set version number to 145u; the tree is open
[WebKit-https.git] / WebCore / WebCore.pbproj / project.pbxproj
2004-06-11 vickiset version number to 145u; the tree is open
2004-06-11 vickiSafari-144 stamp
2004-06-08 darin Reviewed by Chris.
2004-06-04 vickichange version number to '144u'. the tree is open.
2004-06-04 vickiSafari 2.0 (v143) stamp
2004-06-04 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-06-02 kocienda Reviewed by me
2004-05-27 vicki- Change version number to '143u'. The tree is open!
2004-05-27 vickiSafari-142 stamp
2004-05-27 treyWebCore:
2004-05-27 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-05-25 rjw Part 1 of the new <CANVAS> tag implementation. This...
2004-05-23 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-05-21 vickichange version number to '142u'. the tree is open.
2004-05-21 vickiSafari-141 stamp
2004-05-19 kocienda Reviewed by John
2004-05-15 vicki Reviewed by mjs.
2004-05-14 vickiset version number to 141u
2004-05-14 vickiSafari-140 stamp
2004-05-07 vickiset version number to 140u. the tree is open!
2004-05-07 vickiSafari-139 stamp
2004-05-07 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-05-04 kocienda Reviewed by me
2004-05-04 kociendaWebCore:
2004-05-03 darin Reviewed by Ken
2004-04-29 cblu - Implemented DOMHTMLElementExtensions.
2004-04-26 hyatt Fix for 3258403, implement support for min-height...
2004-04-25 darinWebCore:
2004-04-23 vickiChange version number to '139u'. The tree is open!
2004-04-23 vickiSafari-138 stamp
2004-04-21 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-04-21 kocienda Reviewed by John
2004-04-20 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-04-20 kociendaWebCore:
2004-04-16 vickiset version to '138u'. the tree is open!
2004-04-16 vickiSafari-137 stamp
2004-04-08 vickichange version number to 137u. the tree is open
2004-04-08 vickiSafari-136 stamp
2004-04-06 kociendaWebCore:
2004-04-05 hyatt Implement overflow: overlay so that a scrollbar can...
2004-04-05 cbluTests:
2004-04-02 cbluWebCore:
2004-04-02 vickichange version number from 135 to 136u.
2004-04-02 vickiSafari-135 stamp
2004-04-01 rjwMore header shuffling.
2004-04-01 kocienda Reviewed by Dave.
2004-03-26 vicki- change version number from 134 to 135u. the tree...
2004-03-26 vicki- Safari-134 stamp
2004-03-19 vickichanged version number from '133' to '134u'. The tree...
2004-03-19 vicki- Safari-133 stamp
2004-03-16 darinWebCore:
2004-03-16 darinWebCore:
2004-03-15 vickichange version number from '132' to '133u'. the tree...
2004-03-15 vickiSafari-132 stamp
2004-03-12 cblu Added stubs for the HTML DOM API.
2004-03-11 kociendaWebCore:
2004-03-08 kocienda2004-03-08 Ken Kocienda <>
2004-03-05 kocienda Reviewed by Dave.
2004-03-03 darinJavaScriptCore:
2004-03-03 rjwWebKit:
2004-03-02 vickiChange version number from '130' to '131u'. The tree...
2004-03-02 vickiSafari-130 stamp
2004-03-01 kociendaTests:
2004-02-26 kociendaWebCore:
2004-02-21 vickiset version from '129' to '130u'. the tree is open!
2004-02-21 vickiSafari-129 stamp
2004-02-15 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2004-02-13 vickiSet version to '129u'. The tree is open!
2004-02-13 vickiSafari-128 stamp
2004-02-12 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-02-08 darinWebCore:
2004-02-07 darinWebCore:
2004-02-07 hyatt Implemented a TokenizerString that can walk...
2004-02-07 vickiBack to '128u'. The tree is open!
2004-02-07 vickiSafari-127 stamp
2004-01-31 vickichange version number from '126' to '127u'
2004-01-31 vickiSafari-126 stamp
2004-01-30 hyatt Atomize font families (KWQFontFamily) and all attribut...
2004-01-27 hyatt Add a new AtomicString type (that is really just a...
2004-01-26 hyatt Add CSS3 @namespace support. The whole way namespaces...
2004-01-23 kocienda Reviewed by Hyatt
2004-01-23 hyatt (1) Implement better XML error handling.
2004-01-22 hyattFix build bustage.
2004-01-22 hyattFix build bustage with libxml include path.
2004-01-22 hyatt Switch from expat to libxml and implement namespace...
2004-01-21 vickichange version number to from '125' to '126u'
2004-01-21 vickiSafari-125 stamp
2004-01-17 vickiset version number to '125u'. The tree is open for...
2004-01-17 vickiSafari-124 stamp
2004-01-15 vickiJavaScriptCore:
2004-01-15 vicki- change version numbers to "124u", since I spun WebBro...
2004-01-15 vicki- change version number to "123u". The tree is open...
2004-01-15 vickiSafari-122 stamp (we'll have to change the release...
2004-01-12 vickichanged version number from '121' to '122u'
2004-01-07 vickiok, back to 121u now. tree is still closed.
2004-01-07 vickisilly me. i forgot to actually tag before updating...
2004-01-07 vickiset version number to 121u -- the tree is still closed
2004-01-07 vickiSafari-120 stamp
2003-12-22 darin Reviewed by John.
2003-12-19 vicki*** empty log message ***