All Indic text is rendered as boxes on iOS
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2014-06-30 yoav@yoav.wsAdd support for HTMLImageElement's sizes attribute
2014-06-28[Win] Implement parts of the AVFOUNDATION_LOADER_DELEGA...
2014-06-27 weinig@apple.comInfoClick (from Nisus Software) dies on viewing found...
2014-06-27 commit-queue@webki... Source/JavaScriptCore: Add feature flag for link long...
2014-06-26 beidson@apple.comRemove use of PlatformStrategies for Gamepad API.
2014-06-26 commit-queue@webki... [iOS] Remove User Default for iOS TextField Debugging
2014-06-26[Win] Expose Cache Information to WinLauncher
2014-06-26 lforschler@apple.comVersioning.
2014-06-26 beidson@apple.comAdd HID-based gamepad implementation for Mac
2014-06-26 beidson@apple.comAdd new platform gamepad abstractions
2014-06-25 barraclough@apple.comShould _updateVisibilityState on view hide/unhide.
2014-06-25 cfleizach@apple.comAdd an undo group for each dictated utterance in WebKit
2014-06-25 dburkart@apple.comAdd support for 5-tuple versioning.
2014-06-25 l.gombos@samsung.comRemove build guard for progress element
2014-06-25 benjamin@webkit.orgWK1 WebFrameNetworkingContext cleanup: do not instancia...
2014-06-24 commit-queue@webki... [iOS]: WK2 Inspector Node Highlighting
2014-06-24 beidson@apple.comEnable GAMEPAD in the Mac build, but disabled at runtime.
2014-06-24 mitz@apple.comFixed the iOS build after r170358.
2014-06-24 andersca@apple.comRemove unused history visit code from WebHistoryItem
2014-06-24 commit-queue@webki... REGRESSION(r170235): Remove incorrect ifdef guard
2014-06-23 andersca@apple.comFix build.
2014-06-23[EFL] Remove the WebKit1 EFL code
2014-06-23 lforschler@apple.comVersioning.
2014-06-21 mitz@apple.comTried to fix the iOS build after r170235.
2014-06-21 beidson@apple.comGamepad API - Deprecate the existing implementation
2014-06-21 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r170244.
2014-06-21 beidson@apple.comGamepad API - Deprecate the existing implementation
2014-06-21 ossy@webkit.orgRemoving PAGE_VISIBILITY_API compile guard.
2014-06-19 andersca@apple.comTry to fix Windows build.
2014-06-19 andersca@apple.comMake FrameLoadType a strongly typed enum
2014-06-18 achristensen@apple.comAdd FTL to Windows build.
2014-06-18 andersca@apple.comRemove IWebFramePrivate::loadType
2014-06-18 dbates@webkit.orgREGRESSION (r167856): Unable to log into HSBC app
2014-06-18 andersca@apple.comAdopt modern C++11 loops and fix WebArchive creation...
2014-06-18 lforschler@apple.comVersioning.
2014-06-16 andersca@apple.comChange ResourceRequestBase::addHTTPHeaderFields to...
2014-06-15 andersca@apple.comAdd an autorelease() member function to RetainPtr
2014-06-12[Win] Avoid crashes in code that converted CFDictionari...
2014-06-12 lforschler@apple.comVersioning.
2014-06-12 commit-queue@webki... WebFrameNetworkContext should not have a sourceApplicat...
2014-06-11[Win] Unreviewed build fix.
2014-06-10 zalan@apple.comREGRESSION (r167937): Do not use effective zoom factor...
2014-06-10 timothy_horton@app... Factor repeated CFRunLoopObserver code out
2014-06-07 andersca@apple.comHTTPHeaderMap should not derive from HashMap
2014-06-06 matthew_hanson@app... Versioning.
2014-06-05 psolanki@apple.comRemove unsused method _setAcceleratedImageDecoding
2014-06-05[iOS][WK2] Add device orientation
2014-06-05 bshafiei@apple.comVersioning.
2014-06-04 achristensen@apple.comEnable WebGL on Windows.
2014-06-02 andersca@apple.comChange DeferrableOneShotTimer to use std::function...
2014-05-29 jhoneycutt@apple.comRoll r168668 back in.
2014-05-29 matthew_hanson@app... Versioning.
2014-05-27 jonlee@apple.comUpdate ENABLE(MEDIA_SOURCE) on Mac
2014-05-27 commit-queue@webki... Remove BLOB guards
2014-05-27 ossy@webkit.orgSpeculative Windows buildfix after r169358.
2014-05-24 cfleizach@apple.comAX: fix coordinate mapping for iOS accessibility
2014-05-24 commit-queue@webki... Hide fullscreen immediately when switching tabs.
2014-05-23 antti@apple.comTry to fix windows build.
2014-05-22[Win64] Unreviewed build fix.
2014-05-21[CMake] Improve handling of LIB_INSTALL_DIR, EXEC_INSTA...
2014-05-21 lforschler@apple.comVersioning.
2014-05-20[Mac] Allow popup menus to override default appearance
2014-05-20[Mac] do not deactivate an audio session that has runni...
2014-05-19 beidson@apple.comUse different AppKit API for image control menus.
2014-05-19 aestes@apple.comSet WebKitSuppressesIncrementalRenderingKey to NO by...
2014-05-18 andersca@apple.comBring back two NSString category methods on iOS
2014-05-18 cabanier@adobe.comsupport for navigator.hardwareConcurrency
2014-05-18 zalan@apple.comSubpixel rendering: Add subpixelCSSOMElementMetricsEnab...
2014-05-17 commit-queue@webki... [EFL] Build break after 168978.
2014-05-16 simon.fraser@apple.comRemove "region-based columns" prefs
2014-05-15 beidson@apple.comCrash in [WebSharingServicePickerController clear]
2014-05-15 simon.fraser@apple.comInitialize the WebKitRegionBasedColumnsEnabled pref...
2014-05-15 simon.fraser@apple.comClean up -[WebView _preferencesChanged]
2014-05-15 commit-queue@webki... Add pointer lock to features without enabling it.
2014-05-14 beidson@apple.comImplement NSSharingServiceDelegate method "transitionIm...
2014-05-14 beidson@apple.comsourceFrameOnScreenForShareItem: can be off by a pixel
2014-05-14 jhoneycutt@apple.comRevert "Don't dispatch 'beforeload' event inside FrameV...
2014-05-14 commit-queue@webki... Remove CSS_STICKY_POSITION guards
2014-05-14 lforschler@apple.comVersioning.
2014-05-14 antti@apple.comSource/WebCore: GIF animations don't restart after...
2014-05-14 dino@apple.comStep 2 (of 2) fixing the Windows build. Add new setPage...
2014-05-14 dino@apple.comStep 1 of fixing the windows build. Remove setPageScale...
2014-05-13[Win] Unreviewed build fix after r168668.
2014-05-12 andersca@apple.comDon't make a Frameworks symlink inside WebKitLegacy...
2014-05-12 commit-queue@webki... [EFL][WK1] Enable region based columns
2014-05-10 joepeck@webkit.orgWeb Inspector: Allow Remote Inspector to entitlement...
2014-05-09[iOS] Switch geolocation to an explicit authorization...
2014-05-09 andersca@apple.comRename WebKit2.framework to WebKit.framework
2014-05-09[Mac, iOS] Add source application accounting to AVURLAsset.
2014-05-08 andersca@apple.comUse a different install name for WebKitLegacy.framework...
2014-05-08 beidson@apple.comWrap a new class definition with __has_include()
2014-05-08[Win] Unreviewed 64-bit build fix.
2014-05-07 psolanki@apple.comUse system defaults for hardware jpeg decoding
2014-05-07[Mac, iOS] REGRESSION: WK2 YouTube support
2014-05-07 commit-queue@webki... HTMLMediaElement should exitFullscreen when view is...
2014-05-07 beidson@apple.comImage menu is offset by the amount the view is scrolled
2014-05-07 simon.fraser@apple.comWebKit1 is flashy when compositing layers come and go
2014-05-07 oliver@apple.comFix windows build.
2014-05-07 commit-queue@webki... GraphicsLayer::client() should return a reference.
2014-05-07[CSS Grid Layout] Remove runtime feature