-[BrowserDocument addHistoryEntryForCurrentPage]):
Updated to use [AppController webHistory] instead of [IFWebHistory sharedWebHistory]

* Debug/DebugUtilities.m:
(+[DebugUtilities createDebugMenu]): Added Erase All History and separator.
(-[IFWebHistory populateHistoryWithTestData:]): Changed approach. It used to read
a few valid URLs from a disk file; now it creates a lot of bogus ones.

* Debug/FakeHistory.plist: Removed this list now that Populate History computes
items from scratch.

* GlobalHistory.m: (+[GlobalHistory sharedGlobalHistory]),
(-[GlobalHistory webHistory]), (-[GlobalHistory init]),
(-[GlobalHistory outlineView:child:ofItem:]),
(-[GlobalHistory outlineView:numberOfChildrenOfItem:]),
(-[GlobalHistory receivedEntriesChangedNotification:]),
(-[GlobalHistory removeSelectedItems:]), (-[GlobalHistory removeAll:]):
Updated to use AppController's webHistory instead of [IFWebHistory sharedWebHistory]

* WebBrowser.pbproj/project.pbxproj: updated for removed file

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20 years agoOops again.
darin [Fri, 15 Mar 2002 19:09:08 +0000 (19:09 +0000)]
Oops again.

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20 years ago * src/kwq/KWQFontMetrics.mm: (QFontMetrics::descent): Oops, removed a - sign
darin [Fri, 15 Mar 2002 19:08:10 +0000 (19:08 +0000)]
    * src/kwq/KWQFontMetrics.mm: (QFontMetrics::descent): Oops, removed a - sign
        that I should have left in there.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@750 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Some more optimizations. Carves another 6% or so off of NSView.html.
darin [Fri, 15 Mar 2002 18:30:53 +0000 (18:30 +0000)]
    Some more optimizations. Carves another 6% or so off of NSView.html.

        * src/kwq/KWQChar.mm: (QChar::QChar): Handle characters > 0x7F correctly.
        (QChar::cell): Remove unnecessary & operation.
        (QChar::row): Remove unnecessary & operation.
        (QChar::latin1): Do a simpler check rather than calling row().
        (QChar::operator char): Do the same work as latin1 inline.
        (operator==) (operator!=), (operator>=), (operator>), (operator<=), (operator<):
        Handle characters > 0x7F correctly.

        * src/kwq/KWQFontMetrics.mm: (QFontMetrics::ascent), (QFontMetrics::descent):
        Cache the ascent and descent rather than computing it each time we are called.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@749 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Optimizations for creating empty QFont objects, measuring certain single
darin [Fri, 15 Mar 2002 15:49:54 +0000 (15:49 +0000)]
    Optimizations for creating empty QFont objects, measuring certain single
        characters, and copying QFontMetrics objects. Makes loading NSView.html about
        18% faster.

        * src/kwq/qt/qfontmetrics.h: Use a ref-counted pointer so QFontMetrics objects
        for the same QFont can share data.

        * src/kwq/KWQFont.mm: (loadDefaultFont): New, used to load the default
        font used for default-initialized QFont objects.
        (QFont::_initializeWithFont): Don't recompute theh family name, point size, or
        (QFont::setFamily), (QFont::setPixelSizeFloat), (QFont::setWeight),
        (QFont::setItalic),: autorelease the font, as we do in the destructor, since
        someone could still be using the result of getFont.
        (QFont::operator==): Add a comment about a problem with this function.

        * src/kwq/KWQFontMetrics.mm: (QFontMetrics::QFontMetrics): Add a refCount, and
        a cached width for space and lower-case "x", the two single characters that
        are often measured.
        (QFontMetrics::~QFontMetrics): Simplify.
        (QFontMetrics::operator=): Just copy the underlying data pointer rather than
        making our own KWQLayoutInfo object.
        (QFontMetrics::baselineOffset): Make const.
        (QFontMetrics::width): Add the caching for space and "x".

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@748 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Optimizations that remove unnecessary cfstring allocations of local scope
rjw [Fri, 15 Mar 2002 13:57:57 +0000 (13:57 +0000)]
    Optimizations that remove unnecessary cfstring allocations of local scope
        strings.  QString::gstring_toQString and QString::gstring_toCFString were
        added to simplify the reuse of a static CFString as the backing store for
        local QStrings.  Hit the top two problem areas.  Many more gains to be had
        by using this technique.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@747 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years ago Fixed another problem in QString::find().
rjw [Fri, 15 Mar 2002 03:46:39 +0000 (03:46 +0000)]
    Fixed another problem in QString::find().
        Added dangerous but fast string allocation optimization to render_text.cpp.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@746 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoFixed optimized find() implementation. I had the sense of caseSensitive inverted.
rjw [Fri, 15 Mar 2002 01:16:41 +0000 (01:16 +0000)]
Fixed optimized find() implementation.  I had the sense of caseSensitive inverted.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@744 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

20 years agoFixed compile error.:wq
rjw [Fri, 15 Mar 2002 00:17:19 +0000 (00:17 +0000)]
Fixed compile error.:wq

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20 years agoAttempted implementation of space optimizations. Disabled for now.
rjw [Fri, 15 Mar 2002 00:02:49 +0000 (00:02 +0000)]
Attempted implementation of space optimizations.  Disabled for now.

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