v3 UI doesn't preserve the time range when charts page is opened from a dashboard
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2015-12-09 jond@apple.comFixed broken link: https://webkit.org/old/security...
2015-12-09 jond@apple.comFixed function call reference.
2015-12-09 jond@apple.comWide tables should be scrollable on narrow mobile screens.
2015-12-09 jond@apple.comFix Code Style Guidelines code parsing.
2015-12-08 jond@apple.comFix social meta for home page.
2015-12-08 jond@apple.comImplemented a workaround for sharp SVG WebKit logo.
2015-12-07 jond@apple.comAddress UX issues with the Contribute menu.
2015-12-05 timothy@apple.comFix www redirect when https was used and restore status...
2015-12-05 timothy@apple.comAnother attempt to fix a 404 error when the site loads...
2015-12-05 timothy@apple.comFix a 404 error when the site loads via webkit.org.
2015-12-05 timothy@apple.comFix toggling so hidden links are not clickable still.
2015-12-05 timothy@apple.comFix another place where feature status internal referen...
2015-12-05 jond@apple.comFixed feature status internal reference links.
2015-12-05 jond@apple.comUpdate feature status for up-to-date status information.
2015-12-04 jond@apple.comFixed cache logic so download data is correctly available.
2015-12-04 jond@apple.comFixed transient behavior when the cache plugin is enabled.
2015-12-03 jond@apple.comAdd sub-section anchors to code style guidelines
2015-12-02 jond@apple.comImproved accessibility handling for the small drop...
2015-12-02 jond@apple.comFixed font rendering. Fixed SVG rendering for Firefox.
2015-12-01 jond@apple.comFixed static reference PHP syntax for compatibility...
2015-12-01 jond@apple.comFixed PHP syntax for compatibility with the server...
2015-12-01 jond@apple.comFixed data return format for tweets when updating cache.
2015-12-01 jond@apple.comTheme update to tidy styles and add a theme screenshot.
2015-12-01 jond@apple.comSet max-height to prevent narrow images from upscaling.
2015-11-30 jond@apple.comAdded a new theme and plugins for a redesigned webkit...