[build.webkit.org] Rename mastercfg_unittest to steps_unittest
[WebKit-https.git] / Tools / BuildSlaveSupport / delete-stale-build-files
2015-09-24 dbates@webkit.orgAdd support infrastructure for OpenSource iOS builders...
2013-04-27 jpfau@apple.comdelete-stale-build-files does not clear .d files
2013-03-18 rniwa@webkit.orgdelete-stale-build-files is too aggressive
2013-03-12 timothy_horton@app... Add a --build-directory argument to delete-stale-build...
2013-01-11 rniwa@webkit.orgTry CRLF to LF change in r139407 again.
2013-01-05 rniwa@webkit.orgAdd a script to delete stale zero-byte build files