[Cocoa] Get rid of WK_ macros for nullability
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebKit2 / UIProcess / API / Cocoa / WKUIDelegate.h
2016-01-30 mitz@apple.com[Cocoa] Get rid of WK_ macros for nullability
2015-09-09 mitz@apple.comUpdated availability annotations for iOS 9 and OS X...
2015-06-20 mitz@apple.comAdded availability information to a recently-added...
2015-06-17 mitz@apple.com[Cocoa] Expose UIDelegate::UIClient::close via WKUIDelegate
2015-04-21 andersca@apple.comFix block signatures
2015-03-23 andersca@apple.comPut the WK_NULLABLE_SPECIFIER in the right place for...
2015-02-16 andersca@apple.comAdd nullability qualifiers to all API headers
2014-08-27 benjamin@webkit.org[iOS WK2] Provide a delegate callback to skip Geolocati...
2014-06-20 ggaren@apple.comWebKit delegate methods should document their default...
2014-06-02 ggaren@apple.comAddress some review comments on bug 133408
2014-05-30 ggaren@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling in r169490.
2014-05-30 ggaren@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r169490.
2014-05-30 ggaren@apple.comSome more copy-editing of the Modern WebKit headerdoc
2014-05-10 andersca@apple.comUpdate availability macros
2014-05-09 andersca@apple.comRename WebKit2.framework to WebKit.framework
2014-04-02 andersca@apple.comDocument WKUIDelegate and WKWindowFeatures
2014-04-01 andersca@apple.comPass a WKNavigationAction to the create UIDelegate...
2014-03-26 andersca@apple.comAdd a UI delegate callback for handling window.open
2014-02-21 andersca@apple.comWe need something like WKPageUIClient in the Obj-C API