Fix the iOS build.
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebKit / mac / WebView / WebActionMenuController.h
2014-12-01 timothy_horton@app... Fix the iOS build.
2014-12-01 timothy_horton@app... Implement yellow highlight for WebKit1 data detectors
2014-11-15 timothy_horton@app... Implement data detectors and mailto action menus for...
2014-11-12 bdakin@apple.comWK1: Support default actions for images
2014-11-10 bdakin@apple.comWK1: Text is getting selected even when an action menu...
2014-11-10 bdakin@apple.comWK1: Support default actions for read-only text
2014-10-27 bdakin@apple.comProvide a way for WebKit1 clients to override default...
2014-10-24 bdakin@apple.comWebKit1 should support action menus