15 years ago Reviewed by Geoff.
mjs [Thu, 16 Aug 2007 03:56:54 +0000 (03:56 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Geoff.

        <rdar://problem/5389696> leak of 32-byte NSData object (and more?) in WebIconDatabase code path with each refresh of http://www.apple.com

        * platform/graphics/BitmapImage.h: Use RetainPtr for m_nsImage and m_tiffRep
        * platform/graphics/mac/ImageMac.mm:
        (WebCore::BitmapImage::initPlatformData): No need to do anything now
        (WebCore::BitmapImage::invalidatePlatformData): Simplify
        (WebCore::BitmapImage::getTIFFRepresentation): Use RetainPtr to avoid leaks
        (WebCore::BitmapImage::getNSImage): Use RetainPtr to avoid leaks

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25104 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Anders.
darin [Thu, 16 Aug 2007 03:10:00 +0000 (03:10 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Anders.

        - fix <rdar://problem/5094895> REGRESSION (r19094): JavaScript timers don't
          work inside showModalDialog; caret also doesn't blink

        * platform/Timer.h: Added fireTimersInNestedEventLoop.
        * platform/Timer.cpp:
        (WebCore::TimerBase::fireTimers): Added code to exit if the timersReadyToFire
        is cleared. This indicates that someone fired the timers in the nested event
        loop, so we should not fire any more timers ourselves.
        (WebCore::TimerBase::fireTimersInNestedEventLoop): Added. Sets timersReadyToFire
        to 0 so we won't return early and do nothing if the shared timer first. Then
        calls updateSharedTimer() so the shared timer will get scheduled as needed based
        on any pending timers.

        * page/Chrome.cpp: (WebCore::Chrome::runModal): Call
        fireTimersInNestedEventLoop before calling runModal on the client.

        * manual-tests/modal-dialog.html: Added a test that uses a timeout.
        * manual-tests/show-modal-dialog-test.html: Fixed a typo.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25103 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Darin.
thatcher [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 23:27:50 +0000 (23:27 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Darin.

        <rdar://problem/5410937> HIWebView in SimpleCarbonWeb doesn't seem to be getting adequate invalidation when window is resized

        HIWebViewCreate now just returns a HIViewRef created with HICocoaViewCreate. This eliminates lots of old code and
        makes HIWebView a better citizen starting with Leopard. The old code paths are still needed for Tiger, so now
        most of the files in the WebKit/Carbon directory are #ifdef BUILDING_ON_TIGER.

        The Tiger code is unchanged and dosen't exhibit the invalidation problem when the window resizes.

        * Carbon/CarbonUtils.m:
        (WebInitForCarbon): #ifdef BUILDING_ON_TIGER portions of this code that is not needed on Leopard.
        * Carbon/CarbonWindowAdapter.h: #ifdef BUILDING_ON_TIGER
        * Carbon/CarbonWindowAdapter.m: Ditto.
        * Carbon/CarbonWindowContentView.h: Ditto.
        * Carbon/CarbonWindowContentView.m: Ditto.
        * Carbon/CarbonWindowFrame.h: Ditto.
        * Carbon/CarbonWindowFrame.m: Ditto.
        * Carbon/HIViewAdapter.h: Ditto.
        * Carbon/HIViewAdapter.m: Ditto.
        * Carbon/HIWebView.h: Consolidate two #ifdef __OBJC__ blocks into one.
        * Carbon/HIWebView.m: Implement Leopard specific HIWebViewCreate, HIWebViewCreateWithClass and HIWebViewGetWebView.
        (HIWebViewCreate): Call HIWebViewCreateWithClass passing [WebView class].
        (HIWebViewCreateWithClass): Call HICocoaViewCreate with an instance of the class passed in.
        (HIWebViewGetWebView): Call HICocoaViewGetView.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25102 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
justing [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 21:29:27 +0000 (21:29 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Darin.

        REGRESSION: cannot select reporter's e-mail in bugzilla

        * editing/selection/14971-expected.checksum: Added.
        * editing/selection/14971-expected.png: Added.
        * editing/selection/14971-expected.txt: Added.
        * editing/selection/14971.html: Added.


        Reviewed by Darin.

        REGRESSION: cannot select reporter's e-mail in bugzilla

        * page/EventHandler.cpp:
        (WebCore::EventHandler::canMouseDragExtendSelect): Allow drag-selecting inside
        a -webkit-user-select:ignore region.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25101 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoClear a stray executable bit.
darin [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 20:47:10 +0000 (20:47 +0000)]
Clear a stray executable bit.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25100 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Test for new support of empty style sheets.
bdakin [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 20:10:11 +0000 (20:10 +0000)]
    Test for new support of empty style sheets.

        * fast/css/emptyStyleTag-expected.txt: Added.
        * fast/css/emptyStyleTag.html: Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25099 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Hyatt.
bdakin [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 20:04:22 +0000 (20:04 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Hyatt.

        Rolling back in. I made a silly mistake in XMLTokenizer that caused
        this patch to crash SVG tests. It's fixed now!

        Refactor of change for <rdar://problem/5404899> REGRESSION: Mail
        crash in WebCore::FontFallbackList::fontDataAt() after dragging
        image into text multiple times

        The original fix that I made last night prevents the pending style
        sheet count from being incremented until the element is in the
        document. This fix prevents the style sheet from loading at all
        until it is in the document.

        Here is the fix.
        * dom/StyleElement.cpp:
        (WebCore::StyleElement::insertedIntoDocument): Call process.
        (WebCore::StyleElement::removedFromDocument): This can be reverted
        to its original state before my patch last night.
        (WebCore::StyleElement::process): childrenChanged is now called
        process. Return early if your not in the document.
        (WebCore::StyleElement::createSheet): Revert change from last
        night. The inDocument check is now in caller childrenChanged.
        * dom/StyleElement.h: insertedIntoDocument() must now accept an
        element in addition to a document.

        This is an optimization to prevent calling updateStyleSelector()
        too frequently.
        * dom/XMLTokenizer.cpp:
        * html/HTMLStyleElement.cpp:
        * html/HTMLStyleElement.h:
        * ksvg2/svg/SVGStyleElement.cpp:
        * ksvg2/svg/SVGStyleElement.h:

        This is a name change. Document::stylesheetLoaded()
        is now Document::removePendingSheet()
        * dom/Document.cpp:
        * dom/Document.h:
        * dom/ProcessingInstruction.cpp:
        * html/HTMLLinkElement.cpp:
        * page/Frame.cpp:

        This is another name change. closeRenderer() is now
        * dom/Node.h:
        * dom/XMLTokenizer.cpp:
        * html/HTMLAppletElement.cpp:
        * html/HTMLAppletElement.h:
        * html/HTMLGenericFormElement.cpp:
        * html/HTMLGenericFormElement.h:
        * html/HTMLObjectElement.cpp:
        * html/HTMLObjectElement.h:
        * html/HTMLParser.cpp:
        * html/HTMLScriptElement.cpp:
        * html/HTMLScriptElement.h:
        * ksvg2/svg/SVGAnimationElement.cpp:
        * ksvg2/svg/SVGAnimationElement.h:
        * ksvg2/svg/SVGElement.cpp:
        * ksvg2/svg/SVGElement.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25098 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Look for the new Xcode 3 preference key (PBXApplicationwideBuildSettings...
thatcher [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 18:45:22 +0000 (18:45 +0000)]
    Look for the new Xcode 3 preference key (PBXApplicationwideBuildSettings) for the global build locations.
        The value of PBXApplicationwideBuildSettings is a dictionary, so we have to pull the SYMROOT out of it.

        Also pass xcodebuild OBJROOT with the same value as SYMROOT if we fallback to the default WebKitBuild,
        this prevents making "build" directories in each project folder.

        * Scripts/webkitdirs.pm:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25097 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoAdd trailing newlines.
darin [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 18:41:32 +0000 (18:41 +0000)]
Add trailing newlines.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25096 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoAdd a copy of the ICU license to the copy of ICU headers that's there for
darin [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 18:37:33 +0000 (18:37 +0000)]
Add a copy of the ICU license to the copy of ICU headers that's there for
building on Mac OS X 10.4, for clarity. We might want to move these icu
directories inside a "mac/tiger" subdirectory at some point to make sure
people don't get confused about why these are here.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25095 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Antti Koivisto.
harrison [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 15:06:04 +0000 (15:06 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Antti Koivisto.

        <rdar://problem/5411803> Bumpercar crashes when loading a partial URL (FrameLoader::receivedMainResourceError())

        * loader/MainResourceLoader.cpp:
        Nil check for the FrameLoader.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25094 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoRoll out r25082 and the associated tests in r25083 as it introduced crashes in the...
bdash [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 07:48:22 +0000 (07:48 +0000)]
Roll out r25082 and the associated tests in r25083 as it introduced crashes in the SVG layout tests.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25090 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Adam.
kmccullo [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 02:50:10 +0000 (02:50 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Adam.

        - Updated Skipped list to reflect recent fixes.

        * platform/win/Skipped:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25089 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago <rdar://problem/5411482> Windows user agent language always returns "en"
sfalken [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 02:04:53 +0000 (02:04 +0000)]
    <rdar://problem/5411482> Windows user agent language always returns "en"

        Reviewed by Oliver.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25088 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
weinig [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 01:23:51 +0000 (01:23 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Geoff and Oliver.

        Add test for <rdar://problem/5267870>
        Mangleme: Reproducible assertion failure in -[WebCoreFrameBridge installInFrame:]

        * http/tests/misc/embedCrasher-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/misc/embedCrasher.html: Added.


        Reviewed by Geoff and Oliver.

        Fix for <rdar://problem/5267870>
        Mangleme: Reproducible assertion failure in -[WebCoreFrameBridge installInFrame:]

        - Change embed/plugin code path to detach the frame on willRemove instead of detach.
          This matches what frame and iframe do.

        Test: http/tests/misc/embedCrasher.html

        * html/HTMLPlugInElement.cpp:
        * html/HTMLPlugInElement.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25087 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
adele [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 01:17:35 +0000 (01:17 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Maciej.

        Test for <rdar://problem/5370059> REGRESSION: Cannot type into edit fields on a form (sccsheriff.org)

        * editing/selection/user-select-text-inside-user-select-ignore-expected.txt: Added.
        * editing/selection/user-select-text-inside-user-select-ignore.html: Added.
        * fast/css/computed-style-expected.txt: Updated now that we've eliminated the auto value.
        * fast/css/computed-style-without-renderer-expected.txt: ditto.


        Reviewed by Maciej.

        Fix for <rdar://problem/5370059> REGRESSION: Cannot type into edit fields on a form (sccsheriff.org)

        This change makes -webkit-user-select an inherited css property.  For "user-select: none" we were already
        acting like it was an inheritable property, where we let user-select:text on the children override its parent's user-select:none.
        By making user-select really inherited (instead of inherited for some values), we eliminate the need for crawling up the tree to see
        if an ancestor has user-select ignore set.

        * page/EventHandler.cpp: (WebCore::EventHandler::canMouseDownStartSelect):
          Now that user-select is inherited, you don't need to walk up the render tree looking for ancestors with user-select:ignore set.

        * css/CSSStyleSelector.cpp: Eliminate SELECT_AUTO.
        * css/CSSComputedStyleDeclaration.cpp: (WebCore::CSSComputedStyleDeclaration::getPropertyCSSValue):

        * rendering/RenderStyle.h:
        (WebCore::): Eliminate SELECT_AUTO.  Make userSelect inherited.
        * rendering/RenderStyle.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25086 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoJavaScriptCore:
andrew [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 01:07:06 +0000 (01:07 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Darin.

        http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14967 part 1 - Eliminate most implicit
        conversions of wtf::Vector<T> to T* by explicitly calling .data()

        * API/JSCallbackConstructor.cpp:
        * API/JSCallbackFunction.cpp:
        * API/JSCallbackObject.cpp:
        * bindings/c/c_instance.cpp:
        * kjs/number_object.cpp:
        * kjs/ustring.cpp:


        Reviewed by Darin.

        http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14967 part 1 - Eliminate most implicit
        conversions of wtf::Vector<T> to T* by explicitly calling .data()

        * html/HTMLSelectElement.cpp:
        * platform/KURL.cpp:
        * platform/cf/KURLCFNet.cpp:
        * platform/mac/KURLMac.mm:
        * rendering/RenderFrameSet.cpp:


        Reviewed by Darin.

        http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14967 part 1 - Eliminate most implicit
        conversions of wtf::Vector<T> to T* by explicitly calling .data()

        * WebView.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25085 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Darin, Hyatt.
darin [Wed, 15 Aug 2007 00:23:03 +0000 (00:23 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Darin, Hyatt.

        - fix <rdar://problem/5407795> -apple-line-clamp should never display less than one line

        * rendering/RenderFlexibleBox.cpp:(WebCore::RenderFlexibleBox::layoutVerticalBox): Use
        max to make sure it never computes a minimum of less than one line.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25084 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Test for new support of empty style sheets.
bdakin [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 23:46:36 +0000 (23:46 +0000)]
    Test for new support of empty style sheets.

        * fast/css/emptyStyleTag-expected.txt: Added.
        * fast/css/emptyStyleTag.html: Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25083 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Hyatt.
bdakin [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 23:30:41 +0000 (23:30 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Hyatt.

        Refactor of change for <rdar://problem/5404899> REGRESSION: Mail
        crash in WebCore::FontFallbackList::fontDataAt() after dragging
        image into text multiple times

        The original fix that I made last night prevents the pending style
        sheet count from being incremented until the element is in the
        document. This fix prevents the style sheet from loading at all
        until it is in the document.

        Here is the fix.
        * dom/StyleElement.cpp:
        (WebCore::StyleElement::insertedIntoDocument): Call process.
        (WebCore::StyleElement::removedFromDocument): This can be reverted
        to its original state before my patch last night.
        (WebCore::StyleElement::process): childrenChanged is now called
        process. Return early if your not in the document.
        (WebCore::StyleElement::createSheet): Revert change from last
        night. The inDocument check is now in caller childrenChanged.
        * dom/StyleElement.h: insertedIntoDocument() must now accept an
        element in addition to a document.

        This is an optimization to prevent calling updateStyleSelector()
        too frequently.
        * dom/XMLTokenizer.cpp:
        * html/HTMLStyleElement.cpp:
        * html/HTMLStyleElement.h:
        * ksvg2/svg/SVGStyleElement.cpp:
        * ksvg2/svg/SVGStyleElement.h:

        This is a name change. Document::stylesheetLoaded()
        is now Document::removePendingSheet()
        * dom/Document.cpp:
        * dom/Document.h:
        * dom/ProcessingInstruction.cpp:
        * html/HTMLLinkElement.cpp:
        * page/Frame.cpp:

        This is another name change. closeRenderer() is now
        * dom/Node.h:
        * dom/XMLTokenizer.cpp:
        * html/HTMLAppletElement.cpp:
        * html/HTMLAppletElement.h:
        * html/HTMLGenericFormElement.cpp:
        * html/HTMLGenericFormElement.h:
        * html/HTMLObjectElement.cpp:
        * html/HTMLObjectElement.h:
        * html/HTMLParser.cpp:
        * html/HTMLScriptElement.cpp:
        * html/HTMLScriptElement.h:
        * ksvg2/svg/SVGAnimationElement.cpp:
        * ksvg2/svg/SVGAnimationElement.h:
        * ksvg2/svg/SVGElement.cpp:
        * ksvg2/svg/SVGElement.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25082 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoWebCore:
beidson [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 23:08:51 +0000 (23:08 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Darin, John, Maciej, Oliver, and Tim

        <rdar://problem/5394708> - Crash on launch with corrupt icon database

        The main part of the fix is to not disable SQLite's default level of protection - to leave the sync options at their normal,
        mostly safe levels.

        But in case lightning strikes at the exact right moment and someone ends up with a corrupt database, add some support code to
        detect that condition and recover from it.

        This is mainly accomplished by exposing the "PRAGMA integrity_check;" facilities of sqlite through IconDatabase SPI as well as
        running that integrity check if a journal file is detected at launch (a strong indication that the last quit was not clean).
        There's also a method exposed to allow clients to tell the icon database "I suspect something bad happened, please check integrity"

        * loader/icon/IconDatabase.cpp:
        (WebCore::IconDatabase::checkIntegrityBeforeOpening): Allow clients to suggest an integrity check
        (WebCore::IconDatabase::open): Add a check to see if the journal file for the database exists.  If it does, run the integrity
          check.  Also run the check if a client has suggested it to be necessary.
          If the integrity-check fails, we sadly have to destroy the database and recreate from scratch.
          Also - quite importantly - do not adjust the default sync preferences for the SQLDatabase.  They were an optimization that
          might have been valid at one time but no longer affects any benchmarks we care about.
        (WebCore::IconDatabase::checkIntegrity): Perform the SQLite integrity_check pragma
        * loader/icon/IconDatabase.h:

        * loader/icon/IconDatabaseNone.cpp:
        (WebCore::IconDatabase::checkIntegrity): Keep IconDatabaseNone users building
        (WebCore::IconDatabase::checkIntegrityBeforeOpening): Ditto

        * loader/icon/SQLDatabase.cpp:
        (WebCore::SQLDatabase::open): Make a copy of the path string so we don't accidentally mutate anyone else's string on ::close()

        * platform/FileSystem.h: Added. Begin a long-needed platform file system abstraction
        * platform/mac/FileSystemMac.mm: Added.
        (WebCore::fileExists): Check if a file exists
        (WebCore::deleteFile): Delete a file

        * platform/gdk/TemporaryLinkStubs.cpp:
        * platform/qt/TemporaryLinkStubs.cpp:
        * platform/win/TemporaryLinkStubs.cpp:

        * WebCore.exp:
        * WebCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj:


        Reviewed by Darin, John, Maciej, Oliver, and Tim

        <rdar://problem/5394708> - Crash on launch with corrupt icon database

        Expose some new SPI to help recover from this case should it happen again

        * Misc/WebIconDatabase.mm:
        (-[WebIconDatabase init]): Use the new _databaseDirectory to determine where to open the database on disk
        (+[WebIconDatabase _checkIntegrityBeforeOpening]): Tell the icon database to check integrity when it opens
        (-[WebIconDatabase _databaseDirectory]): Moved the database-directory-determining logic here as it's now used in two places
        * Misc/WebIconDatabasePrivate.h: Added _checkIntegrityBeforeOpening SPI for clients to give hints about when the
          integrity check should run

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25081 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago2007-08-14 Jon Honeycutt <jhoneycutt@apple.com>
honeycutt [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 23:00:52 +0000 (23:00 +0000)]
2007-08-14  Jon Honeycutt  <jhoneycutt@apple.com>

        Reviewed by Steve.

        Build fix for Windows.

        * html/HTMLFormElement.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25080 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoOne-line obvious fix for context menus: don't connect the signal once for each
staikos [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 22:37:57 +0000 (22:37 +0000)]
One-line obvious fix for context menus: don't connect the signal once for each
action, only once for the menu.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25079 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Sam.
darin [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 22:19:04 +0000 (22:19 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Sam.

        - fix <rdar://problem/5410570> Global initializer introduced by use of std::numeric_limits in r24919

        * kjs/ustring.cpp:
        (KJS::overflowIndicator): Turned into a function.
        (KJS::maxUChars): Ditto.
        (KJS::allocChars): Use the functions.
        (KJS::reallocChars): Ditto.
        (KJS::UString::expandedSize): Ditto.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25078 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Kevin Mccullough.
ggaren [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 22:10:09 +0000 (22:10 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Kevin Mccullough.

        Removed special case that didn't belong. (It would allow a global
        initializer to sneak into production builds, which would cause a
        system-wide performance regression on Mac OS X.)

        * Scripts/check-for-global-initializers:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25077 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
justing [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 22:05:53 +0000 (22:05 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Tim.

        <rdar://problem/5408255> REGRESSION: In Mail, clicking the containing element's UI closebox doesn't delete element

        * editing/deleting/5408255.html: Added.
        * editing/deleting/5408255-expected.checksum: Added.
        * editing/deleting/5408255-expected.png: Added.
        * editing/deleting/5408255-expected.txt: Added.


        Reviewed by Tim.

        <rdar://problem/5408255> REGRESSION: In Mail, clicking the containing element's UI closebox doesn't delete element

        * editing/DeleteButtonController.cpp:
        (WebCore::DeleteButtonController::show): Use -webkit-user-select:ignore for
        the deletion UI.


        Reviewed by Tim.

        <rdar://problem/5408255> REGRESSION: In Mail, clicking the containing element's UI closebox doesn't delete element

        * DumpRenderTree/EditingDelegate.m:
        (-[EditingDelegate webView:shouldShowDeleteInterfaceForElement:]): Added, return YES
        only for elements with the class needsDeletionUI.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25076 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Store user defaults in a non-mutable CFDictionaryRef
aroben [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 21:24:38 +0000 (21:24 +0000)]
    Store user defaults in a non-mutable CFDictionaryRef

        Also renamed WebPreferences' static members:
            m_standardPreferences -> s_standardPreferences
            m_standardUserDefaults -> s_defaultSettings

        Reviewed by Darin and John.

        * WebPreferences.cpp:
        (WebPreferences::initializeUserDefaults): Construct the dictionary as a
        local CFMutableDictionaryRef, then assign it to the non-mutable static
        * WebPreferences.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25075 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Fix <rdar://problem/5214504> No way to change WebPreferences defaults (all...
aroben [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 21:24:28 +0000 (21:24 +0000)]
    Fix <rdar://problem/5214504> No way to change WebPreferences defaults (all preferences get written to disk)

        We now only write to disk values that have been explicitly set, and
        never write any default values.

        This is not enough, however, as anyone who has used WebKit prior to
        this change will have the default values sitting in their preferences
        plist on disk. To remedy this, we perform a one-time removal of any
        key-value pairs that match a pair in the defaults dictionary.

        Reviewed by Steve, John, Ada, and Darin.

        * WebPreferenceKeysPrivate.h: Added new key to ensure we only remove
        the defaults once.
        * WebPreferences.cpp:
        (WebPreferences::initializeDefaultSettings): Renamed from initialize, and
        made sure we only set up the defaults dictionary once. Now that the
        defaults dictionary is never modified after creation, we don't need to
        check whether the keys are already present.
        (WebPreferences::setStringValue): Don't modify the defaults dictionary.
        (WebPreferences::setIntegerValue): Ditto.
        (WebPreferences::setBoolValue): Ditto.
        (WebPreferences::save): Write out the user's preferences, not the defaults.
           - Removed gotos and early declarations now that we're using
             RetainPtr everywhere.
           - Initialize m_privatePrefs with an empty dictionary if we didn't
             read in a plist.
           - Call migrateDefaultSettingsFromSafari3Beta after loading.
        (WebPreferences::migrateDefaultSettingsFromSafari3Beta): Added.
        (WebPreferences::removeValuesMatchingDefaultSettings): Added.
        (WebPreferences::initWithIdentifier): Don't initialize m_privatePrefs
        -- load() does this now.
        * WebPreferences.h: Updated/added declarations.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25074 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Use RetainPtr to store WebPreferences::m_privatePrefs
aroben [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 21:24:18 +0000 (21:24 +0000)]
    Use RetainPtr to store WebPreferences::m_privatePrefs

        Reviewed by Darin.

        * WebPreferences.cpp:
        * WebPreferences.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25073 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Brady.
adele [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 20:20:06 +0000 (20:20 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Brady.

        Test for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14746
        <rdar://problem/5401041> REGRESSION: Form state not saved for forms that submit via HTTPS even if they do not contain a password field

        * http/tests/navigation/resources/restore-form-state-https-1.html: Added.
        * http/tests/navigation/restore-form-state-https-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/navigation/restore-form-state-https.html: Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25072 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
antti [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 19:18:58 +0000 (19:18 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Darin.

        Add test for <rdar://problem/5143183>
        Air Mail postmark shows up wrong in Firefox due to use of CSS background-position-x/y

        Also update a few tests to expect background-position instead of background-position-x/y

        * fast/css/background-position-serialize-expected.txt: Added.
        * fast/css/background-position-serialize.html: Added.
        * fast/css/computed-style-expected.txt:
        * fast/css/computed-style-without-renderer-expected.txt:
        * fast/css/remove-shorthand-expected.txt:


        Reviewed by Darin.

        Fix <rdar://problem/5143183>
        Air Mail postmark shows up wrong in Firefox due to use of CSS background-position-x/y

        Safari was using non-standard background-position-x/y properties when serializing style, both normal
        and computed. As a result Safari generated CSS would not render correctly in Firefox.

        Use standard background-position property instead.

        * css/CSSComputedStyleDeclaration.cpp:
        * css/CSSMutableStyleDeclaration.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25071 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoWebKitTools:
ddkilzer [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 18:07:27 +0000 (18:07 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Darin.

        - fix http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14965
          svn-create-patch uses deprecated tail switch

        * Scripts/svn-create-patch: Use 'tail -n +3' instead of 'tail +3'.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25070 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Brady and Dr. Harrison.
weinig [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 17:36:21 +0000 (17:36 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Brady and Dr. Harrison.

        Fix typo.  'whitespace' property is spelled 'white-space'.

        * page/inspector/inspector.css:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25069 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Maciej.
bdakin [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 05:41:01 +0000 (05:41 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Maciej.

        Fix for <rdar://problem/5404899> REGRESSION: Mail crash in
        WebCore::FontFallbackList::fontDataAt() after dragging image into
        text multiple times

        We were crashing because style information was not up-to-date. This
        patch fixes the problem in two ways:

        Style information was not up to date at the time of the crash
        because the document thought there was still a pending style sheet.
        The pending style sheet counter was incremented when a call to
        cloneNode from Mail cloned a style node with an imported style
        sheet. Because Mail disables the cache, the style sheet did not
        load immediately for the cloned node, and we do not check again to
        see if it has loaded in time to decrement the pending style sheet
        counter before the crash point. The fix here is only to increment
        the pending style sheet counter for elements that are already in
        the document.
        * dom/StyleElement.cpp:
        (WebCore::StyleElement::insertedIntoDocument): If we have a CSS
        style sheet that is currently loading, increment the pending style
        sheet counter. This should keep the counter accurate in the case
        where a style node is cloned and then immediately inserted into the
        (WebCore::StyleElement::removedFromDocument): If we have a CSS
        style sheet that is currently loading, decrement the pending style
        sheet count. This is required to keep the correct balance, given
        the change above.
        (WebCore::StyleElement::createSheet): Only addPendingSheet() and
        checkLoaded() if we are in the document.

        Here is Darin's original fix. It seems worth keeping this fix too.
        Font style information should not cause a crash if there are still
        pending style sheets. This is good belt-and-suspenders in case
        there is another way to run into this bug with a wacky timing
        * css/CSSStyleSelector.cpp:
        (WebCore::CSSStyleSelector::styleForElement): Update the font.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25068 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Darin.
ap [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 05:39:28 +0000 (05:39 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Darin.

        Uploading file with non-ASCII character in path fails

        File upload cannot be tested in DumpRenderTree.

        * html/HTMLFormElement.cpp:
        (WebCore::pathGetFilename): A cross-platform helper that extracts a file name from a path.
        (WebCore::HTMLFormElement::formData): Use the above helper instead of code that doesn't
        work on Windows.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25067 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14951
ap [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 05:24:05 +0000 (05:24 +0000)]
        REGRESSION: page interpreted as UTF-8 because of stray <?xml> after <head>

        Test: fast/encoding/misplaced-xml-declaration.html

        * loader/TextResourceDecoder.cpp:
        (WebCore::TextResourceDecoder::checkForHeadCharset): Only honor XML declaration
        at the very beginning of the file.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25066 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago rs=sam
oliver [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 02:04:39 +0000 (02:04 +0000)]

        Correct accidentally modified code.

        * platform/mac/FontDataMac.mm:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25065 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Brady.
adele [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 01:52:01 +0000 (01:52 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Brady.

        Fix for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14746
        <rdar://problem/5401041> REGRESSION: Form state not saved for forms that submit via HTTPS even if they do not contain a password field

        * loader/FrameLoader.cpp: (WebCore::FrameLoader::saveDocumentState): Restore our old behavior that will save form state for secure forms.
          This will also match Firefox behavior.

        * dom/Document.cpp: Removed secureFormAdded(), secureFormRemoved(), hasSecureForm() which are no longer used.
        * dom/Document.h:
        * html/HTMLFormElement.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25064 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Maciej.
oliver [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 01:44:16 +0000 (01:44 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Maciej.

        <rdar://problem/5386183> REGRESSION (9A504-9A508): Underline of inline hole is too thin
        on Japanese DotMac page

        Hack the line metrics for the Hiragino font families so that they always allow space for
        the marked text underline.

        * platform/mac/FontDataMac.mm:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25063 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Kevin McCullough.
weinig [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 00:19:23 +0000 (00:19 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Kevin McCullough.

        Another attempt at getting these to pass reliably.

        * http/tests/security/dataURL/xss-DENIED-to-data-url-in-foriegn-domain-subframe-location-change.html:
        * http/tests/security/dataURL/xss-DENIED-to-data-url-in-foriegn-domain-subframe.html:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25062 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by aroben
hyatt [Tue, 14 Aug 2007 00:13:06 +0000 (00:13 +0000)]
    Reviewed by aroben

        <rdar://problem/5400446> messed up content on calendar.yahoo.com and my.yahoo.com

        Fix some more bad assumptions about <html> being the first child of the document now that we
        properly support HTML5's model (where a comment node preceding <html> will in fact be its sibling).

        * html/HTMLParser.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25061 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Geoff.
weinig [Mon, 13 Aug 2007 22:41:37 +0000 (22:41 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Geoff.

        Ensure that these tests don't fail intermittently.

        * http/tests/security/dataURL/resources/foreign-domain-data-url-accessor-opened-frame.html:
        * http/tests/security/dataURL/xss-DENIED-from-data-url-in-foriegn-domain-window-open-expected.txt:
        * http/tests/security/dataURL/xss-DENIED-to-data-url-in-foriegn-domain-subframe-location-change.html:
        * http/tests/security/dataURL/xss-DENIED-to-data-url-in-foriegn-domain-subframe.html:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25060 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoBump version for submit
sfalken [Mon, 13 Aug 2007 21:24:08 +0000 (21:24 +0000)]
Bump version for submit

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25058 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
justing [Mon, 13 Aug 2007 19:14:49 +0000 (19:14 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Darin.

        <rdar://problem/5333725> -webkit-user-select: none makes selection difficult

        * editing/selection/5333725-expected.checksum: Added.
        * editing/selection/5333725-expected.png: Added.
        * editing/selection/5333725-expected.txt: Added.
        * editing/selection/5333725.html: Added.

        Added a workaround for a bug where -webkit-user-select:none
        has no effect on the body if placed on the html element:
        * editing/selection/select-all-user-select-none.html:


        Reviewed by Darin.

        <rdar://problem/5333725> -webkit-user-select: none makes selection difficult

        Let users create selections if they mouse down in a -webkit-user-select:none
        region, just (continue to) disallow selection endpoints in those regions, and
        don't paint those regions as selected if they are fully enclosed by a selection.
        For example, in xxyyyxx where x is -webkit-user-select:none, a user can mouse down
        between the first two xs and drag across yyy to the second two xs to create a
        selection xx^yyy^xx.

        * editing/SelectionController.cpp:
        (WebCore::SelectionController::selectAll): Allow selectAll inside a root
        that has -webkit-user-select:none, because it may contain content that
        is selectable (VisiblePosition and Selection creation will keep Selection
        endpoints out of -webkit-user-select:none regions).
        * page/EventHandler.cpp:
        (WebCore::EventHandler::selectClosestWordFromMouseEvent): Use canMouseDownStartSelect
        instead of the ambiguously named shouldSelect().
        (WebCore::EventHandler::handleMousePressEventTripleClick): Ditto.
        (WebCore::EventHandler::handleMousePressEventSingleClick): Ditto.
        (WebCore::EventHandler::updateSelectionForMouseDrag): Use canMouseDragExtendSelect.
        (WebCore::EventHandler::selectCursor): Paint an ibeam in -webkit-user-select:none regions,
        because you can click in those regions to create a selection.
        (WebCore::EventHandler::canMouseDownStartSelect): Now fires the selectStart event, and
        returns true in -webkit-user-select: none regions.
        (WebCore::EventHandler::canMouseDragExtendSelect): This is identical to
        canMouseDownStartSelect because of 12823, even though it seems strange that we would fire
        the selectStart event here.
        * page/EventHandler.h:
        * rendering/RenderObject.cpp:
        (WebCore::RenderObject::draggableNode): Only -webkit-user-select:ignore regions will
        prevent selection creation.
        * rendering/RenderObject.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25057 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
andersca [Mon, 13 Aug 2007 19:02:20 +0000 (19:02 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Maciej.

        REGRESSION (r21002-r21003): Flash widget sniffer doesn't work (affects iWeb)

        Update test case to handle the case where the node list is accessed after
        the document has finished loading.

        * fast/dom/NodeList/invalidate-node-lists-when-parsing-expected.txt:
        * fast/dom/NodeList/invalidate-node-lists-when-parsing.html:


        Reviewed by Maciej.

        REGRESSION (r21002-r21003): Flash widget sniffer doesn't work (affects iWeb)

        Don't check whether the document is being parsed or not, because the node list
        could be accessed after the document has finished parsing.

        * dom/Node.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25056 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Adam Roben.
weinig [Mon, 13 Aug 2007 18:02:20 +0000 (18:02 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Adam Roben.

        Use the cygwin specific Apache config file under cygwin.

        * Scripts/run-webkit-httpd:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25055 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agono need to update regions that are not visible on the webpage.
lars [Mon, 13 Aug 2007 12:06:11 +0000 (12:06 +0000)]
no need to update regions that are not visible on the webpage.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25054 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
mjs [Mon, 13 Aug 2007 03:25:11 +0000 (03:25 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Darin and Sam.

        - test cases for <rdar://problem/5395213> cross-domain access to individual components of location object should be denied.

        * http/tests/security/cross-frame-access-location-expected.txt: This test's results changed, there are more debug messages due to access being legitimately denied.

        The remainder are new tests and support:

        * http/tests/security/resources/xss-DENIED-assign-location-hash-attacker.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/resources/xss-DENIED-assign-location-host-attacker.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/resources/xss-DENIED-assign-location-host-failure.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/resources/xss-DENIED-assign-location-hostname-attacker.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/resources/xss-DENIED-assign-location-hostname-failure.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/resources/xss-DENIED-assign-location-nonstandardProperty-attacker.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/resources/xss-DENIED-assign-location-pathname-attacker.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/resources/xss-DENIED-assign-location-pathname-failure.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/resources/xss-DENIED-assign-location-protocol-attacker.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/resources/xss-DENIED-assign-location-protocol-failure.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/resources/xss-DENIED-assign-location-reload-attacker.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/resources/xss-DENIED-assign-location-search-attacker.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-hash-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-hash.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-host-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-host.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-hostname-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-hostname.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-nonstandardProperty-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-nonstandardProperty.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-pathname-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-pathname.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-protocol-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-protocol.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-reload-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-reload.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-search-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/xss-DENIED-assign-location-search.html: Added.


        Reviewed by Darin and Sam.

        <rdar://problem/5395213> cross-domain access to individual components of location object should be denied.

        * bindings/js/kjs_window.cpp:
        (KJS::Location::put): Add the appropriate cross-domain access checks.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25028 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by John Sullivan.
darin [Mon, 13 Aug 2007 03:06:46 +0000 (03:06 +0000)]
    Reviewed by John Sullivan.

        - fix <rdar://problem/5403724> REGRESSION: text inputs are not scrolled to make inline input visible (14912)

        * editing/Editor.h: Made setIgnoreMarkedTextSelectionChange no longer inline.
        It now has a side effect of revealing the selection when you set it to false.
        Added private revealSelectionAfterEditingOperation helper.
        * editing/Editor.cpp:
        (WebCore::Editor::deleteRange): Calls revealSelectionAfterEditingOperation instead
        of calling m_frame->revealSelection directly.
        (WebCore::Editor::replaceSelectionWithFragment): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Editor::insertOrderedList): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Editor::insertUnorderedList): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Editor::increaseSelectionListLevel): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Editor::increaseSelectionListLevelOrdered): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Editor::increaseSelectionListLevelUnordered): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Editor::decreaseSelectionListLevel): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Editor::insertLineBreak): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Editor::insertParagraphSeparator): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Editor::replaceMarkedText): Ditto.
        (WebCore::Editor::revealSelectionAfterEditingOperation): Added. Calls revealSelection,
        unless we are in the ignoreMarkedTextSelectionChange state. If we are in that state,
        we're in the middle of a composite editing operation and we shouldn't try to scroll
        to reveal the selection until the operation is done.
        (WebCore::Editor::setIgnoreMarkedTextSelectionChange): Made no longer inline. If
        changing the state from true to false, then calls revealSelectionAfterEditingOperation.

        * WebCore.exp: Add new entry point for no-longer-inline setter function.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25027 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoJavaScriptCore:
darin [Mon, 13 Aug 2007 02:42:17 +0000 (02:42 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Maciej.

        - fix http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14931
          <rdar://problem/5403816> JavaScript regular expression non-participating capturing parentheses
          fail in 3 different ways

        Test: fast/js/regexp-non-capturing-groups.html

        * kjs/string_object.cpp:
        (KJS::replace): Add missing code to handle undefined backreferences; before we'd get the empty string
        instead of a JavaScript "undefined" value.
        (KJS::StringProtoFunc::callAsFunction): Implemented backreference support for split.
        * pcre/pcre_exec.c: (match): Made backreferences to undefined groups match the empty string instead
        of always failing. Only in JAVASCRIPT mode.

        * tests/mozilla/expected.html: Add a new expected test success, since this fixed one test result.


        Reviewed by Maciej.

        - test for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14931
          JavaScript regular expression non-participating capturing groups behave incorrectly in edge cases

        * fast/js/regexp-non-capturing-groups-expected.txt: Added.
        * fast/js/regexp-non-capturing-groups.html: Added.
        * fast/js/resources/regexp-non-capturing-groups.js: Added.

        * fast/js/resources/js-test-pre.js: Updated to add a special case for array
        results, since there are some array results in the test. Also cut down on the
        verbosity of failures when the type of the actual result is the same as the type
        of the expected result. And get rid of the special case function just for NaN.

        * fast/js/regexp-unicode-overflow.html: Let the make-js-test-wrappers script
        regenerate this file (it removed one of the trailing newlines).

        * fast/js/kde/encode_decode_uri-expected.txt: This test now passes. I'm not sure
        why it was failing before.

        * fast/js/char-at-expected.txt: Removed all the periods at the end of NaN
        test PASS messages; they are now consistent with all the other tests.
        * fast/js/date-parse-comments-test-expected.txt: Ditto.
        * fast/js/date-parse-test-expected.txt: Ditto.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25026 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Maciej Stachowiak, Dave Hyatt.
ggaren [Mon, 13 Aug 2007 02:41:29 +0000 (02:41 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Maciej Stachowiak, Dave Hyatt.

        Changed the dead resource LRU-SP algorithm to measure an object's
        total size, not just its encoded size. This will allow us to make
        better decisions about what data to evict when the cache is small. For
        example, the PLT can now run with a 16MB cache without fully evicting
        any resources.

        (Previously, we had assumed that decoded size would be an OK estimate
        of encoded size, but that is not true of GIF, whose decoded size can be
        orders of magnitude greater than its encoded size.)

        Subtly, destroying a resource's decoded data now increases its recency
        by moving it to the head of a smaller LRU list. This is slightly odd,
        but, since all resources get the same treatment, it shouldn't hurt
        the eviction algorithm.

        * history/PageCache.cpp:
        (WebCore::PageCache::releaseAutoreleasedPagesNow): Make sure that a
        dead resource eviction doesn't happen until we've released all of our
        dead pages. Otherwise, the cache will make terrible decisions about
        what to evict because all of our dead resources will seem live.

        * loader/Cache.cpp:
        (WebCore::Cache::pruneDeadResources): Removed call to
        removeFromLiveDecodedResourcesList because this happens automatically
        now as a part of the process of changing the resource's decoded size.
        (WebCore::Cache::lruListFor): *** The key change. *** Compute the
        appropriate LRU list based on total size, not encoded size.
        (WebCore::Cache::dumpLRULists): Added debug logging function to help
        visualize the cache.

        * loader/Cache.h:

        * loader/CachedImage.cpp: Moved decoded size tracking code from here
        up into the base class. Currently, only CachedImage has a use for that
        functionality, but other subclasses might need it in the future, and
        the base class is already responsible for similar code related to
        encoded size tracking.
        * loader/CachedImage.h:

        * loader/CachedResource.cpp:
        (WebCore::CachedResource::setDecodedSize): Move us in the LRU-SP list
        just like setEncodedSize does, since decoded size counts now, too.
        (WebCore::CachedResource::setEncodedSize): Changed slightly to match
        the style of setDecodedSize.

        * loader/CachedResource.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25025 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Darin.
ap [Sun, 12 Aug 2007 19:20:50 +0000 (19:20 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Darin.

        Shockwave unable to load GZip'd text resources when server sends Content-Length header

        * Plugins/WebBaseNetscapePluginStream.mm:
        (-[WebBaseNetscapePluginStream startStreamWithResponse:]): Don't trust
        -[NSURLResponse expectedContentLength] if Content-Encoding is not identity.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25024 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Generate results for new tests in a more logical location
aroben [Sun, 12 Aug 2007 11:31:41 +0000 (11:31 +0000)]
    Generate results for new tests in a more logical location

        New platform-specific tests always have their results generated right
        next to the test. New cross-platform tests will have their results
        generated a) in the cross-platform directory, if they are text-only,
        or b) in the least-specific platform directory, if they are render
        tree dumps.

        Reviewed by Lars.

        * Scripts/run-webkit-tests:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25023 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Print the actual directory where new results are generated.
aroben [Sun, 12 Aug 2007 11:31:30 +0000 (11:31 +0000)]
     Print the actual directory where new results are generated.

         Before, we were printing an unpredictable, context-specific substring
         of the directory.

         Reviewed by Lars.

         * Scripts/run-webkit-tests:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25022 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Factor some common code into a stripExtension() subroutine.
aroben [Sun, 12 Aug 2007 11:31:14 +0000 (11:31 +0000)]
     Factor some common code into a stripExtension() subroutine.

         Reviewed by Lars.

         * Scripts/run-webkit-tests: Also removed some debugging output.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25021 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoCorrect wrong URL in ChangeLog entry
antti [Sun, 12 Aug 2007 10:08:48 +0000 (10:08 +0000)]
Correct wrong URL in ChangeLog entry

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25020 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Darin.
antti [Sun, 12 Aug 2007 10:05:31 +0000 (10:05 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Darin.

        Add test for http://bugs.webkit.org/attachment.cgi?id=15818&action=edit which
        Mitz fixed in r24973.

        I had a fix for <rdar://problem/5267021>
        REGRESSION: Loading Slashdot Firehose is 9X slower on Safari 3.0 than Safari 2.0
        which turned out to be a dublicate.

        At least we can use the layout test I did.

        * http/tests/local/style-access-before-stylesheet-loaded-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/local/style-access-before-stylesheet-loaded.html: Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25019 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Fix <rdar://problem/5278790> Hole for find-on-page match in subframe isn't clipped...
aroben [Sun, 12 Aug 2007 09:18:23 +0000 (09:18 +0000)]
 Fix <rdar://problem/5278790> Hole for find-on-page match in subframe isn't clipped by frame bounds

        Reviewed by Maciej.

        * WebView.cpp:
        (WebView::rectsForTextMatches): Ported fix from r23586.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25018 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Prevent an ASSERT on launch by initializing AtomicString in WebKitGraphics
aroben [Sun, 12 Aug 2007 09:18:13 +0000 (09:18 +0000)]
 Prevent an ASSERT on launch by initializing AtomicString in WebKitGraphics

         Reviewed by Maciej.

         * WebKitGraphics.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25017 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoForgot to remove this directory
pewtermoose [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 20:55:39 +0000 (20:55 +0000)]
Forgot to remove this directory

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25016 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
pewtermoose [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 20:37:09 +0000 (20:37 +0000)]

        Reviewed over and over and over by Adam Roben.

        Bug 14740: Hierarchical layout tests and platform organization

        Add support for platform-specific layout tests and results.
        New platform structure is as follows:

        * platform: Added.
        * platform/mac: Added.
        * mac/leopard/ -> platform/mac-leopard
        * win/ -> platform/win
        * qt/ -> platform/qt


        Reviewed over and over and over by Adam Roben.

        Bug 14740: Hierarchical layout tests and platform organization

        Add support for platform-specific layout tests and results.

        * Scripts/run-webkit-tests:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25015 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoWebKitTools:
ddkilzer [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 19:40:27 +0000 (19:40 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Adam.

        Refactored svn-create-path to use a hash-of-hashes data structure to keep
        track of changed files.  In the top level hash, keys are paths to files and
        values are 'fileData' hashes with the following keys and values:

        - isBinary: boolean value (set to true for non-text files like images, etc.)
        - isTestFile: boolean value (set to true if file exists within a known test
        - modificationType: string equal to one of 'addition', 'additionWithHistory',
          'modification' or 'deletion'
        - path: string equal to the path to the file (this may seem redundant, but it
          is required to use the second-level 'fileData' hash independent of the
          top-level hash)
        - sourceFile: [optional] string equal to the path of the original file that was
          copied or moved
        - sourceRevision: [optional] string equal to the revision of the original file
          that was copied or moved

        * Scripts/svn-create-patch: Moved call to GetOptions() to its own statement
        that saves the return value in $result, then checks it before printing help.
        Combined sourceFiles, %testFiles, and %binaryFiles into single %diffFiles hash
        and eliminated two for() loops.
        (binarycmp): Added.  Used with sort() to order non-binary files before binary
        (findBaseUrl): Added.  Extracted from findSourceFileAndRevision().
        (findMimeType): Added optional second argument that takes a revision number.
        (generateDiff): Updated to take one fileData argument instead of three ($file,
        $modificationType, $isBinary).
        (generateFileList): Updated to take one hash ref argument (%diffFiles)
        instead of three (%sourceFiles, %testFiles, %binaryFiles).  Populates
        %diffFiles using paths for keys and fileData hashes for values.
        (manufacturePatchForAdditionWithHistory): Updated to take one fileData
        (pathcmp): Updated to take two fileData arguments instead of two strings.
        (testfilecmp): Added.  Used with sort() to order non-test files before test

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25014 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago * Scripts/run-webkit-tests: Give a different message when only the pixel...
darin [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 18:27:36 +0000 (18:27 +0000)]
    * Scripts/run-webkit-tests: Give a different message when only the pixel test failed.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25013 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago2007-08-11 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>
zecke [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 18:13:31 +0000 (18:13 +0000)]
2007-08-11 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>

        Reviewed by Anders.

        Implement passing events to a subframe. The code is copied from
        the windows port and passSubframeEventToSubframe was removed as it
        is not called and it is not avilable in the windows port as well.

        * page/gdk/EventHandlerGdk.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25012 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
darin [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 18:01:35 +0000 (18:01 +0000)]

2007-08-11  Mitz Pettel  <mitz@webkit.org>

        Reviewed by Darin.

        - tests and updated results for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13670
          <rdar://problem/5399619> Table misrender when one of the TDs has width=100%

        * fast/table/100-percent-cell-width-expected.checksum: Added.
        * fast/table/100-percent-cell-width-expected.png: Added.
        * fast/table/100-percent-cell-width-expected.txt: Added.
        * fast/table/100-percent-cell-width.html: Added.
        * fast/table/percent-widths-stretch-expected.checksum: Added.
        * fast/table/percent-widths-stretch-expected.png: Added.
        * fast/table/percent-widths-stretch-expected.txt: Added.
        * fast/table/percent-widths-stretch.html: Added.
        * fast/text/whitespace/026-expected.checksum:
        * fast/text/whitespace/026-expected.png:
        * fast/text/whitespace/026-expected.txt:
        * tables/mozilla/bugs/bug35662-expected.checksum:
        * tables/mozilla/bugs/bug35662-expected.png:
        * tables/mozilla/bugs/bug35662-expected.txt:
        * tables/mozilla/bugs/bug5799-expected.checksum:
        * tables/mozilla/bugs/bug5799-expected.png:
        * tables/mozilla/bugs/bug5799-expected.txt:
        * tables/mozilla/core/col_span-expected.checksum:
        * tables/mozilla/core/col_span-expected.png:
        * tables/mozilla/core/col_span-expected.txt:

2007-08-11  Darin Adler  <darin@apple.com>

        - added a bunch of missing layout test results

        * editing/style/font-family-with-space-expected.checksum: Added.
        * editing/style/font-family-with-space-expected.png: Added.
        * fast/dom/frame-loading-via-document-write-expected.checksum: Added.
        * fast/dom/frame-loading-via-document-write-expected.png: Added.
        * fast/encoding/xmacroman-encoding-test-expected.checksum: Added.
        * fast/encoding/xmacroman-encoding-test-expected.png: Added.
        * fast/frames/frame-navigation-expected.checksum: Added.
        * fast/frames/frame-navigation-expected.png: Added.
        * fast/frames/frame-set-whitespace-attributes-expected.checksum: Added.
        * fast/frames/frame-set-whitespace-attributes-expected.png: Added.
        * fast/frames/inline-object-inside-frameset-expected.checksum: Added.
        * fast/frames/inline-object-inside-frameset-expected.png: Added.
        * fast/html/keygen-expected.checksum: Added.
        * fast/html/keygen-expected.png: Added.
        * fast/images/pdf-as-image-landscape-expected.checksum: Added.
        * fast/images/pdf-as-image-landscape-expected.png: Added.
        * fast/inline-block/14498-positionForCoordinates-expected.checksum: Added.
        * fast/inline-block/14498-positionForCoordinates-expected.png: Added.


2007-08-11  Mitz Pettel  <mitz@webkit.org>

        Reviewed by Darin.

        - fix http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13670
          <rdar://problem/5399619> Table misrender when one of the TDs has width=100%

        Tests: fast/table/100-percent-cell-width.html

        * rendering/AutoTableLayout.cpp:
        (WebCore::AutoTableLayout::calcPrefWidths): Changed the value used instead of
        0% to avoid division by zero from 1% to less than 0.01%. Removed code that
        added 0.5px to non-percent widths when calculating the scaling factor. The
        latter change is covered by the percent-widths-stretch test, where the new
        results match both WinIE 7 and Firefox 3.

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15 years agoLayoutTests:
darin [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 17:18:57 +0000 (17:18 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Antti.

        - test for <rdar://problem/5266535> REGRESSION: <img> inside <map> no longer allowed in strict mode
          (breaks chemicalelements.com)

        * fast/parser/strict-img-in-map-expected.txt: Added.
        * fast/parser/strict-img-in-map.html: Added.


        Reviewed by Antti.

        - fix <rdar://problem/5266535> REGRESSION: <img> inside <map> no longer allowed in strict mode
          (breaks chemicalelements.com)

        Test: fast/parser/strict-img-in-map.html

        * html/HTMLMapElement.cpp: (WebCore::HTMLMapElement::checkDTD): Removed FIXME saying this
        code is strange, since this code matches the HTML 4 specification almost exactly. Made
        <img> elements allowed even in strict mode and added small comments to clarify what comes
        from the DTD and what is non-standard.

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15 years ago2007-08-11 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>
zecke [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 13:53:17 +0000 (13:53 +0000)]
2007-08-11 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>

        Reviewed by Lars.

        GdkEventKey::string is not supposed to be used. The length
        of this string is zero for non ascii charachters. Use the
        gdk_unicode_to_keyval to convert the keyval to a UChar and construct
        a String. This change makes it possible to input non ascii

        * platform/gdk/KeyEventGdk.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25009 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
andrew [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 11:52:44 +0000 (11:52 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Mark Rowe.

        Fix http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14645
        getPropertyValue should be case insensitive

        Test for getPropertyValue, setProperty, removeProperty being case-insensitive

        * fast/css/css-properties-case-insensitive-expected.txt: Added.
        * fast/css/css-properties-case-insensitive.html: Added.


        Reviewed by Mark Rowe.

        Fix http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14645
        getPropertyValue should be case insensitive

        When we get the propertyID for a given string we convert to lowercase.

        This also applies to setProperty, removeProperty and others.

        * css/CSSStyleDeclaration.cpp:

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15 years ago2007-08-11 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>
bdash [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 02:31:16 +0000 (02:31 +0000)]
2007-08-11  Mark Rowe  <mrowe@apple.com>

        Build fix.  Change "#ifdef PLATFORM(GDK)" to "#if PLATFORM(GDK)".

        * page/FrameView.cpp:
        * page/FrameView.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25007 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoWebCore:
zecke [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 01:27:06 +0000 (01:27 +0000)]
2007-08-11  Holger Hans Peter Freyther  <zecke@selfish.org>

        Reviewed by Adam.

        Copy the WebFrame::layoutIfNeededRecursive method of the windows port
        to FrameView to be used by the Gtk+ port. Simplify the implementation due
        moving it to the FrameView class.

        Implement the ScrollView::children() method for the Gtk+ port and make it
        available to the FrameView as children() is used within the layoutIfNeededRecursive method.

        * page/FrameView.cpp:
        * page/FrameView.h:
        * platform/ScrollView.h:
        * platform/gdk/ScrollViewGdk.cpp:

2007-08-11  Holger Hans Peter Freyther  <zecke@selfish.org>

        Reviewed by Adam.

        To not hit the needsLayout() assert of Frame::paint for subframes we need to
        make sure they are layed out. Use the newly created FrameView::layoutIfNeededRecursive
        method to do this.

        * Api/webkitgtkpage.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25006 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoWebCore:
zecke [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 00:43:19 +0000 (00:43 +0000)]

2007-08-11  Holger Hans Peter Freyther  <zecke@selfish.org>

        Reviewed by Adam.

        To fix text selection make the PlatformMouseEvent set the pressed
        button even when moving the mouse.

        Add building of the WebKit::DragClient stubs as they are needed to
        make text selection work.

        * WebCore.pro:
        * platform/gdk/MouseEventGdk.cpp:

2007-08-11  Holger Hans Peter Freyther  <zecke@selfish.org>

        Reviewed by Adam.

        Fix text selection by setting a DragClient when creating the Page. Now
        that we have a DragClient we can free the Page when WebKitGtkPage gets

        * Api/webkitgtkpage.cpp:
        * WebCoreSupport/DragClientGtk.cpp: Added.
        * WebCoreSupport/DragClientGtk.h: Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25005 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
thatcher [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 00:09:55 +0000 (00:09 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Mark Rowe.

        <rdar://problem/5403302> HIWebView.h should be #ifdefed out for 64-bit

        * Carbon/HIWebView.h: #ifdef out the header in 64-bit. Adds a comment about 32-bit only.
        * Carbon/CarbonUtils.h: Ditto.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25004 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago2007-08-10 Ada Chan <adachan@apple.com>
adachan [Sat, 11 Aug 2007 00:05:43 +0000 (00:05 +0000)]
2007-08-10  Ada Chan  <adachan@apple.com>

        Reviewed by Adam and Darin.

        <rdar://problem/5403095> Crash in WebViewWndProc after closing a window
        We are seeing another case where WM_SETFOCUS is sent after WM_DESTROY has been handled in WebView.
        Bail early in the wndProc if WebView is set to be destroyed.

        * WebView.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25003 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
andersca [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 23:49:13 +0000 (23:49 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Darin and Maciej.

        REGRESSION(r21002-r21003) Flash widget sniffer doesn't work (affects iWeb)

        Add test case by Kurt Revis.

        * fast/dom/NodeList/invalidate-node-lists-when-parsing-expected.txt: Added.
        * fast/dom/NodeList/invalidate-node-lists-when-parsing.html: Added.


        Reviewed by Darin and Maciej.

        REGRESSION(r21002-r21003) Flash widget sniffer doesn't work

        Add a per-document NodeList counter. When parsing, only call notifyNodeListsChildrenChanged
        if the document has node lists. Also, make sure to reset the cache when the node list count has
        been 0 and a new node list is registered to avoid any stale cache information.

        * dom/ContainerNode.cpp:
        * dom/Document.cpp:
        * dom/Document.h:
        * dom/Node.cpp:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25002 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Mark.
oliver [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 23:47:26 +0000 (23:47 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Mark.

        Update layout test to avoid problems caused by differences in whitespace
        for NSAttributedString descriptions on Tiger and Leopard

        * fast/text/attributed-substring-from-range-expected.txt:
        * fast/text/attributed-substring-from-range.html:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25001 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoJavaScriptCore:
thatcher [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 23:24:24 +0000 (23:24 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Adam.

        <rdar://problem/5394449> Stop using some Carbon UI APIs for 64 bit

        Disable the NPAPI for 64-bit on Mac OS X.

        * Configurations/JavaScriptCore.xcconfig: Use the 64-bit export file.
        * JavaScriptCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Create a 64-bit export file
        that filters out the NPN fnctions.
        * bindings/NP_jsobject.cpp: #ifdef out this for 64-bit on Mac OS X
        * bindings/NP_jsobject.h: Ditto.
        * bindings/c/c_class.cpp: Ditto.
        * bindings/c/c_class.h: Ditto.
        * bindings/c/c_instance.cpp: Ditto.
        * bindings/c/c_instance.h: Ditto.
        * bindings/c/c_runtime.cpp: Ditto.
        * bindings/c/c_runtime.h: Ditto.
        * bindings/c/c_utility.cpp: Ditto.
        * bindings/c/c_utility.h: Ditto.
        * bindings/npapi.h: Ditto.
        * bindings/npruntime.cpp: Ditto.
        * bindings/npruntime.h: Ditto.
        * bindings/npruntime_impl.h: Ditto.
        * bindings/npruntime_priv.h: Ditto.
        * bindings/runtime.cpp:
         don't creat an NPObject on Mac OS X in 64-bit.


        Reviewed by Adam.

        <rdar://problem/5394449> Stop using some Carbon UI APIs for 64 bit

        Disable NPObject use in 64-bit on Mac OS X.

        * Configurations/WebCore.xcconfig: Add a framework search path to the sub-framworks of Carbon.
        * WebCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Filter out the Frame::windowScriptNPObject() symbol in 64-bit.
        * bindings/objc/DOM.mm:
        (-[DOMElement _NPObject]): Return null in 64-bit.
        * config.h: Set WTF_USE_NPOBJECT to 0 in 64-bit Mac OS X.
        * page/Frame.cpp:
        (WebCore::Frame::cleanupScriptObjects): Add more #if USE(NPOBJECT) blocks where needed.
        * page/Frame.h: Ditto.
        * page/mac/FrameMac.mm:
        (WebCore::Frame::createScriptInstanceForWidget): Ditto.
        * page/mac/WebCoreFrameBridge.h: Ditto.
        * page/mac/WebCoreFrameBridge.mm: Ditto.


        Reviewed by Adam.

        <rdar://problem/5394449> Stop using some Carbon UI APIs for 64 bit

        Disable NPObject use in 64-bit on Mac OS X. Also generate the 64-bit export file.

        * Configurations/WebKit.xcconfig: Point to the generated 64-bit export file.
        * Plugins/WebBasePluginPackage.h:
        * Plugins/npfunctions.h: #ifdef out this header in 64-bit on Mac OS X.
        * WebKit.LP64.exp: Removed.
        * WebKit.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Generate the the 64-bit export file.
        * WebKitPrefix.h: Define WTF_USE_NPOBJECT.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@25000 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
adele [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 22:20:26 +0000 (22:20 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Justin.

        - test for <rdar://problem/5397344> http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14911
          REGRESSION: Clicking in pasted text doesn't position the insertion point correctly

        * editing/selection/inline-closest-leaf-child-expected.checksum: Added.
        * editing/selection/inline-closest-leaf-child-expected.png: Added.
        * editing/selection/inline-closest-leaf-child-expected.txt: Added.
        * editing/selection/inline-closest-leaf-child.html: Added.


        Reviewed by Justin.

        - fix <rdar://problem/5397344> http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14911
          REGRESSION: Clicking in pasted text doesn't position the insertion point correctly

        Test: editing/selection/inline-closest-leaf-child.html

        * rendering/RootInlineBox.cpp:
        (WebCore::RootInlineBox::closestLeafChildForXPos): Return the last leaf if
        it's the closest match, or if no other leaf matches (for example if all
        leaves are list markers or non-editable where editable is required).

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24999 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoWebCore:
andersca [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 20:57:27 +0000 (20:57 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Geoff.

        REGRESSION: –[WebFrame loadHTMLString:baseURL:] leaks the data source.

        Revert the fix for <rdar://problem/5133420> which caused us to not cancel
        substitute data loads. It's better to remove the assertion in the WebKit layer.

        * loader/ResourceLoader.cpp:


        Reviewed by Geoff.

        REGRESSION: –[WebFrame loadHTMLString:baseURL:] leaks the data source

        If the identifier is not in the map, just bail out instead of asserting. This is a better fix for
        <rdar://problem/5133420> because WebCore shouldn't have to worry about the lifetime of WebKit objects.

        * WebView/WebDocumentLoaderMac.mm:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24998 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
oliver [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 19:39:37 +0000 (19:39 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Darin.

        Added new layout test to validate fix for <rdar://problem/5000470> REGRESSION: ATOK IM: reconvert returns incorrect symbol due to inconsistent range domains in TSM

        Corrected fast/text/attributed-substring-from-range to account for additional whitespace, and to be correct.

        * fast/text/attributed-substring-from-range-expected.txt:
        * fast/text/attributed-substring-from-range-in-textfield-expected.txt: Added.
        * fast/text/attributed-substring-from-range-in-textfield.html: Added.
        * fast/text/attributed-substring-from-range.html:


        Reviewed by Darin.

        Fixed <rdar://problem/5000470> REGRESSION: ATOK IM: reconvert returns incorrect symbol due to inconsistent range domains in TSM by working around <rdar://problem/5400551> [NSAttributedString(WebKitExtras) _web_attributedStringFromRange:] adds whitespace to the requested range

        We truncate the returned string to the expected length.

        * WebView/WebHTMLView.mm:
        (-[WebHTMLView attributedSubstringFromRange:]):

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24997 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Rubber-stamped by Adam Roben.
weinig [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 18:45:13 +0000 (18:45 +0000)]
    Rubber-stamped by Adam Roben.

        Fix Windows, Qt and Gtk build.

        * WebCore.pro:
        * WebCore.vcproj/WebCore.vcproj:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24995 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLayoutTests:
weinig [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 18:10:42 +0000 (18:10 +0000)]

        Reviewed by Maciej.

        Tests for <rdar://problem/5395618>

        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-location-htmldom-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-location-htmldom.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-src-getAttribute-value-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-src-getAttribute-value.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-src-htmldom-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-src-htmldom.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-src-setAttribute-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-src-setAttribute.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-src-setAttributeNS-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-src-setAttributeNS.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-src-setAttributeNode-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-src-setAttributeNode.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-src-setAttributeNodeNS-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-frame-src-setAttributeNodeNS.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-iframe-src-getAttribute-value-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-iframe-src-getAttribute-value.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-iframe-src-htmldom-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-iframe-src-htmldom.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-iframe-src-setAttribute-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-iframe-src-setAttribute.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-iframe-src-setAttributeNS-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-iframe-src-setAttributeNS.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-iframe-src-setAttributeNode-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-iframe-src-setAttributeNode.html: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-iframe-src-setAttributeNodeNS-expected.txt: Added.
        * http/tests/security/javascriptURL/javascriptURL-execution-context-iframe-src-setAttributeNodeNS.html: Added.


        Reviewed by Maciej.

        Fix for <rdar://problem/5395618>

        Use checkNodeSecurity when setting the 'src' or 'location' attribute of an
        iframe or frame element.

        * WebCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj:
        * bindings/js/JSAttrCustom.cpp: Added.
        (WebCore::JSAttr::setValue): Call checkNodeSecurity for attributes with a current iframe or frame
        ownerElement when setting src to a javascript: URL.
        * bindings/js/JSElementCustom.cpp: Added.
        (WebCore::JSElement::setAttribute): Call checkNodeSecurity when element is a frame or iframe and
        setting he src attribute to a javascript: URL.
        (WebCore::JSElement::setAttributeNode): Ditto.
        (WebCore::JSElement::setAttributeNS): Ditto.
        (WebCore::JSElement::setAttributeNodeNS): Ditto.
        * bindings/js/JSHTMLFrameElementCustom.cpp: Added.
        (WebCore::JSHTMLFrameElement::setSrc): Call checkNodeSecurity when setting to a javascript: URL.
        (WebCore::JSHTMLFrameElement::setLocation): Ditto.
        * bindings/js/JSHTMLIFrameElementCustom.cpp: Added.
        (WebCore::JSHTMLIFrameElement::setSrc): Call checkNodeSecurity when setting to a javascript: URL.
        * bindings/scripts/CodeGeneratorJS.pm: Add support for [CustomGetter] and [CustomSetter]
        * dom/Attr.idl:
        * dom/Element.idl:
        * html/HTMLFrameElement.idl:
        * html/HTMLIFrameElement.idl:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24994 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoWebCore:
zecke [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 17:22:18 +0000 (17:22 +0000)]

2007-08-10  Holger Hans Peter Freyther  <zecke@selfish.org>

        Reviewed by Anders.

        Make the containingWindow a GtkContainer and make use of the
        GtkWidget::window instead of the GtkLayout::bin_window.

        * platform/Widget.h:
        * platform/gdk/PlatformScreenGdk.cpp:
        * platform/gdk/ScrollViewGdk.cpp:
        * platform/gdk/WidgetGdk.cpp:

2007-08-10  Holger Hans Peter Freyther  <zecke@selfish.org>

        Reviewed by Anders.

        Make WebKitGtkPage a GtkContainer to avoid a size_allocate
        race of GtkScrollBar and GtkLayout.

        * Api/webkitgtk-marshal.list:
        * Api/webkitgtkframe.cpp:
        * Api/webkitgtkpage.cpp:
        * Api/webkitgtkpage.h:
        * Api/webkitgtkprivate.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24993 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago2007-08-10 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>
zecke [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 15:21:46 +0000 (15:21 +0000)]
2007-08-10  Holger Hans Peter Freyther  <zecke@selfish.org>

        Reviewed by Niko.

        Minor changes to the WebKit::EditorClient to allow removing
        of text from TextFields. Remove the selectWordBeforeMenuEvent method
        which is not used and not within WebCore::EditorClient.

        * WebCoreSupport/EditorClientGtk.cpp:
        * WebCoreSupport/EditorClientGtk.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24992 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoLimit the set of properties from the computed style to apply to Qt
hausmann [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 14:25:21 +0000 (14:25 +0000)]
Limit the set of properties from the computed style to apply to Qt
plugin widgets, as only a few of them make sense.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24990 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoRevert r24699 as it broke timers. The precision of QTime::toTime_t() is just seconds...
hausmann [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 14:25:11 +0000 (14:25 +0000)]
Revert r24699 as it broke timers. The precision of QTime::toTime_t() is just seconds, which is not good enough. Revert back
to the old implementation and use the simple implementation of currentTime() from win/ for the Qt/Windows build (fingers crossed :)

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24989 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoRecognize .htm as valid extension for text/html.
hausmann [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 13:21:31 +0000 (13:21 +0000)]
Recognize .htm as valid extension for text/html.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24987 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoUse <object>'s classid attribute for creation of plugins through QWebPage::createPlugin.
lars [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 12:56:25 +0000 (12:56 +0000)]
Use <object>'s classid attribute for creation of plugins through QWebPage::createPlugin.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24986 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoremove an assertion that leads to crashes. The whole design of WidgetQt and ScrollVie...
lars [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 12:56:15 +0000 (12:56 +0000)]
remove an assertion that leads to crashes. The whole design of WidgetQt and ScrollViewQt needs to be reevaluated soon anyways.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24985 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago2007-08-10 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>
bdash [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 11:33:07 +0000 (11:33 +0000)]
2007-08-10  Mark Rowe  <mrowe@apple.com>

        Fix the Mac build.

        * ForwardingHeaders/bindings/runtime_object.h: Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24984 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoAdded support for network jobs from Qt resources using the qrc protocol.
hausmann [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 11:08:37 +0000 (11:08 +0000)]
Added support for network jobs from Qt resources using the qrc protocol.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24983 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoAdded support for "application/x-qt-styled-widget" that is treated like "application...
hausmann [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 11:08:28 +0000 (11:08 +0000)]
Added support for "application/x-qt-styled-widget" that is treated like "application/x-qt-plugin" but also
gets a Qt widget stylesheet set from the CSS computed style and the element style attribute.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24982 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoMake sure -fno-strict-aliasing is also added for mkspecs like linux-g++-64.
hausmann [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 11:08:18 +0000 (11:08 +0000)]
Make sure -fno-strict-aliasing is also added for mkspecs like linux-g++-64.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24981 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoEnable JavaScript bindings for HTML Object/Applet elements in the Qt port.
hausmann [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 11:08:06 +0000 (11:08 +0000)]
Enable JavaScript bindings for HTML Object/Applet elements in the Qt port.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24980 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years agoAdded virtual QWebPage::createPlugin that is called for embedded objects with the...
hausmann [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 11:07:53 +0000 (11:07 +0000)]
Added virtual QWebPage::createPlugin that is called for embedded objects with the mime type "application/x-qt-plugin"
and fixed widget embedding by setting the right QWidget parent.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24979 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago2007-08-10 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>
zecke [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 09:58:14 +0000 (09:58 +0000)]
2007-08-10 Holger Hans Peter Freyther <zecke@selfish.org>

        Reviewed by Mark.

        Rename the namespace from WebKitGtk to WebKit. Move the various *Client
        classes into the WebKit namespace. Change the class names to not contain Gtk.
        The file names have to contain the Gtk suffix to not clash with files in WebCore (e.g.

        * Api/webkitgtkframe.cpp:
        * Api/webkitgtkpage.cpp:
        * Api/webkitgtkprivate.cpp:
        * Api/webkitgtkprivate.h:
        * ChangeLog:
        * WebCoreSupport/ChromeClientGtk.cpp:
        * WebCoreSupport/ChromeClientGtk.h:
        * WebCoreSupport/ContextMenuClientGtk.cpp:
        * WebCoreSupport/ContextMenuClientGtk.h:
        * WebCoreSupport/EditorClientGtk.cpp:
        * WebCoreSupport/EditorClientGtk.h:
        * WebCoreSupport/FrameLoaderClientGtk.cpp:
        * WebCoreSupport/FrameLoaderClientGtk.h:
        * WebCoreSupport/InspectorClientGtk.cpp:
        * WebCoreSupport/InspectorClientGtk.h:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24978 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago2007-08-10 Mitz Pettel <mitz@webkit.org>
bdash [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 07:50:06 +0000 (07:50 +0000)]
2007-08-10  Mitz Pettel  <mitz@webkit.org>

        Reviewed by Dave Hyatt.

        - fix http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14798
          Incorrect bidi reordering of neutrals and digits after RTL embed
          and other bugs in the bidi algorithm.

        Test: fast/text/international/bidi-neutral-run.html

        Fixed several bugs in resolving the embedding level of runs of neutral
        characters. Changed the logic to rely on the eor direction only for
        the number types, and otherwise consider the last strong type.

        * platform/BidiContext.h:
        (WebCore::BidiContext::BidiContext): Added an ASSERT.
        * platform/BidiResolver.h:
        * platform/graphics/GraphicsContext.cpp:
        (WebCore::TextRunIterator::atEnd): Changed to return true instead of
        crashing when called on the empty iterator.

2007-08-10  Mitz Pettel  <mitz@webkit.org>

        Reviewed by Dave Hyatt.

        - test for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14798
          Incorrect bidi reordering of neutrals and digits after RTL embed
          and other bugs in the bidi algorithm.

        * fast/text/international/bidi-neutral-run-expected.checksum: Added.
        * fast/text/international/bidi-neutral-run-expected.png: Added.
        * fast/text/international/bidi-neutral-run-expected.txt: Added.
        * fast/text/international/bidi-neutral-run.html: Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24977 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago2007-08-09 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>
bdash [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 06:08:51 +0000 (06:08 +0000)]
2007-08-09  Mark Rowe  <mrowe@apple.com>

        Reviewed by Antti.

        <rdar://problem/5400709> Versioning in debug and release builds should include minor and tiny version before +

        * Configurations/Version.xcconfig:
        * JavaScriptCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Add a shell script phase to make to dependency between
        Version.xcconfig and Info.plist explicit to Xcode.

2007-08-09  Mark Rowe  <mrowe@apple.com>

        Reviewed by Antti.

        <rdar://problem/5400709> Versioning in debug and release builds should include minor and tiny version before +

        * Configurations/Version.xcconfig:
        * JavaScriptGlue.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Add a shell script phase to make to dependency between
        Version.xcconfig and Info.plist explicit to Xcode.

2007-08-09  Mark Rowe  <mrowe@apple.com>

        Reviewed by Antti.

        <rdar://problem/5400709> Versioning in debug and release builds should include minor and tiny version before +

        * Configurations/Version.xcconfig:
        * WebCore.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Add a shell script phase to make to dependency between
        Version.xcconfig and Info.plist explicit to Xcode.

2007-08-09  Mark Rowe  <mrowe@apple.com>

        Reviewed by Antti.

        <rdar://problem/5400709> Versioning in debug and release builds should include minor and tiny version before +

        * Configurations/Version.xcconfig:
        * WebKit.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Add a shell script phase to make to dependency between
        Version.xcconfig and Info.plist explicit to Xcode.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24976 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
weinig [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 04:12:30 +0000 (04:12 +0000)]
    Reviewed by Mark Rowe.

        Use index-getter instead of name-getter to better ensure
        that the frame has finished loading.

        * http/tests/security/dataURL/xss-DENIED-from-data-url-in-foriegn-domain-window-open.html:
        * http/tests/security/dataURL/xss-DENIED-to-data-url-in-foriegn-domain-subframe.html:
        * http/tests/security/dataURL/xss-DENIED-to-data-url-in-foriegn-domain-window-open.html:

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24975 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago2007-08-09 Mitz Pettel <mitz@webkit.org>
bdash [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 03:56:17 +0000 (03:56 +0000)]
2007-08-09  Mitz Pettel  <mitz@webkit.org>

        Reviewed by Justin Garcia.

        - fix http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14347
          REGRESSION (r21291): Initiating a drag near the edge of a selection deselects it

        Test: editing/selection/contains-boundaries.html

        * editing/SelectionController.cpp:
        (WebCore::SelectionController::contains): Changed to return true for the
        selection boundaries too.

2007-08-09  Mitz Pettel  <mitz@webkit.org>

        Reviewed by Justin Garcia.

        - test for http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14347
          REGRESSION (r21291): Initiating a drag near the edge of a selection deselects it

        * editing/selection/contains-boundaries-expected.checksum: Added.
        * editing/selection/contains-boundaries-expected.png: Added.
        * editing/selection/contains-boundaries-expected.txt: Added.
        * editing/selection/contains-boundaries.html: Added.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24974 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc

15 years ago2007-08-09 Mitz Pettel <mitz@webkit.org>
bdash [Fri, 10 Aug 2007 03:52:11 +0000 (03:52 +0000)]
2007-08-09  Mitz Pettel  <mitz@webkit.org>

        Reviewed by Dave Hyatt.

        - fix http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14742
          Document::recalcStyle(Force) called for every updateStyleIgnorePendingStylesheets while waiting for stylesheets

        updateStyleSelector() is normally called when something changes that factors
        into the style selector. However, updateLayoutIgnorePendingStylesheets() calls it for
        a different reason, namely to account for all the preceding changes that were ignored
        because of the early return in updateStyleSelector(). After that, the early return
        can no longer occur, so changes are accounted for as they happen, and
        updateLayoutIgnorePendingStylesheets() does not need to call updateStyleSelector()

        * dom/Document.cpp:
        (WebCore::Document::updateLayoutIgnorePendingStylesheets): Call updateStyleSelector()
        only before the first layout.

git-svn-id: https://svn.webkit.org/repository/webkit/trunk@24973 268f45cc-cd09-0410-ab3c-d52691b4dbfc