[WK2][iOS] Update WebContent process sandbox profile for AWD logging
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebKit2 / Resources / SandboxProfiles / ios / com.apple.WebKit.WebContent.sb
2015-05-21 cdumez@apple.com[WK2][iOS] Update WebContent process sandbox profile...
2015-04-02 cdumez@apple.com[WK2][iOS] Update the WebContent process' sandbox profi...
2014-07-24 oliver@apple.comNeed to explicitly support location services in webcont...
2014-07-23 oliver@apple.comIncorrect commit for sandbox profile
2014-07-23 oliver@apple.comReduce the size of the root WebContent sandbox profile
2014-07-22 oliver@apple.comRemove unused com.apple.webkit.* rules from profiles
2014-07-22 oliver@apple.comRemove global cookie workaround from sandbox profiles
2014-07-22 oliver@apple.comCorrect sandbox profiles to fix some excess privileges
2014-07-15 oliver@apple.comMore tidying of the webcontent sandbox profile
2014-07-12 oliver@apple.comExtend WebContent sandbox to allow some extra access...
2014-07-11 oliver@apple.comTighten WebContent sandbox
2014-06-02 oliver@apple.comRestructure initial distinct sandbox profiles