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2005-03-17 harrison Reviewed by Maciej.
2005-03-11 harrison Reviewed by Darin.
2005-02-24 harrison Reviewed by Ken.
2005-02-23 harrison Reviewed by Darin.
2005-02-23 harrison Reviewed by Vicki.
2005-02-23 harrison Reviewed by Vicki.
2005-02-14 harrison Reviewed by Darin.
2005-02-10 harrison Reviewed by Darin.
2005-01-31 harrison Reviewed by Darin
2005-01-28 harrison Reviewed by John Sullivan.
2005-01-28 harrison Reviewed by Darin.
2005-01-27 harrison Reviewed by Ken.
2005-01-27 harrison Reviewed by Darin, Ken.
2005-01-25 harrison Reviewed by Maciej.
2005-01-20 harrison Reviewed by Darin.
2005-01-20 harrison Reviewed by Darin.
2005-01-20 harrison Reviewed by Maciej.
2005-01-18 harrison Reviewed by Darin.
2005-01-18 harrison Reviewed by John Sullivan.
2005-01-13 harrison Reviewed by Dave Hyatt.
2005-01-13 harrison Reviewed by Darin Adler.
2005-01-08 harrison Reviewed by Darin.
2005-01-06 harrison Reviewed by Chris.
2005-01-06 harrison Fixed Panther build. Also, do not advertize...
2005-01-06 harrison Reviewed by Dave Hyatt.
2004-12-20 harrisonChangeLog
2004-12-10 sullivan Reviewed by Dave.
2004-11-23 hyatt Fix for 3673381, huge directory listing so slow it...
2004-10-10 sullivan - fixed <rdar://problem/3664375> repro crash...
2004-09-29 mjsWebCore:
2004-09-16 darin - fixed Panther build
2004-09-16 darin Reviewed by John.
2004-08-30 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-05-19 darin - fixed headers with licenses mangled by Xcode...
2004-05-19 hyatt Add two new attributes for accessibility that can...
2004-05-19 hyatt Fix crash when retrieving the AXHelp text.
2004-04-29 hyatt Expose summary on tables.
2004-04-29 hyatt Implement image maps for accessibility.
2004-04-29 hyatt 1. Change the role of links from AXButton to AXLink.
2004-03-09 hyatt Make the AXLinkUIElements attribute always return...
2004-03-09 hyatt (1) Change root element in a document to have a role...
2004-03-03 hyatt Speed up access to the children arrays of accessibilit...
2004-03-01 kociendaTests:
2004-01-31 hyatt Fix for 3522497, <br>s should not get AXObjects created.
2004-01-28 hyatt Fix for 3537694, make blocks for parents of inline...
2004-01-26 hyatt Preserve the integrity of the line box tree when eleme...
2004-01-07 hyatt Possible fix for table bugs 3510005 and 3492945, repai...
2003-12-22 sullivan - fixed <rdar://problem/3508798>: ACCESSIBILITY...
2003-12-17 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2003-12-16 hyatt Fix for 3508807, positions/sizes wrong for text elts...
2003-12-15 hyatt Fix for 3508792. Remove tables and cells as AxObjects.
2003-12-08 hyatt Fix the position method to return screen coords like...
2003-12-05 hyatt Add support for link clicking as an accessibility...
2003-12-05 mjs Reviewed by John.
2003-10-08 hyatt Fix for link dragging regression in the titles of...
2003-10-07 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2003-10-02 hyatt Work on exposing elements to the Acc API. This patch...
2003-10-01 hyatt Clean up our detach model so that you can always get...