[WebKit-https.git] / WebKit / win / WebView.cpp
2007-11-29 mitz@apple.comWebCore:
2007-11-28 jhoneycutt@apple.com2007-11-27 Jon Honeycutt <jhoneycutt@apple.com>
2007-11-28 andersca@apple.com Reviewed by Adam.
2007-11-26 aroben@apple.com Fix a leak pointed out by Alexey
2007-11-26 aroben@apple.com Fix Bug 16138: Reduce code duplication in WebVi...
2007-11-17 ap@webkit.org Windows build fix
2007-11-14 andersca@apple.comWebKit/win:
2007-11-14 kmccullough@apple.comWebKit/win:
2007-11-07 arobenFix <rdar://5569268> Crash when opening any FTP site...
2007-11-06 adachan <rdar://problem/5579772> Regression: AltGr...
2007-11-05 aroben Add IWebInspector and a way to get one from a WebView
2007-11-05 aroben Only override the default user agent string...
2007-11-02 oliverMake sure we send the correct events for Capslock,...
2007-10-30 adeleWebCore:
2007-10-26 weinig Reviewed by Adam Roben.
2007-10-26 weinig Reviewed by Steve Falkenburg.
2007-10-25 kmccullo Reviewed by Darin.
2007-10-25 adachan <rdar://problem/5552221> REGRESSION(310A24...
2007-10-24 beidsonWebCore:
2007-10-23 adachan <rdar://problem/5244261> SafariWin ignores...
2007-10-17 aroben Fix for clean builds needed after r26683
2007-10-11 adachanWebCore:
2007-10-04 adeleWebCore:
2007-10-02 darinJavaScriptCore:
2007-09-28 adachan <rdar://problem/5507481> Added a delegate metho...
2007-09-24 aroben Fix <rdar://5499507> FrameView will always...
2007-09-19 beidson Reviewed by Adam
2007-09-18 ggarenWebCore:
2007-09-17 aroben Fix <rdar://4979801> overflow divs don't respon...
2007-09-13 darinWebCore:
2007-09-13 andersca Reviewed by Darin (reluctantly).
2007-09-11 darinRoll out accidentally-checked in change.
2007-09-11 darin - redo fix for <rdar://problem/5472899> REGRESS...
2007-09-10 sfalken Remove site-specific hacks that we don't need...
2007-09-07 adachan Need to let the OS handle Alt+F4.
2007-09-07 adachan <rdar://problem/5395928> Need to be able to...
2007-09-05 hyattFix ALT+key combos so that they go into the DOM.
2007-09-01 olivergtk:
2007-08-28 sfalken <rdar://problem/5424801> REGRESSION (r25151...
2007-08-26 oliver Reviewed by Adam and Sam
2007-08-25 weinigWebKitTools:
2007-08-24 adachan <rdar://problem/5147315> and <rdar://problem...
2007-08-24 weinigWebKitTools:
2007-08-23 honeycutt2007-08-22 Jon Honeycutt <jhoneycutt@apple.com>
2007-08-21 adachan Fix <rdar://problem/5416630> Accelerator to...
2007-08-21 aroben Switch Windows to using FrameView::layoutIfNeededRecursive
2007-08-18 aroben Fix <rdar://5192578> Inspect Element should not appear...
2007-08-18 aroben Add WebPreferences::sharedStandardPreferences
2007-08-16 ggarenWebCore:
2007-08-15 sfalken <rdar://problem/5411482> Windows user agent...
2007-08-15 andrewJavaScriptCore:
2007-08-12 aroben Fix <rdar://problem/5278790> Hole for find-on-page...
2007-08-11 adachan2007-08-10 Ada Chan <adachan@apple.com>
2007-07-20 oliver Reviewed by Maciej.
2007-07-20 mjs Reviewed by Adam.
2007-07-18 thatcherWebCore:
2007-07-18 weinigWebCore:
2007-07-18 bdashCleanliness is next to ... well, it's a Good Thing
2007-07-18 beidson Blind Windows build fix from r24395
2007-07-18 beidsonWebCore: 2007-07-17 Brady Eidson <beidson@apple.com>
2007-07-17 arobenAdd/initialize Settings::developerExtrasEnabled
2007-07-17 oliver Reviewed by Adam.
2007-07-17 oliver Reviewed by Maciej.
2007-07-17 oliver Reviewed by Maciej.
2007-07-16 oliver Reviewed by Steve.
2007-07-14 beidsonFix Windows build and set the pref to allow FTP directo...
2007-07-14 oliver Reviewed by Darin and Alexey.
2007-07-10 adachan2007-07-10 Ada Chan <adachan@apple.com>
2007-07-09 aliceli1LayoutTests:
2007-07-09 andersca Build fix.
2007-07-05 arobenFix a leak in WebView::setToolTip
2007-07-05 arobenFix Bug 14143: Tooltips not displayed on Windows
2007-07-05 arobenAdd/initialize Settings::showsURLsInToolTips
2007-07-05 arobenMove logic for calling mouseDidMoveOverElement into...
2007-06-27 sfalken Prefast: Fix misplaced parenthesis.
2007-06-21 arobenLand the new Inspector.
2007-06-19 hyattAdd support to Windows for Backspace back/forward navig...
2007-06-18 hyattGroundwork for Ctrl+Enter URL bar support.
2007-06-18 hyattAdd support for horizontal mouse wheeling (WebKit part).
2007-06-18 hyattAdd support for Ctrl+Mouse Wheel to do text zooming...
2007-06-12 arobenMerge WindowsMerge to trunk