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2012-07-18 kkristof@inf.u-sze... [Qt] Buildfix after r122870.
2012-07-17 achicu@adobe.comUpdate ANGLE in WebKit
2012-07-12<> Build against the latest SDK when...
2012-07-03[chromium] Unreviewed, update .gitignore to handle...
2012-06-27 rniwa@webkit.orgFix gcc build after r121302
2012-06-22 commit-queue@webki... [BlackBerry] Sanitize GLSL code using ANGLE.
2012-04-30 carlosgc@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Fix make distcheck.
2012-04-27<rdar://problem/11339645> WebKit projects should explic...
2012-04-26[GTK] Build and run TestWebKitAPI WebKit2 unit tests
2012-04-24[GTK] Build and run TestWebKitAPI unit tests
2012-03-30 commit-queue@webki... Split up top-level .gitignore and .gitattributes
2012-03-27 dino@apple.comUpdate ANGLE in WebKit
2012-03-09 dbates@webkit.orgBash scripts should support LF endings only
2012-03-09 dbates@webkit.orgBash scripts should support LF endings only
2012-03-08 jberlin@webkit.orgMore Windows build fixing.
2012-03-08 jberlin@webkit.orgClean Windows build fails after r110033
2012-03-07 eric@webkit.orgMake WTF public headers use fully-qualified include...
2012-02-21 weinig@apple.comAttempt to fix the Snow Leopard build.
2012-02-21 weinig@apple.comUse libc++ when building with Clang on Mac
2012-01-26 mrowe@apple.comBuild in to an alternate location when USE_STAGING_INST...
2012-01-07 cmarrin@apple.com2012-01-07 Chris Marrin <>
2012-01-07 mrowe@apple.comRegenerate a few files with a more appropriate version...
2012-01-07 cmarrin@apple.comUpdate ANGLE in WebKit tree
2012-01-06 andersca@apple.comMake JavaScriptCore.framework a reference and put it...
2012-01-05 mitz@apple.comMade Debug/Release builds of gtest build only for the...
2012-01-05 ddkilzer@apple.comRemove HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS from Production configuratio...
2012-01-05 ddkilzer@apple.comTestWebKitAPI has issues due to FastMalloc incompatibility
2012-01-03 ddkilzer@apple.comAdd Production configuration to gtest Xcode project
2011-12-25* gtest/xcode/gtest.xcodeproj: Added property svn:ignore.
2011-11-11* ANGLE.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj: Let a newer Xcode...
2011-11-11 ossy@webkit.org100,000 !!!
2011-09-24 darin@apple.comSet eol-style to native on many source files where...
2011-09-19 aroben@apple.comLet Xcode 4 do its thang with ANGLE.xcodeproj
2011-09-13 andersca@apple.comDisable C++ exceptions when building with clang
2011-09-08[Qt] Build fails with strict compiler
2011-08-25 Fix build when GCC 4.2 is not installed.
2011-08-19 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r93426.
2011-08-19 dslomov@google.comTestWebKitAPI breaks on Windows due to fast malloc...
2011-08-17 mrowe@apple.comUse the LLVM Compiler for optimized builds when recent...
2011-08-17 mrowe@apple.comBring some consistency to the CompilerVersion.xcconfig...
2011-08-12 mrowe@apple.comBe more forward-looking in the choice of compiler.
2011-08-11[Qt]Fix warnings after r92805.
2011-08-11 reni@webkit.orgBuild fix on Qt Windows 32-bit Release/Debug after...
2011-08-09 mrowe@apple.comFix gtest to compile in the release configuration with...
2011-08-04 mrowe@apple.comFuture-proof Xcode configuration settings.
2011-07-06 abarth@webkit.org2011-07-05 Adam Barth <>
2011-06-30 mrowe@apple.comANGLE shouldn't try to use internal SDKs. It doesn...
2011-06-21 zmo@google.com2011-06-20 Zhenyao Mo <>
2011-06-04* glu: Added property svn:ignore.
2011-05-24 senorblanco@chromi... 2011-05-24 Stephen White <>
2011-05-24 ddkilzer@apple.comPart 2 of 2: <> Enable -Wnewline...
2011-05-23 ddkilzer@apple.comPart 1 of 2: <> Enable -Wnewline...
2011-05-20 evan@chromium.org2011-05-19 Evan Martin <>
2011-05-16<> C++ exceptions should not be enabl...
2011-05-12 jeffm@apple.comIgnore Visual Studio *.user files.
2011-05-12 aroben@apple.comWindows production build fix
2011-05-12 aroben@apple.comA little gtest cleanup after r86287
2011-05-11 levin@chromium.org
2011-05-10 weinig@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r86108.
2011-05-10 levin@chromium.orgSwitch TestWebKitAPI to GTest
2011-05-04 ddkilzer@apple.comPart 2 of 2: <> Enable -Werror on...
2011-05-04 ddkilzer@apple.comPart 1 of 2: <> Enable -Werror on...
2011-04-27 mrowe@apple.comRemove some obsolete Xcode configuration settings.
2011-04-27 mitz@apple.comBuild fix.
2011-04-26 mitz@apple.comChoose the compiler based on the Xcode version for...
2011-04-14 levin@chromium.orgAdd GTest unit-testing framework to WebKit
2011-04-12 abarth@webkit.orgMove libtess from WebCore/thirdparty to ThirdParty
2011-04-07 eric@webkit.org2011-04-07 Eric Seidel <>
2011-03-22 abarth@webkit.org2011-03-22 Adam Barth <>
2011-03-17 jeffm@apple.comUse a consistent set of file patterns in the svn:ignore...
2011-03-12 mrowe@apple.comAdopt the LLVM Compiler for debug builds.
2011-01-29 dbates@webkit.org2011-01-29 Daniel Bates <>
2011-01-19 kbr@google.com2011-01-18 Kenneth Russell <>
2011-01-19 kbr@google.com2011-01-18 Kenneth Russell <>
2011-01-19 kbr@google.com2011-01-18 Ben Vanik <>
2011-01-17 mitz@apple.comUpdate xcodeproj svn:ignore to include xcuserdata.
2011-01-02 abarth@webkit.orgMove Sources to Source