Reviewed by Adam.
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2007-07-20 mjs Reviewed by Adam.
2007-07-18 thatcherWebCore:
2007-07-18 weinigWebCore:
2007-07-18 beidson Blind Windows build fix from r24395
2007-07-18 beidsonWebCore: 2007-07-17 Brady Eidson <>
2007-07-17 adachan2007-07-17 Ada Chan <>
2007-07-17 arobenFix Bug 14324: Cannot remove/customize the "Inspect...
2007-07-17 arobenRemove ContextMenuClient::shouldIncludeInspectElementItem
2007-07-17 arobenAdd/initialize Settings::developerExtrasEnabled
2007-07-17 ggaren Build fix.
2007-07-17 oliver Reviewed by Adam.
2007-07-17 oliver Reviewed by Maciej.
2007-07-17 beidsonWebCore:
2007-07-17 oliver Reviewed by Maciej.
2007-07-16 arobenWebKit/win part of <rdar://problem/5336005> Calling...
2007-07-16 arobenReplace Frame::print with Chrome::print and remove...
2007-07-16 oliver Reviewed by Steve.
2007-07-14 beidsonFix Windows build and set the pref to allow FTP directo...
2007-07-14 oliver Reviewed by Darin and Alexey.
2007-07-13 aliceli1WebCore:
2007-07-11 sfalken Static analysis build fix.
2007-07-10 adachan2007-07-10 Ada Chan <>
2007-07-09 aliceli1LayoutTests:
2007-07-09 andersca Build fix.
2007-07-05 arobenFix a leak in WebView::setToolTip
2007-07-05 arobenFix Bug 14143: Tooltips not displayed on Windows
2007-07-05 arobenMove tooltip logic down into WebCore so that it can...
2007-07-05 arobenAdd/initialize Settings::showsURLsInToolTips
2007-07-05 arobenMove logic for calling mouseDidMoveOverElement into...
2007-07-05 arobenAdd Chrome::mouseDidMoveOverElement
2007-07-04 arobenMerge the Windows and Mac localized strings and excepti...
2007-06-27 sfalkenFix ChangeLog.
2007-06-27 sfalken Turn on static code analysis.
2007-06-27 sfalken Prefast: Remove variable redefinitions in inner...
2007-06-27 sfalken Remove SEH block from around history plist...
2007-06-27 sfalken Prefast: Fix misplaced parenthesis.
2007-06-27 sfalken Prefast: Add null check prior to writing into...
2007-06-27 sfalken Prefast: Add error handling for SysAllocStringL...
2007-06-21 arobenLand the new Inspector.
2007-06-19 hyattAdd support to Windows for Backspace back/forward navig...
2007-06-18 hyattGroundwork for Ctrl+Enter URL bar support.
2007-06-18 hyattAdd support for horizontal mouse wheeling (WebKit part).
2007-06-18 hyattAdd support for Ctrl+Mouse Wheel to do text zooming...
2007-06-12 arobenMerge WindowsMerge to trunk