[WebKit-https.git] / WebKitTools / BuildSlaveSupport / / config.json
2010-12-15 lforschler@apple.com
2010-11-20 aroben@apple.comAdd some more Windows slaves
2010-11-18 aroben@apple.comAdd three new Windows XP build slaves
2010-11-17 aroben@apple.comMake each Windows Test builder use the same OS for...
2010-11-16 aroben@apple.comOnly trigger Windows builds when files that we actually...
2010-11-01 aroben@apple.comFix typo from r71022
2010-11-01 aroben@apple.comTrigger the Windows Release WebKit2 tests when a Releas...
2010-10-30 wsiegrist@apple.comWilliam Siegrist <>
2010-10-29 aroben@apple.comSwitch the Windows WebKit2 bot to the Release configuration
2010-10-13 commit-queue@webki... 2010-10-13 Leandro Pereira <>
2010-09-30 bweinstein@apple.comThe same bots shouldn't run both Windows Debug Tests...
2010-09-30 wsiegrist@apple.com2010-09-30 William Siegrist <>
2010-09-30[WinCairo] Adds a build slave.
2010-09-22 slewis@apple.comMake a new buildbot for Leopard Debug Test
2010-09-17 wsiegrist@apple.com2010-09-17 William Siegrist <>
2010-08-27 jhoneycutt@apple.comAdd Windows WebKit2 Tester to buildbot
2010-08-17 weinig@apple.comAdd WebKit2 Mac tester to buildbot.
2010-08-03 mrowe@apple.comAdd a new Leopard build slave to run the release tests.
2010-07-28 tony@chromium.org2010-07-28 Tony Chang <>
2010-07-19 mrowe@apple.comClean up the buildbot configuration a little.
2010-07-09 mrowe@apple.comAdd two new Windows test build slaves.
2010-06-19 eric@webkit.org2010-06-18 Dimitri Glazkov <>
2010-04-13 wsiegrist@apple.com2010-04-13 William Siegrist <>
2010-04-12 wsiegrist@apple.com2010-04-12 William Siegrist <>
2010-03-15 mrowe@apple.comAdd a new build slave to replace the existing SnowLeopa...
2010-02-19 wsiegrist@apple.com2010-02-19 William Siegrist <>
2009-11-24 mrowe@apple.comLand the configuration that includes the two debug...
2009-11-19 eric@webkit.org2009-11-18 Yaar Schnitman <>
2009-09-17 mrowe@apple.comSplit the SnowLeopard build across a few machines.
2009-09-08 mrowe@apple.comDon't check for leaks on the release SnowLeopard builder.
2009-09-08 mrowe@apple.comAdd a SnowLeopard release builder.
2009-08-26 dglazkov@chromium.org2009-08-17 Dimitri Glazkov <>
2009-08-19 mrowe@apple.comAdd a new build configuration that checks for leaks...
2009-07-30 mrowe@apple.comAdd a Qt Linux build bot.
2009-07-24 mrowe@apple.comUpdate config for new machine.
2009-06-23 mrowe@apple.comRoll out r44967 as that build slave hates freedom.
2009-06-23 mrowe@apple.comUpdate config for new machine.
2009-04-29 mrowe@apple.comUpdate configuration for the addition...
2009-04-08 mrowe@apple.comLand the current configuration for...