CSSValuePool: Made identifier value cache a fixed-size array.
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore / css / CSSValuePool.cpp
2012-04-18 kling@webkit.orgCSSValuePool: Made identifier value cache a fixed-size...
2012-04-17 kling@webkit.orgRemove contextStyleSheet argument from CSSValuePool...
2012-04-16 antti@apple.comCapture CSS parser context
2012-04-11 antti@apple.comSplit CSSStyleSheet into internal and CSSOM type
2012-04-10 kling@webkit.orgMake CSSValuePool share values globally.
2012-03-29 caio.oliveira@open... HashMap<>::add should return a more descriptive object
2012-02-22 kling@webkit.orgCache <font face> family lists in CSSValuePool.
2012-02-21 kling@webkit.orgKill FontFamilyValue.
2012-02-16 kling@webkit.orgShare font-family CSS values through CSSValuePool.
2011-12-04 kling@webkit.orgCSSValuePool: Inline trivial getters.
2011-12-03 kling@webkit.orgCache CSSInitialValue instances per-document.
2011-12-03 kling@webkit.orgKeep CSSInheritedValue in the CSS value pool.
2011-12-03 kling@webkit.orgRename CSSPrimitiveValueCache to CSSValuePool.