More work on bidi and contextual forms.
[WebKit-https.git] / WebCore / kwq / KWQString.h
2002-10-31 rjw More work on bidi and contextual forms.
2002-10-26 darin - changed naming scheme in KWQ for files like...
2002-09-17 darinWebCore:
2002-09-11 darinWebCore:
2002-08-22 rjw New faster char * append (actually insert)...
2002-08-22 darin Some small QString improvements.
2002-08-20 darinWebCore:
2002-08-20 rjw QString rewrite. Much faster now.
2002-07-29 darintop level:
2002-07-14 darintop level:
2002-06-10 darinJavaScriptCore:
2002-05-31 darin Remove some unused stuff; total of 1000s of lines.
2002-05-22 rjw Lots of changes for DHTML.
2002-05-06 darini * Generate the PFE precompiled headers...
2002-04-25 darinWebCore:
2002-03-22 darin Finally giving up on the complete QString rewri...
2002-03-22 mjsMerged changes from LABYRINTH_KDE_3_MERGE branch.
2002-03-18 darin Redo inlining of QChar and QString and some...
2002-03-15 rjw Optimizations that remove unnecessary cfstring...
2002-03-08 rjw Instrumentation of the text fragment metrics...
2002-02-01 rjwAdded QString constructor, fixed javascript at head...
2002-02-01 rjwAdded document source .
2002-01-30 rjwMake copy of chars in QConstString constructor.
2002-01-29 rjwFirst pass at frame code. Still needs lots of cleanup.
2001-12-14 mjsWebCore changes:
2001-12-07 kociendaI made a pass through the code and cleaned up all compi...
2001-11-20 kociendaFixed "double letter" problem that resulted from a...
2001-11-16 rjwChanged standard default font sizes.
2001-10-25 kociendaThis is a fairly bit set of changes that improves rende...
2001-10-19 rjwFixes for getting WebViewTest running.
2001-10-19 grampsFixed stupid signed arithmetic bug in mid
2001-10-17 grampsAdded fromStringWithEncoding for QTextCodec implementation
2001-10-13 grampsImplemented NSString conversion macros
2001-10-12 grampsMore operator overloading and numerics hell (so just...
2001-10-12 grampsRe-factored integer conversion code and other changes
2001-10-06 grampsFun with operator+
2001-10-06 grampsFun with numerics
2001-10-05 grampsFixed padding bug in arg
2001-10-05 grampsAdded private leftRight function
2001-10-05 grampsStill more implementation
2001-10-04 grampsMany changes
2001-10-03 grampsAdded isNumber function for khtmlview.cpp
2001-10-03 grampsFun, fun, fun with operator overloading
2001-10-02 grampsChanged fromLatin1 prototype
2001-10-02 grampsMassive implementation and reorganization
2001-10-01 kociendaMoved some functions and their definitions, and marked...
2001-10-01 kociendaAdditions to this interface to support using borrowed...
2001-09-29 grampsMinor tweaks
2001-09-28 grampsMore QString implementation
2001-09-28 rjw*** empty log message ***
2001-09-27 kociendaFixes to process for switching use of borrowed strings...
2001-09-27 kociendaThis is the big mondo check-in that moves us away from...
2001-09-21 grampsMore anal-retentive tweaking
2001-09-21 grampsAnal-retentive tweaking
2001-09-20 grampsAdded partial QChar implementation
2001-09-19 kociendaStarted making modifications that will move us towards...
2001-09-19 grampsAdded QConstString implementation and some fixes
2001-09-10 kociendaFinished initial code clean up. This includes:
2001-09-10 grampsHack to workaround name collision with Mac Rect and...
2001-09-10 grampsHack to workaround name collision with Mac Fixed type
2001-09-10 grampsBegin implementation
2001-09-06 kociendaSome more cleanups having to do woth constructors,...
2001-09-06 kociendaFirst pass at code cleanup: Added constructors, copy...
2001-09-05 kociendaVarious changes to remove files that are not explicitly...
2001-09-05 kociendaSome small code cleanups
2001-09-05 kociendaFinished in khtml/rendering directory
2001-09-04 kociendaMany changes as I progress through khtml/rendering
2001-09-04 kociendaAdded make system support to khtml/html
2001-09-04 kociendaFixes for khtml/html, specifically html_formimpl.cpp
2001-09-04 grampsStill more changes to get this beast to compile
2001-08-31 kociendaFinished getting khtml/java to compile
2001-08-30 kociendaFinished getting khtml/misc to compile ... that was...
2001-08-30 kociendaFinished work getting khtml/ecma to compile
2001-08-30 grampsMore compilation fixes and anal-retentive tweaks
2001-08-30 kociendaIn process of working on khtml/ecma....
2001-08-29 kociendaFinished getting khtml/css to compile
2001-08-29 kociendaReplaced tabs with spaces
2001-08-29 kociendaFinished getting khtml/xml to compile
2001-08-29 grampsMore compile updates
2001-08-28 kociendaMore most of the way through khtml/xml
2001-08-28 kociendaMore whacks to get khtml/dom to compile, and, by gum...
2001-08-28 grampsMore changes to get khtml/css/cssparser.cpp to compile
2001-08-28 kociendaAnother batch of changes for moving forward in khtml/dom
2001-08-28 grampsChanges to get khtml/css/cssparser.cpp to compile
2001-08-28 kociendaModified a number of files by adding skeletal type...
2001-08-27 grampsChanges to get some of khtml/dom files to compile
2001-08-27 grampsgramps can't type
2001-08-24 grampsAdded skeleton header files