Add stability to tests for web API statistics
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / ThirdParty /
2018-09-13 kocsen_chung@apple.comVersioning.
2018-09-07 youenn@apple.comAdd support for unified plan transceivers
2018-09-06[CMake] Allow port specific options on gtest
2018-09-05 youenn@apple.comExpose RTCRtpSender.setParameters
2018-09-05 bshafiei@apple.comVersioning.
2018-09-04 ross.kirsling@sony.comUpdate googletest
2018-08-29 kocsen_chung@apple.comVersioning.
2018-08-29 ddkilzer@apple.comRemove empty directories from from repos...
2018-08-29[libwebrtc] Remove references to Source/webrtc/modules...
2018-08-28 ddkilzer@apple.comMove PMurHash.{cpp,h} into 'src' folder to match path...
2018-08-28 youenn@apple.comReenable -Wexit-time-destructors -and Wglobal-construct...
2018-08-28 krollin@apple.comUnreviewed build fix -- disable LTO for production...
2018-08-27 krollin@apple.comBuild system support for LTO
2018-08-23 youenn@apple.com2018-08-23 youenn fablet <>
2018-08-23 youenn@apple.com2018-08-23 Youenn Fablet <>
2018-08-22 kocsen_chung@apple.comVersioning.
2018-08-21 youenn@apple.comUpdate some libwebrtc third party libraries as per...
2018-08-08 kocsen_chung@apple.comVersioning.
2018-08-08[libwebrtc] SafeSetError() in contain...
2018-08-03 commit-queue@webki... Fix spelling of "overridden"
2018-07-24 commit-queue@webki... .:
2018-07-19 cdumez@apple.comPlatformThread::Run does not need to log the fact that...
2018-07-18[WPE][GTK] Update xdgmime
2018-07-16 kocsen_chung@apple.comVersioning.
2018-07-14 ap@apple.comEnsure WebKit stack is ad-hoc signed
2018-07-13 ddkilzer@apple.comlibwebrtc.dylib Objective-C classes conflict with third...
2018-07-13 ddkilzer@apple.comREGRESSION (r233155): Remove last references to click_a...
2018-07-13 ddkilzer@apple.comREGRESSION (r222476): Add missing semi-colons to EXPORT...
2018-07-11 kocsen_chung@apple.comVersioning.
2018-07-07 youenn@apple.comlibWebRTC GetThreadCpuTimeNanos() leaks mach_ports
2018-07-05 kocsen_chung@apple.comVersioning.
2018-07-04 commit-queue@webki... [libwebrtc] Allow IP mismatch for local connections...
2018-07-04 timothy_horton@app... Introduce PLATFORM(IOSMAC)
2018-07-03[WPE][GTK] Another memory issue in xdgmime
2018-07-01 mcatanzaro@igalia.comFix off-by-one error in xdg_mime_get_simple_globs
2018-06-27 bshafiei@apple.comVersioning.
2018-06-27 mcatanzaro@igalia.comMIME type subclass check should guard against small...
2018-06-27[GTK][WPE] Remove gflags from libwebrtc build
2018-06-26 kocsen_chung@apple.comVersioning.
2018-06-25 krollin@apple.comAdjust webrtc library for LTO
2018-06-22[WPE][GTK] Update xdgmime
2018-06-14 youenn@apple.comActivate -Wexit-time-destructors -and Wglobal-construct...
2018-06-14 youenn@apple.comEliminate static initializers in libwebrtc.dylib
2018-06-14 youenn@apple.comEliminate static initializers in libwebrtc.dylib
2018-06-13 kocsen_chung@apple.comVersioning.
2018-06-10[Xcode] Clean up and modernize some build setting defin...
2018-06-10 mitz@apple.comAdded missing file references to the Configuration...
2018-06-08[Cocoa] Minor ARC tidying of libwebrtc
2018-06-08 kocsen_chung@apple.comVersioning.
2018-06-04[WK1] Add an option to restrict communication to localh...
2018-05-31 kocsen_chung@apple.comVersioning.
2018-05-31 ddkilzer@apple.comFix leak of AudioDeviceID array due to an early return...
2018-05-31 ddkilzer@apple.comFix leak of a CVPixelBufferRef due to early rerturn...
2018-05-30 ddkilzer@apple.comANGLE: Fix clang static analyzer issues in GetExecutabl...
2018-05-28[iOS] Fix warnings about leaks found by clang static...
2018-05-23 bshafiei@apple.comVersioning.
2018-05-22 ryanhaddad@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r232052.
2018-05-22 utatane.tea@gmail.comUse more C++17
2018-05-16[Win] Use C++17 in MSVC
2018-05-10 mcatanzaro@igalia.comFix some -Wstring-op-truncation warnings
2018-05-09[WPE] Build cleanly with GCC 8 and ICU 60
2018-05-09 jmarcell@apple.comVersioning.
2018-05-09[JSC][GTK][JSCONLY] Use capstone disassembler
2018-05-07 youenn@apple.comActivate ARC for libwebrtc Objective C files
2018-05-02 jmarcell@apple.comVersioning.
2018-05-02 youenn@apple.comDisable VCP for iOS until it is fully working
2018-04-30 youenn@apple.comMandate H264 hardware encoder for Mac in libwebrtc
2018-04-23 jmarcell@apple.comVersioning.
2018-04-21 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r230862.
2018-04-20 youenn@apple.comMandate H264 hardware encoder for Mac in libwebrtc
2018-04-20 jer.noble@apple.comDon't put build products into WK_ALTERNATE_WEBKIT_SDK_P...
2018-04-19 ddkilzer@apple.comEnable Objective-C weak references
2018-04-16 youenn@apple.comSet H264 VT encoder usage to 1
2018-04-16 bshafiei@apple.comVersioning.
2018-04-10 youenn@apple.comwebrtc/datachannel/basic-tcp.html will crash with an...
2018-04-09 youenn@apple.comUse special software encoder mode in case there is...
2018-04-05 commit-queue@webki... [GTK] Add CMake package search for vpx and libevent...
2018-04-04 jmarcell@apple.comVersioning.
2018-04-04 youenn@apple.comRealtimeOutgoingVideoSourceMac should pass a ObjCFrameB...
2018-04-02 alex@webkit.orgUnreviewed fixing GTK port X86 32bits compilation after...
2018-04-02 alex@webkit.orgUnreviewed fixing GTK port ARM compilation after r230152.
2018-04-02 commit-queue@webki... [GTK] Make libwebrtc backend buildable for GTK port
2018-03-29 jmarcell@apple.comVersioning.
2018-03-26 commit-queue@webki... Make VCP encoder usage conditional on using internal SDK
2018-03-23 youenn@apple.comfix
2018-03-23 youenn@apple.comAdd support for VCP encoder on MacOS and iOS
2018-03-23 ddkilzer@apple.comStop using dispatch_set_target_queue()
2018-03-23 youenn@apple.comUse libwebrtc ObjectiveC H264 encoder and decoder
2018-03-23 jmarcell@apple.comVersioning.
2018-03-23 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r229876.
2018-03-23 youenn@apple.comUse libwebrtc ObjectiveC H264 encoder and decoder
2018-03-20 timothy_horton@app... Add and adopt WK_PLATFORM_NAME and adjust default featu...
2018-03-19 clopez@igalia.comREGRESSION(r225340): WPE port should not be getting...
2018-03-15 timothy_horton@app... Add and adopt WK_ALTERNATE_FRAMEWORKS_DIR in ANGLE
2018-03-14 youenn@apple.comUpdate libwebrtc up to 36af4e9614f707f733eb2340fae66d63...
2018-03-13 timothy_horton@app... Stop using SDK conditionals to control feature definitions
2018-03-12 jmarcell@apple.comVersioning.
2018-03-12 youenn@apple.comRemove empty cpp files in Source/ThirdParty/libwebrtc
2018-03-12 youenn@apple.comRemove empty cpp files in Source/ThirdParty/libwebrtc
2018-03-12 youenn@apple.comRemove empty cpp files in Source/ThirdParty/libwebrtc