Add rafaelw as a committer.
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2012-02-21 rafaelw@chromium.orgAdd rafaelw as a committer.
2012-02-20 wingo@igalia.comAdd wingo as a committer.
2012-02-16 tsepez@chromium.orgAdd to
2012-02-14 shinyak@chromium.orgAdd shinyak as committer
2012-02-13 fischman@chromium.orgAdd fischman as committer.
2012-02-07 crogers@google.comAdd Chris Rogers to reviewers section
2012-02-02 msaboff@apple.comAdd myself as a reviewer.
2012-02-02 kkristof@inf.u-sze... Add myself as a commiter
2012-01-27 zoltan@webkit.orgUpdate with new contributors.
2012-01-27 vsevik@chromium.orgAdd Vsevolod Vlasov to reviewers list.
2012-01-26 abarth@webkit.orgKentaro is a reviewer now. Yay!
2012-01-26 piman@chromium.orgUpdating status in
2012-01-21 shawnsingh@chromiu... Changed my status in
2012-01-18 jsbell@chromium.orgAdding myself to
2012-01-17 toyoshim@chromium.orgAdd toyoshim as a committer.
2012-01-16 danw@gnome.orgAdd myself as a committer
2012-01-10 benwells@chromium.orgAdding myself (benwells) to
2012-01-04 ostapenko.viatches... Adding myself to committers list.
2011-12-22 eric@webkit.orgAdd and commit-queue@webkit...
2011-12-17 dino@apple.comMove webkit-bug-importer to Contributor. It won't
2011-12-16 dino@apple.comAdd to accounts
2011-12-14 kling@webkit.orgMake my e-mail address a little more awesome.
2011-12-13 bashi@chromium.orgReviewed, removed one of my email addresses to use...
2011-12-12 pierre.rossi@gmail.comAdd myself as a committer
2011-12-10 kling@webkit.orgAdd my Apple e-mail to
2011-12-09 enne@google.comUnreviewed contributor additions to
2011-12-08 nayankk@motorola.comAdding myself to committers list.
2011-12-07 tomz@codeaurora.orgMoved myself to the committers list.
2011-12-06 tommyw@google.comAdded myself as a committer.
2011-12-06 peter@chromium.orgAdded myself as a committer.
2011-12-05 rniwa@webkit.orgAdd Aharon Lanin to the contributors list.
2011-12-05 jarred@sencha.comMoving myself from contributors to committers.
2011-12-05 kubo@profusion.mobiAdd myself as a committer.
2011-12-02 mrobinson@webkit.orgFix a syntax error in the file.
2011-12-02 rniwa@webkit.orgAdd Alan Stearns and Peter Linss to the contributors...
2011-11-30 alex@webkit.org2011-11-30 Alejandro G. Castro <>
2011-11-21 rniwa@webkit.orgChangeLogEntry should be able to parse entries with...
2011-11-18 rniwa@webkit.orgfuzzy_match doesn't recognize "Dan B" or "hyatt"
2011-11-16 rniwa@webkit.orgcontributors_by_fuzzy_match is super slow
2011-11-16 rniwa@webkit.orgImplement edit-distance based reviewer recognition...
2011-11-10 commit-queue@webki... Add cc-bugs group to watch changes in chromium graphics
2011-11-08 jchaffraix@webkit.orgMoved myself to the reviewer list (yay!).
2011-11-08 zeno.albisser@noki... Added myself as a committer.
2011-11-08 yuqiang.xian@intel.comAdded myself as a committer.
2011-11-08 ravi.kasibhatla... Adding myself to the committer script.
2011-11-08 wangxianzhu@chromi... Add myself as a committer.
2011-10-28 achicu@adobe.comAdded myself as a committer.
2011-10-14 levin@chromium.orgwatchlist: Add a validation check for the email names...
2011-10-12 aboxhall@chromium.orgAdded myself as a committer.
2011-10-12 dmazzoni@google.comChanged the order of my email addresses so that it...
2011-10-12 mihnea@adobe.comAdd myself to committers.
2011-10-10 dmazzoni@google.comAdding myself to the committers file.
2011-10-06 amruthraj@motorola.comAdding myself to the committers list.
2011-10-03 ademar@webkit.orgUnreviewed: change my e-mail in
2011-10-03 ossy@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Add Zoltán Árvai as contributor.
2011-10-01 fpizlo@apple.comAdded myself to reviewers, because I'm now a reviewer.
2011-09-29 haraken@chromium.orgAdd myself to
2011-09-28 dgrogan@chromium.orgMove dgrogan from contributor to committer.
2011-09-27 rniwa@webkit.orgAdd Kaustubh Atrawalkar to the list of contributors.
2011-09-21 annacc@chromium.orgUpdate with a new contributor contact
2011-09-21 commit-queue@webki... Update with a few more contributor contacts
2011-09-16 rwlbuis@webkit.org2011-09-16 Rob Buis <>
2011-09-16 scheib@chromium.orgAdd Vincent Scheib to the committers list.
2011-09-16 jamesr@google.comAdd Antoine Labour and Shawn Singh to the contributors...
2011-09-15 eric@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Make contributor email look-up case-insens...
2011-09-15 eric@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Updated this based on webkit-patch suggest...
2011-09-14 should support multiple IRC nicknames
2011-09-14 rniwa@webkit.orgRemove Jan Erik Hanssen (added in my r95078) from the...
2011-09-14 is missing some contributors
2011-09-14 jnd@chromium.orgAdd as a contributor.
2011-09-14 rniwa@webkit.orgAdd Eric's IRC nick.
2011-09-13 rniwa@webkit.orgAdd Alice and Aryeh to the list of contributors.
2011-09-13 eric@webkit.orgsheriffbot whois is case sensitive
2011-09-12 eric@webkit.orgsheriffbot whois should be smarter
2011-09-11 fpizlo@apple.comAdded my IRC nick to the committers file.
2011-09-11 aestes@apple.comMove myself from committers_unable_to_review to reviewe...
2011-09-10 luiz@webkit.orgAdding myself to the reviewers list.
2011-09-09 mhahnenberg@apple.comAdd myself to
2011-09-08 noel.gordon@gmail.comAdd myself to
2011-09-02 abecsi@webkit.orgRemove my old e-mail address and add my new one.
2011-08-25 gavinp@chromium.orgAdded myself to committers.
2011-08-25 igor.oliveira@open... Add myself to the committers list
2011-08-24 adauria@apple.comNo review necessary.
2011-08-22 commit-queue@webki... Add myself to the contributor list.
2011-08-22 ossy@webkit.orgUpdate contributor list.
2011-08-19 tonyg@chromium.orgAdd leandrogracia to the committers list
2011-08-16 dino@apple.comAdding Ted "hober" O'Connor as a non-committing contrib...
2011-08-16 dino@apple.comMove me from contributor to reviewer.
2011-08-06 siddharth.mathur... Add Siddharth Mathur to committer list. Unreviewed
2011-08-04 timothy_horton@app... Move Tim Horton to committers section of
2011-08-03 fpizlo@apple.comAdding Filip Pizlo to committer list.
2011-07-28 reed@google.comadd Mike Reed to committer list
2011-07-22 Adding Tim Horton to contributor list for Bugzi...
2011-07-21 chang.shu@nokia.com2011-07-20 Chang Shu <>
2011-07-19 caryclark@google.comadd myself to
2011-07-19 commit-queue@webki... Tab Atkins is not in (as a non-committer)
2011-07-14 noam.rosenthal@nok... Adding myself to the reviewers list; No review needed.
2011-07-13 philn@webkit.org2011-07-13 Philippe Normand <>
2011-07-13 abarth@webkit.orgFolks should only be listed once.
2011-07-13 philn@webkit.org2011-07-13 Philippe Normand <>