2007-01-20 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>
[WebKit-https.git] / WebKitTools / ChangeLog
2007-01-20 bdash2007-01-20 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>
2007-01-20 aroben Rubberstamped by Maciej.
2007-01-19 lars Reviewed by Adam Roben.
2007-01-18 darin Reviewed by John Sullivan.
2007-01-17 larsFix my last commit to actually work in all cases.
2007-01-17 lars Reviewed by Maciej
2007-01-17 lars Reviewed by Zack
2007-01-17 lars Add a message handler to DumpRenderTree that...
2007-01-16 lars Added the start of a public API to the Qt build
2007-01-16 justingLayoutTests:
2007-01-16 eseidel2007-01-15 Eric Seidel <eric@webkit.org>
2007-01-15 lars Reviewed by Zack
2007-01-15 bdash2007-01-14 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>
2007-01-12 lars Reviewed by Zack
2007-01-12 zackAdd WEBKIT_FULLBUILD to the qmake relevant build part...
2007-01-12 bdash2007-01-11 Mitz Pettel <mitz@webkit.org>
2007-01-11 larsfix compilation of DumpRenderTree. Will hopefully
2007-01-11 larsStart using the loader in the Qt port.
2007-01-06 staikosThis is still X11-specific.
2007-01-05 zackbe smarter when detecting the display (hopefully fixes
2007-01-05 ddkilzerWebKitTools:
2007-01-04 larscompile DumpRenderTree with RPATH. Hopefully this will
2007-01-04 bdash2007-01-03 Mark Rowe <bdash@webkit.org>
2007-01-02 zackcompilation fixes for the Qt port
2007-01-02 ddkilzerWebKitTools:
2006-12-29 eseidel2006-12-29 Eric Seidel <eric@eseidel.com>
2006-12-29 ddkilzerLayoutTests:
2006-12-29 ddkilzerLayoutTests:
2006-12-29 staikosFix the Qt build. Reviewed by Olliej.
2006-12-27 ggarenLayoutTests:
2006-12-27 eseidel2006-12-26 Eric Seidel <eric@webkit.org>
2006-12-26 ggarenJavaScriptCore:
2006-12-24 ggaren Reviewed by Maciej Stachowiak.
2006-12-23 bdash2006-12-22 Mark Rowe <bdash@webkit.org>
2006-12-22 bdash2006-12-21 Mark Rowe <bdash@webkit.org>
2006-12-21 larsAdd support for the layoutTestController JavaScript...
2006-12-21 bdash2006-12-21 Mark Rowe <bdash@webkit.org>
2006-12-19 ggarenLayoutTests:
2006-12-15 ap2006-12-15 Marvin Decker <marv.decker@gmail.com>
2006-12-14 thatchertop level:
2006-12-13 zackMake qmake the default build environment for the Qt...
2006-12-10 zackSome more fixes to the dumprendertree application ...
2006-12-10 rwlbuis Reviewed by Darin.
2006-12-10 zackInclude DumpRenderTree in the Qt build and adjust it...
2006-12-10 staikosRepair QMake build on OS X.
2006-12-10 zackSmall fixes for qmake shadow builds
2006-12-10 staikosRemove reference to Unity. Reviewed by Zack.
2006-12-09 zackReviewed by Maciej.
2006-12-09 staikos Reviewed by Maciej.
2006-12-07 sfalken2006-12-06 Steve Falkenburg <sfalken@apple.com>
2006-12-05 sfalken2006-12-04 Steve Falkenburg <sfalken@apple.com>
2006-11-21 darinWebKit:
2006-11-17 zimmermannReviewed by Mitz. Landed by Niko.
2006-11-12 bdash2006-11-12 Mark Rowe <bdash@webkit.org>
2006-11-11 ddkilzerChanged bugzilla.opendarwin.org URLs to bugs.webkit...
2006-11-11 andersca Reviewed and landed by Anders.
2006-11-11 bdash2006-11-10 Zack Rusin <zack@kde.org>
2006-11-09 darin Reviewed by Anders.
2006-11-09 darin Reviewed by Anders.
2006-11-07 bdash2006-11-06 Krzysztof Kowalczyk <kkowalczyk@gmail...
2006-11-06 ap Build fix, approved in principle by Tim H.
2006-11-06 thatcher Reviewed by Maciej.
2006-11-06 ap Reviewed by Maciej.
2006-11-06 bdash2006-11-06 Mark Rowe <bdash@webkit.org>
2006-11-06 ap Reviewed by Maciej.
2006-11-05 bdash2006-11-04 David Smith <catfish.man@gmail.com>
2006-11-05 bdash2006-11-04 David Smith <catfish.man@gmail.com>
2006-11-05 bdash2006-11-04 David Smith <catfish.man@gmail.com>
2006-11-05 bdash2006-11-04 Mark Rowe <bdash@webkit.org>
2006-11-04 darin Reviewed by Tim Hatcher.
2006-11-04 bdash2006-11-03 David Smith <catfish.man@gmail.com>
2006-11-04 thatcher Reviewed by Tim H.
2006-11-03 ap2006-11-03 Michael Emmel <mike.emmel@gmail.com>
2006-11-03 ap Reviewed by Adele.
2006-11-03 ggarenLayoutTests:
2006-11-03 andersca2006-11-02 Alexey Proskuryakov <ap@nypop.com>
2006-11-02 slewis2006-11-01 Stephanie Lewis <slewis@apple.com>
2006-11-02 beidson Reviewed by Tim Hatcher
2006-11-01 bdash2006-11-01 Mark Rowe <bdash@webkit.org>
2006-11-01 bdash2006-10-31 Mark Rowe <bdash@webkit.org>
2006-10-31 darin * DumpRenderTree/DumpRenderTree.m: Instead...
2006-10-31 darin - fixed build
2006-10-31 thatcher Reviewed by Tim H.
2006-10-31 darin Reviewed by Tim Hatcher.
2006-10-31 ggaren Reviewed by Beth.
2006-10-31 oliver2006-10-31 Nikolas Zimmermann <zimmermann@kde.org>
2006-10-31 thatcher Reviewed by Stephanie.
2006-10-30 slewis Reviewed by Darin.
2006-10-30 thatcher Reviewed by Tim H.
2006-10-30 darin * Scripts/do-file-rename: Renames done, ready...
2006-10-29 darin * Scripts/do-file-rename: And again.
2006-10-29 darin * Scripts/do-webcore-rename: Tweaked plans...
2006-10-29 darinLayoutTests:
2006-10-28 beidsontop level:
2006-10-26 ggaren Reviewed by Geoff.
2006-10-26 weinigWebCore:
2006-10-25 slewis2006-10-24 Stephanie Lewis <slewis@apple.com>
2006-10-24 weinigWebCore:
2006-10-24 bdash2006-10-24 David Smith <catfish.man@gmail.com>
2006-10-22 darin * Scripts/commit-log-editor: Use baseProductDir...