<rdar://problem/5097419> Cursor flickers when over window resizer
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2008-01-17 sfalken@apple.com <rdar://problem/5097419> Cursor flickers when...
2008-01-16 sfalken@apple.com <rdar://problem/5663888> Cannot type into a...
2008-01-15 sfalken@apple.comJavaScriptCore:
2008-01-14 sfalken@apple.comJavaScriptCore:
2008-01-11 aroben@apple.com Fix Bug 16828: WebView never paints if first...
2008-01-11 mrowe@apple.comWindows build fix. Update to match method name in...
2008-01-11 ggaren@apple.comJavaScriptCore:
2008-01-11 mjs@apple.com Not reviewed, build fix.
2008-01-11 mjs@apple.com Not reviewed, build fix.
2008-01-11 mjs@apple.comWebCore:
2008-01-11 ddkilzer@apple.comJavaScriptCore:
2008-01-10 aroben@apple.comFix many bugs by giving Windows one FrameView per page...
2008-01-10 adachan@apple.com Fix crash that could happen if the key we are...
2008-01-08 sfalken@apple.com Fix build.
2008-01-08 antti@apple.comTry to fix the Windows build.
2008-01-08 antti@apple.com Reviewed by Steve.
2008-01-08 sfalken@apple.com Build fix.
2008-01-07 mitz@apple.comWebCore:
2008-01-07 zecke@webkit.org* Qt and Gtk must know if a ContextMenuItem is checkabl...
2008-01-04 ap@webkit.org Reviewed by Adam Roben.
2008-01-04 ap@webkit.org Reviewed by Darin.
2008-01-04 aroben@apple.comFix <rdar://4968855> Shift-PageUp/Shift-PageDown only...
2008-01-04 ap@webkit.org Reviewed by Darin.
2008-01-04 adachan@apple.com Replaced the use of editor command "ForwardDele...
2008-01-03 adachan@apple.com Regression: backspace stopped working on text...
2008-01-02 alice.liu@apple.comWebCore:
2008-01-01 pewtermoose@webkit.orgAttempt to fix the Windows bots until they can get...
2007-12-31 pewtermoose@webkit.org Reviewed by Darin.
2007-12-22 antti@apple.com Reviewed by Darin, Adam and Steve.
2007-12-21 adachan@apple.com Implemented DOMDocument::getElementById().
2007-12-21 ap@webkit.org Reviewed by Steve and Darin.
2007-12-21 ap@webkit.orgCorrect ChangeLog spelling.
2007-12-21 ap@webkit.org Build fix: cannot use framework-style include...
2007-12-20 kmccullough@apple.comWebKit/win:
2007-12-19 hyatt@apple.comAdd fourth preference value for GDI text font smoothing...
2007-12-18 darin@apple.com Reviewed by Sam.
2007-12-16 ap@webkit.org Reviewed by Darin.
2007-12-15 ap@webkit.org Reviewed by Maciej.
2007-12-15 mitz@apple.com - yet another build fix
2007-12-15 mitz@apple.com - build fix
2007-12-14 darin@apple.com Reviewed by Adele.
2007-12-14 darin@apple.comWebCore:
2007-12-14 mitz@apple.comWebCore:
2007-12-14 sfalken@apple.comWebCore:
2007-12-14 aroben@apple.comFix <rdar://5517707> Crash on wptv.wp.pl when "make...
2007-12-13 sfalken@apple.comJavaScriptCore:
2007-12-13 ap@webkit.org Reviewed by Adele.
2007-12-13 beidson@apple.comWebCore:
2007-12-12 sfalken@apple.com Build fix.
2007-12-12 mitz@apple.comWebCore:
2007-12-12 oliver@apple.com<rdar://problem/5071781> window.mouseout events are...
2007-12-12 mitz@apple.com Reviewed by Alexey Proskuryakov.
2007-12-12 weinig@apple.comWebCore:
2007-12-11 andersca@apple.com Reviewed by Darin.
2007-12-11 adachan@apple.com Updated the database SPI to take in IWebFrame.
2007-12-11 ap@webkit.org Windows build fix.
2007-12-11 darin@apple.comWebCore:
2007-12-11 ap@webkit.org Reviewed by Darin.
2007-12-11 ggaren@apple.comJavaScriptCore:
2007-12-10 aroben@apple.com Fix <rdar://5624866> CFStringRef UI_STRING...
2007-12-10 aroben@apple.com Make WebLocalizableStrings work a little more...
2007-12-08 sfalken@apple.comWebKit/win:
2007-12-08 sfalken@apple.com Fix build.
2007-12-08 sfalken@apple.com Fix build.
2007-12-07 ggaren@apple.com Tried to fix build by suppressing warning.
2007-12-07 darin@apple.comWebCore:
2007-12-07 sfalken@apple.comJavaScriptCore:
2007-12-07 aroben@apple.com Add SoftLinking.h for Windows and use it in a few...
2007-12-07 adachan@apple.com <rdar://problem/5556378> Implemented database...
2007-12-07 alice.liu@apple.com Fixed <rdar://5540000> onbeforeunload doesn...
2007-12-07 aroben@apple.comFix <rdar://5615283> Crash in WebFrame::receivedPolicyD...
2007-12-06 aroben@apple.comFix <rdar://5108390> Feed title is too low in blue...
2007-12-06 adachan@apple.com Build fix.
2007-12-06 ggaren@apple.comJavaScriptCore:
2007-12-06 sfalken@apple.com <rdar://problem/5625327> Crash toggling check...
2007-12-05 aroben@apple.com Expose WebView::setProhibitsMainFrameScrolling...
2007-12-05 mitz@apple.comWebCore:
2007-12-05 adachan@apple.com Provide API for setting the default storage...
2007-12-04 kmccullough@apple.comWebKit/win:
2007-12-04 aroben@apple.com Hook up the authorAndUserStylesEnabled preference...
2007-12-04 jhoneycutt@apple.com2007-12-04 Jon Honeycutt <jhoneycutt@apple.com>
2007-12-04 darin@apple.comWebCore:
2007-12-04 aroben@apple.com Windows build fix
2007-12-04 mitz@apple.comWebCore:
2007-12-03 kmccullough@apple.comWebKit/win:
2007-12-03 mrowe@apple.com2007-12-03 Mark Rowe <mrowe@apple.com>
2007-12-03 aroben@apple.com Another speculative Windows build fix
2007-12-03 aroben@apple.com Speculative Windows build fix
2007-12-01 weinig@apple.com Rename IWebViewPrivate::selectionImageRect...
2007-12-01 adachan@apple.com <rdar://problem/5621373> Added a way for the...
2007-11-30 andersca@apple.com Reviewed by Sam.
2007-11-30 kmccullough@apple.comWebKit/win:
2007-11-29 beidson@apple.com Build fix that works...?
2007-11-29 beidson@apple.com Build fix
2007-11-29 beidson@apple.comWebCore:
2007-11-29 mitz@apple.comWebCore:
2007-11-28 kmccullough@apple.com Reviewed by Tim.
2007-11-28 andersca@apple.com Reviewed by Adam.
2007-11-28 andersca@apple.com Get Drosera working again for real.
2007-11-28 kmccullough@apple.com Reviewed by Maciej and Adam.