Unreviewed, rolling out r239524.
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / WTF / ChangeLog
2019-01-02 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r239524.
2018-12-30 yusukesuzuki@slows... Add ENABLE_UNIFIED_BUILDS option to cmake ports
2018-12-27 achristensen@apple.comResurrect Mac CMake build
2018-12-22 mitz@apple.comFixed building for macOS 10.13 using the macOS 10.14...
2018-12-22 yusukesuzuki@slows... [JSC] Implement "well-formed JSON.stringify" proposal
2018-12-21 achristensen@apple.comExpand use of sourceApplicationAuditData
2018-12-21 achristensen@apple.comRevert r239503.
2018-12-21 bfulgham@apple.comShow punycode if URL contains Latin small letter dotless i
2018-12-21 cdumez@apple.comUse Optional::hasValue() instead of Optional::has_value()
2018-12-20 cdumez@apple.comUse Optional::valueOr() instead of Optional::value_or()
2018-12-20 tzagallo@apple.comJSTests:
2018-12-20 cdumez@apple.comwtf/Optional.h: move-constructor and move-assignment...
2018-12-19 eric.carlson@apple.com[MediaStream] Force system camera/microphone TCC prompt...
2018-12-18 cfleizach@apple.comSome builds are broken after r239262
2018-12-17 dbates@webkit.orgSupport concatenating StringView with other string...
2018-12-17 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r239265 and r239274.
2018-12-17 dbates@webkit.orgFix the Apple Internal Mac build with a newer SDK
2018-12-17 jlewis3@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r239254.
2018-12-17 Ms2ger@igalia.com[GTK][WPE] Need a function to convert internal URI...
2018-12-16 darin@apple.comUse warning-ignoring macros more consistently and simply
2018-12-16 darin@apple.comReplace many uses of String::format with more type...
2018-12-15 darin@apple.comVerify size is valid in USE_SYSTEM_MALLOC version of...
2018-12-14 ddkilzer@apple.comclang-tidy: Fix unnecessary copy of AtomicString each...
2018-12-14 zandobersek@gmail.com[GLib] RunLoop::dispatchAfter() GSource requires micros...
2018-12-14 sbarati@apple.comThe JSC shell should listen for memory pressure events...
2018-12-13 ddkilzer@apple.comclang-tidy: Fix unnecessary parameter copies in Paralle...
2018-12-13 achristensen@apple.comImplement safe browsing in WebKit on WatchOS
2018-12-12 Hironori.Fujii@son... [Win][Clang] Fix compilation warnings of WTF
2018-12-11 aestes@apple.comIntroduce makeBlockPtr for lambdas
2018-12-11 don.olmstead@sony.comMove ENABLE_RESOURCE_LOAD_STATISTICS to FeatureDefines...
2018-12-10 ap@apple.comMove ENABLE_SEC_ITEM_SHIM out of WebKit's config.h
2018-12-10 ap@apple.comMove more macros out of WebKit's config.h
2018-12-09 yusukesuzuki@slows... Unreviewed, fix build failure on GCC 8.2, part 2
2018-12-09 yusukesuzuki@slows... Unreviewed, fix build failure on GCC 8.2
2018-12-09 darin@apple.comFix stray-semicolon warning seen with a new version...
2018-12-08 aperez@igalia.com[WTF] Debug build fails due conflicting abort() method
2018-12-07 aestes@apple.com[Cocoa] Add optional variants of SOFT_LINK_CLASS_FOR_SOURCE
2018-12-07 ap@apple.comMove USE_NEW_THEME out of WebCore's config.h
2018-12-04 carlosgc@webkit.org[SOUP] Move URLSoup back to WebCore after r238771
2018-12-04 don.olmstead@sony.comFix some unused parameter warnings
2018-12-01 ap@apple.comModernize version check for _suppressedAutoAddedHTTPHeaders
2018-12-01 achristensen@apple.comFix Windows build after r238771
2018-12-01 keith_miller@apple.comMove URL from WebCore to WTF
2018-11-30 ap@apple.comMove USE_CFNETWORK_IGNORE_HSTS to its proper place
2018-11-29 ap@apple.comModernize the check for kCFURLRequestContentDecoderSkip...
2018-11-29 mark.lam@apple.comENABLE_SEPARATED_WX_HEAP needs to be defined in Platform.h.
2018-11-28 krollin@apple.comUpdate generate-unified-source-bundles.rb to generate...
2018-11-28 ap@apple.comRemove another OS version check from NetworkDataTaskCoc...
2018-11-28 ap@apple.comModernize version checks for same site cookie support
2018-11-27 ap@apple.comModernize the check for async _saveCookies existence
2018-11-27 Hironori.Fujii@son... [Win][Clang] SOFT_LINK reports warning: implicit conver...
2018-11-26 commit-queue@webki... Streamline ListHashSet use in floating object code
2018-11-25 mcatanzaro@igalia.comCRASH() should call abort() except on Darwin and in...
2018-11-25 mcatanzaro@igalia.comUnreviewed, rolling out r238469.
2018-11-24 aestes@apple.com[Cocoa] SOFT_LINK_CLASS_FOR_{HEADER,SOURCE} should...
2018-11-24 mcatanzaro@igalia.comCRASH() should call abort() except on Darwin and in...
2018-11-24 commit-queue@webki... Add raw pointer overloads to ListHashSet via SmartPtr...
2018-11-22 yusukesuzuki@slows... [JSC] Drop ARM_TRADITIONAL support in LLInt, baseline...
2018-11-22 aestes@apple.com[Cocoa] Create a soft-linking file for PassKit
2018-11-21 dinfuehr@igalia.comEnable JIT on ARM/Linux
2018-11-15 krollin@apple.comFix #end vs. #endif typo.
2018-11-13 mark.lam@apple.comAdd OOM detection to StringPrototype's substituteBackre...
2018-11-11 benjamin@webkit.orgFix a fixme: rename wtfObjcMsgSend to wtfObjCMsgSend
2018-11-09 keith_miller@apple.comLLInt VectorSizeOffset should be based on offset extraction
2018-11-09 commit-queue@webki... [WTF] Changes in bug 188867 break non-Linux Unix builds
2018-11-08 ggaren@apple.comRemoved mbmalloc target from WTF
2018-11-08 ap@apple.comRe-add PLATFORM(IOS), now with the strict meaning
2018-11-08 dino@apple.comAdd a String literal that returns a String
2018-11-07 justin_fan@apple.com[WebGPU] Experimental prototype for WebGPURenderPipelin...
2018-11-06 mmaxfield@apple.comCache glyph paths and share underline skipping code...
2018-11-05 dinfuehr@igalia.comEnable LLInt on ARMv7/Linux
2018-11-05 Hironori.Fujii@son... [Win] Use C++14, not C++17
2018-11-02 justin_fan@apple.com[WebGPU] Experimental prototype for MSL shaders
2018-11-02 jiewen_tan@apple.comReplace CommonRandom SPI with API
2018-11-02 Hironori.Fujii@son... Rename <wtf/unicode/UTF8.h> to <wtf/unicode/UTF8Convers...
2018-10-31 don.olmstead@sony.com[PlayStation] Enable JavaScriptCore
2018-10-31 ddkilzer@apple.comXSLTProcessor should limit max transform depth
2018-10-30 ap@apple.comClean up some obsolete MAX_ALLOWED macros
2018-10-30 mark.lam@apple.comCorrectly detect string overflow when using the 'Functi...
2018-10-29 timothy_horton@app... Modernize WebKit nibs and lprojs for localization's...
2018-10-29 tzagallo@apple.comNew bytecode format for JSC
2018-10-28 ggaren@apple.comHashMap should support selecting a random entry
2018-10-26 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r237479 and r237484.
2018-10-26 tzagallo@apple.comNew bytecode format for JSC
2018-10-26 ggaren@apple.comHashMap should support selecting a random entry
2018-10-26 antti@apple.comhashSet.remove(hashSet.random()) doesn't build
2018-10-26 aboya@igalia.com[MSE][WTF][Media] Invalid MediaTime should be falsy
2018-10-26 keith_miller@apple.comSome internal projects include wtf headers and build...
2018-10-25 ross.kirsling@sony.comCleanup: inline constexpr is redundant as constexpr...
2018-10-25 ggaren@apple.comHashMap should support selecting a random entry
2018-10-24 megan_gardner@appl... Turn on Conic Gradients
2018-10-24 chris.reid@sony.com[Win] Add function call name information to stack traces
2018-10-23 ap@apple.comReally prevent PLATFORM(IOS) from being used
2018-10-22 cdumez@apple.comDeque's contains() and findIf() should be const
2018-10-19 aboya@igalia.com[Media] Use nanoseconds as MaximumTimeScale
2018-10-19 ap@apple.comRemove PLATFORM(IOS) for now
2018-10-18 ap@apple.comSwitch from PLATFORM(IOS) to PLATFORM(IOS_FAMILY)
2018-10-18 achristensen@apple.comClean up FrameLoader two-state enums
2018-10-17 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r237208.
2018-10-16 aboya@igalia.com[Media] Use nanoseconds as MaximumTimeScale