Update Bot Watcher's Dashboard for Buildbot 0.9
[WebKit-https.git] / Tools / BuildSlaveSupport / build.webkit.org-config / public_html / dashboard / Scripts / BuildbotTestResults.js
2017-08-02 aakash_jain@apple.comUpdate Bot Watcher's Dashboard for Buildbot 0.9
2016-05-28 commit-queue@webki... Display failing JSC stress tests in buildbot dashboard
2015-09-09 ap@apple.comFix bit rot on bot watcher's dashboard page
2015-05-23 dburkart@apple.comAdd support to the botwatchers dashboard for a static...
2015-03-06 ddkilzer@apple.comDashboard has trouble parsing iOS test output
2015-03-03 ap@apple.combuild.webkit.org/dashboard: Don't repeatedly handle...
2015-02-05 dburkart@apple.comBotwatcher's Dashboard is cramped
2013-10-11 ap@apple.comTouch a file to see how auto-update works.
2013-10-07 timothy@apple.comProperly count binding test failures as failures.
2013-09-30 timothy@apple.comAdd initial version of a new Buildbot dashboard view.