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[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WTF / Configurations / WTF.xcconfig
2014-08-28 mrowe@apple.comJavaScriptCore is missing debug info for WTF because...
2014-05-01 ggaren@apple.comLink against bmalloc in production builds
2014-04-09 ggaren@apple.comRolled back in r166972.
2013-01-30 ddkilzer@apple.comUpstream iOS build file changes for WTF
2012-10-19 msaboff@apple.comMac WTF build checks dependencies before copying header...
2012-03-22 eric@webkit.orgActually move WTF files to their new home
2011-11-19 abarth@webkit.orgWTF should have an Xcode project