FrameFilter can just be an std::function instead
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WebCore /
2013-11-12 andersca@apple.comFrameFilter can just be an std::function instead
2013-11-09 paroga@webkit.orgMove RunLoop from WebCore to WTF
2013-11-09 timothy_horton@app... Remote Layer Tree: RemoteLayerBackingStore partial...
2013-11-09 andersca@apple.comBegin stubbing out a KeyedEncoder class in WebCore
2013-11-07 simon.fraser@apple.comAttempt to fix the 32-bit build. Virtual thunks seem...
2013-11-07 simon.fraser@apple.comAllow customization of the contentsScale of TileControl...
2013-11-07[MSE] Add mock MediaSource classes for testing.
2013-11-07 akling@apple.comInlineBox: Make paint() and nodeAtPoint() pure virtuals.
2013-11-06 akling@apple.comAdd InlineElementBox and stop instantiating InlineBox...
2013-11-06 timothy_horton@app... Fix the 32-bit build.
2013-11-06 timothy_horton@app... platformCALayerDeviceScaleFactor should be const
2013-11-04[PluginProxy] Add a setting to disable video plugin...
2013-11-04 antti@apple.comMake LiveNodeListBase use Elements instead of Nodes
2013-11-03 ch.dumez@samsung.comEnforceRange doesn't enforce range of a short
2013-11-01 commit-queue@webki... Web Inspector: Clean up a few Inspector interfaces
2013-11-01 timothy_horton@app... Remote Layer Tree: Vend layer contents via IOSurfaces
2013-10-30 akling@apple.comTake line boxes out of the arena.
2013-10-30 antti@apple.comAdd debug settings for simple line layout
2013-10-29 timothy_horton@app... Build fix after 158223; make TileController use float...
2013-10-29 timothy_horton@app... More correct build fix after 158223.
2013-10-29 timothy_horton@app... Try fixing the Mac build (though I have no idea why
2013-10-29 timothy_horton@app... Remote Layer Tree: Support tiled drawing and use it...
2013-10-29 zandobersek@gmail.comUnreviewed, follow-up to r158185. Export the required...
2013-10-29 beidson@apple.comRefactor IDB factory creation.
2013-10-28 andersca@apple.comRunLoop::dispatch should take an std::function
2013-10-28 timothy_horton@app... Make TileController manipulate PlatformCALayers instead...
2013-10-25 joepeck@webkit.orgUpstream ENABLE(REMOTE_INSPECTOR) and enable on iOS...
2013-10-23 andersca@apple.comRevert r157445 since it broke certificates on Mac.
2013-10-22 timothy_horton@app... Remote Layer Tree: Support hardware accelerated filters
2013-10-21 timothy_horton@app... Remote Layer Tree: Clean up transaction logging
2013-10-21 timothy_horton@app... Remote Layer Tree: Backing store should take contentsSc...
2013-10-20 akling@apple.comUse PassRef for StyleSheetContents.
2013-10-19 timothy_horton@app... Remote Layer Tree: Double-buffering and minimization...
2013-10-16 timothy_horton@app... RemoteLayerTree: Add support for more layer properties...
2013-10-16 mrowe@apple.comFix the build after r157478.
2013-10-16 timothy_horton@app... Two more exports for 32-bit build fix.
2013-10-16 timothy_horton@app... Another shot at a build fix; apparently these
2013-10-16 timothy_horton@app... Unreviewed build fix; I don't know how to export.
2013-10-16 timothy_horton@app... Add a PlatformCALayer subclass that proxies its propert...
2013-10-15 ossy@webkit.orgMove PlatformCertificateInfo to WebCore and make the...
2013-10-15 rniwa@webkit.orgRemove redundant Document::getElementById
2013-10-14 timothy_horton@app... Virtualize PlatformCALayer
2013-10-11 andersca@apple.comRemove gesture event support from WebCore
2013-10-10 aestes@apple.comAdd SPI for telling WebKit to prefer pictograph glyphs...
2013-10-10 akling@apple.comCTTE: activeDOMWindow() and firstDOMWindow() should...
2013-10-09 andersca@apple.comRemove
2013-10-07 commit-queue@webki... CTTE: Use references in and around DragController
2013-10-07 timothy_horton@app... Animated images are not restarted when page visibility...
2013-10-07 akling@apple.comRange constructors should take a Document&.
2013-10-06 weinig@apple.comCTTE: Thread references through markup.h
2013-10-06 darin@apple.comRemove unneeded ScriptGCEvent class
2013-10-04 Unify rubberband control
2013-10-04[iOS] Upstream disk image cache
2013-10-03 beidson@apple.comMove IDBFactoryBackend creation to DatabaseStrategy.
2013-10-02 weinig@apple.comCTTE: DOMWrapperWorlds should be passed around by reference
2013-10-02 akling@apple.comMove mouse event dispatch from Node to Element.
2013-10-01 andersca@apple.comGet rid of more uses of OwnPtr and PassOwnPtr
2013-09-30 benjamin@webkit.orgRemove the code guarded by STYLE_SCOPED
2013-09-30 darin@apple.comUse RenderElement instead of RenderObject in many places
2013-09-28 darin@apple.comAdd Frame::mainFrame and Frame::isMainFrame
2013-09-27 enrica@apple.comUpstream changes to Pasteboard implementation for iOS.
2013-09-27 bdakin@apple.comScrollbarPainterController should adopt the api to...
2013-09-27 darin@apple.comrename KURL to URL
2013-09-27 darin@apple.comAdd empty MainFrame class
2013-09-27[MediaStream] make MediaStream testable
2013-09-26 dino@apple.comExpose a setting to disable hardware accelerated animations
2013-09-26 weinig@apple.comPass a JSC::VM& to JS bindings object creation function...
2013-09-26[MediaStream] Cleanup platform interface
2013-09-26 timothy_horton@app... Tiled drawing should not imply threaded scrolling
2013-09-25 ap@apple.comFlaky Test: platform/mac/fonts/han-disunification.html
2013-09-25 [Windows] Refactor RuntimeEnabledFeatures...
2013-09-25 weinig@apple.comCTTE: More Document references please
2013-09-25 antti@apple.comRemove HTMLContentElement
2013-09-21 achicu@adobe.comWeb Inspector: [CSS Regions] Display CSS Regions chain...
2013-09-20 andersca@apple.comRemove #if !ENABLE(WORKERS) code in ThreadGlobalData
2013-09-17 akling@apple.comExport some missing symbols for Internals after RenderA...
2013-09-17 akling@apple.comCTTE: Pass RenderArena around by reference.
2013-09-17 akling@apple.comMove <style scoped> code behind ENABLE(STYLE_SCOPED)
2013-09-17 weinig@apple.comCTTE: InputType should store its HTMLInputElement back...
2013-09-16 joepeck@webkit.orgAdd RunLoop::isMain and use it in WebKit2
2013-09-13 timothy_horton@app... Apply OVERRIDE and FINAL to Image subclasses and clean...
2013-09-13[GTK] Move to the new web inspector
2013-09-12 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r155597.
2013-09-12 timothy_horton@app... Apply OVERRIDE and FINAL to Image subclasses and clean...
2013-09-12 akling@apple.comMerge RenderPart into RenderWidget.
2013-09-11 akling@apple.comRename BackForwardListImpl => BackForwardList.
2013-09-11 akling@apple.comRename BackForwardList => BackForwardClient.
2013-09-11[iOS] Upstream text autosizing
2013-09-08 antti@apple.comRemove ComposedShadowTreeWalker
2013-09-08 akling@apple.comBeat FrameView with the FINAL stick.
2013-09-06 akling@apple.comInclude Frame.h in fewer places.
2013-09-06 akling@apple.comFrameView: Constructor should take Frame&.
2013-08-29 antti@apple.comRemove code behind ENABLE(DIALOG_ELEMENT)
2013-08-29 antti@apple.comRemove NodeRenderingContext
2013-08-28 benjamin@webkit.orgSimplify and clean SpaceSplitString
2013-08-28 rniwa@webkit.orgDon't keep unassociated elements in the past names map
2013-08-28 darin@apple.comEliminate Pasteboard::generalPasteboard
2013-08-25 darin@apple.comSource/WebCore: No need for documentTypeString function...
2013-08-24 antti@apple.comTighten before/after pseudo element accessors
2013-08-23 bdakin@apple.comREGRESSION (r132545): Some PDFs generated by WebKit...