- checked in a result for the Flash replacement test that Dave added
[WebKit-https.git] / WebCore / ChangeLog-2005-08-23
2005-05-09 darin - checked in a result for the Flash replacement...
2005-05-09 darintop level:
2005-05-08 mjs Reviewed by Kevin.
2005-05-07 harrison Reviewed by John.
2005-05-07 harrison Remove workaround for <rdar://problem/4103339>.
2005-05-07 mjs Reviewed by Dave Harrison.
2005-05-07 harrison Reviewed by Maciej, Darin.
2005-05-06 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2005-05-06 darintop level:
2005-05-05 hyatt Eliminate the FOUCS on wired.com. innerWidth and...
2005-05-05 hyatt Fix for 4109667, sIFR flash replacement technique...
2005-05-05 darin Reviewed by Dave Hyatt.
2005-05-05 harrison Reviewed by me.
2005-05-05 mjs Reviewed by Vicki.
2005-05-05 vicki Reviewed by Darin.
2005-05-04 darin Reviewed by Dave Hyatt.
2005-05-04 vicki Reviewed by darin.
2005-05-03 hyatt Normalize all our custom properties in our implementat...
2005-05-03 darin - fix the build
2005-05-03 hyatt Fix for 4098281, news.com missing a bunch of content...
2005-05-03 hyatt Remove unused notification to avoid ERROR messages...
2005-05-03 darin Reviewed by Dave Hyatt.
2005-05-03 hyatt Fix for object element to support fallback content...
2005-05-03 darintop level:
2005-05-02 darinFix layout test paths.
2005-05-02 darin Reviewed by Vicki.
2005-05-02 harrison Reviewed by Vicki.
2005-04-29 darin Reviewed by David Harrison.
2005-04-29 harrison Reviewed by Darin.
2005-04-29 darin Reviewed by Dave Harrison.
2005-04-29 darin Reviewed by Chris Blumenberg.
2005-04-29 darin Reviewed by Dave Harrison.
2005-04-29 darinFix ChangeLog
2005-04-29 darin * WebCore.pbproj/project.pbxproj: Add back...
2005-04-28 adele Rolling out fix for <rdar://problem/4097849...
2005-04-27 sullivan Reviewed by Darin.
2005-04-27 sullivan Reviewed by Adele.
2005-04-27 adele Fixed by Darin, reviewed by me.
2005-04-27 mjsJavaScriptCore:
2005-04-26 darinWebCore:
2005-04-26 harrison Reviewed by Darin, Maciej.
2005-04-26 darin - fixed development builds
2005-04-26 hyatt Fix for 4097842, changing 1st line of a url that wraps...
2005-04-26 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2005-04-26 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2005-04-25 sullivan Reviewed by Dave Harrison.
2005-04-25 darin Reviewed by John.
2005-04-25 darin Reviewed by John.
2005-04-23 hyatt Fix for 4096878, drop shadow effect not displayed...
2005-04-23 hyatt Remove some dead code from css_valueimpl. ...
2005-04-22 darin * khtml/ecma/kjs_html.h: Removed unnecessary...
2005-04-22 hyatt Fix for 4096681, fix regression in how the list-style...
2005-04-22 darin Reviewed by John.
2005-04-22 darin Reviewed by John.
2005-04-21 hyatt Fix for 4095839, wrong background image used on flecht...
2005-04-21 vicki - layout test for 4065447, outerHTML on images
2005-04-21 vicki Reviewed by hyatt.
2005-04-18 hyatt Fix min-height so that when it resolves to auto it...
2005-04-18 hyatt Back out fix for 4032346, since it is causing...
2005-04-18 hyatt Fix the smile in the Acid2 test. Floats should not...
2005-04-15 hyatt Make sure empty tables honor CSS-specified heights...
2005-04-15 hyatt Fix for row 13 of the Acid2 test. Change HTML comment...
2005-04-15 mjs Reviewed by Richard.
2005-04-15 hyatt Fix the six pixel gap between rows nine and ten of...
2005-04-15 hyatt The Acid2 test and the reference rendering both make...
2005-04-14 hyatt 3258403 and 3258402 can now be fixed. min/max-width...
2005-04-12 hyatt Working on the Acid2 test, Row 1.
2005-04-12 vicki Reviewed by Maciej.
2005-04-12 hyatt Beginning of work to support the Acid2 CSS test put...
2005-04-12 sullivan - fixed these two bugs (I also fixed these...
2005-04-09 harrison Reviewed by Dave Hyatt.
2005-04-05 hyatt Fix for 4077106, make sure that mouse wheeling in...
2005-04-05 vicki Reviewed by Maciej.
2005-03-28 vickiversioning for WebCore-415
2005-03-28 harrison Reviewed by Darin.
2005-03-28 vickiversioning for WebCore-413
2005-03-28 darin Reviewed by me, fix by Kida-san.
2005-03-24 vickiSafari-412 stamp
2005-03-24 rjw Fixed <rdar://problem/4052683> After adding/removing...
2005-03-24 vickiSafari-411 stamp
2005-03-24 rjw Further fix for 4053515.
2005-03-23 rjwWebCore:
2005-03-23 kdecker Reviewed by Vicki.
2005-03-23 vicki - roll the fix for <rdar://problem/4060266...
2005-03-23 vickiSafari-410 stamp
2005-03-23 vicki - roll out the fix for <rdar://problem/4060266> since...
2005-03-22 harrison Reviewed by Darin.
2005-03-22 harrison Reviewed by John.
2005-03-21 vickiSafari-409 stamp
2005-03-21 kocienda Reviewed by me
2005-03-20 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2005-03-20 harrison Reviewed by Darin.
2005-03-20 darin Reviewed by Harrison.
2005-03-20 darin Reviewed by me, code change by Ken.
2005-03-20 kocienda Reviewed by me
2005-03-20 kocienda Reviewed by Maciej
2005-03-20 kocienda Reviewed by Maciej
2005-03-20 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2005-03-19 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2005-03-19 sullivan Reviewed by Darin.