AX: AXIsolatedTree::updateChildren sometimes fails to update isolated subtrees when...
[WebKit-https.git] / Source / ThirdParty / libwebrtc / libwebrtc.xcodeproj /
2022-04-25 timothy_horton@app... Fix duplicate headers warning in libwebrtc Copy Headers...
2022-04-18[XCBuild] Use XCBuild for all command-line and project...
2022-04-06[Cocoa] Use GCD webrtc task queue
2022-04-05 emw@apple.comReland "[XCBuild] libwebrtc's headers are copied via...
2022-03-17 youenn@apple.comRemove no longer used third party webrtc modules
2022-03-14 emw@apple.comUnreviewed, reverting r291239.
2022-03-14 emw@apple.comReland "[XCBuild] libwebrtc's headers are copied via...
2022-03-08 achristensen@apple.comUnreviewed, reverting r290966.
2022-03-08[XCBuild] libwebrtc's headers are copied via rsync...
2022-03-04 msaboff@apple.comCopy WebKit frameworks and XPC processes to Secondary...
2022-02-18[XCBuild] "All Modules" workspace builds building out...
2022-02-03 commit-queue@webki... [Xcode] Fix redundant execution of "Check VTables....
2022-01-22 msaboff@apple.comWebKit fails to build - error: 'webrtc/rtc_base/network...
2022-01-19 youenn@apple.comlibvpx firstpass.c is not needed
2021-11-10 youenn@apple.comUpdate libwebrtc to M96
2021-10-21[WebRTC] Simplify libwebtc Xcode project
2021-06-10 youenn@apple.comUpdate libwebrtc to M92
2021-06-08 tsavell@apple.comUnreviewed, reverting r278609.
2021-06-08 youenn@apple.comUpdate libwebrtc to M92
2021-06-07 youenn@apple.comUpdate libvpx to M92
2021-06-07 vjaquez@igalia.comUpdate libyuv to M92
2021-06-07 youenn@apple.comUpdate libsrtp to M92
2021-06-02 youenn@apple.comUpdate boringssl to M92
2021-03-09 youenn@apple.comDuplicate headers in WebRTC
2021-02-18 youenn@apple.comlibwebrtc installs some files into incorrect locations...
2021-02-16 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, reverting r272914.
2021-02-16 youenn@apple.comlibwebrtc installs some files into incorrect locations...
2021-02-12[Mac] Add Experimental Opus Codec support
2020-12-16 youenn@apple.comRemove ILBC audio codec as WebRTC audio codec
2020-12-12[Cocoa] Add Experimental VP8 support
2020-12-01 youenn@apple.comlibwebrtc.dylib relies on dead code stripping (fails...
2020-11-10 youenn@apple.comUpdate WebRTC liwebrtc to M87
2020-11-04 ddkilzer@apple.comWebKit should remove unused debug variant support
2020-11-03 youenn@apple.comUpdate WebRTC boringssl to M87
2020-10-21 youenn@apple.comWebRTC VP9 Decoder should be able to use VTB
2020-10-08 krollin@apple.comUpdate post-processing rules for headers to not unneces...
2020-07-22 jer.noble@apple.comUnreviewed build fix after r264685; copy headers to...
2020-07-22[Cocoa] Add experimental MSE WebM parser
2020-07-17 jer.noble@apple.comIntegrate libwebm into the libwebrtc project.
2020-07-03 youenn@apple.comAllow registering VP9 as a VT decoder
2020-07-01 youenn@apple.comAdd a functional WebRTC VP9 codec
2020-06-30 youenn@apple.comAdd VP9 WebRTC codec runtime flag
2020-05-29 krollin@apple.comRevert switch to XCBuild
2020-05-26 krollin@apple.comEnable the use of XCBuild by default in Apple builds
2020-05-12 sbarati@apple.comRemove OTHER_CFLAGS="" in libwebrtc pbxproj
2020-04-08 tsavell@apple.comUnreviewed, reverting r259708.
2020-04-08 krollin@apple.comEnable the use of XCBuild by default in Apple builds
2020-04-06 youenn@apple.comAdd HEVC support in GPU Process for WebRTC
2020-04-03 youenn@apple.comAdd initial support for WebRTC HEVC
2020-04-02 krollin@apple.comSort libwebrtc Xcode project file
2020-04-01 commit-queue@webki... Bump libwebrtc to M82
2020-03-27 youenn@apple.comBump boringssl version to M82
2020-03-26 ap@apple.comREGRESSION(r259042): It creates some test failures...
2020-03-26 youenn@apple.comBump boringssl version to M82
2020-03-25 youenn@apple.comBump opus to M82
2020-03-25 youenn@apple.comBump libyuv to M82
2020-03-25 youenn@apple.comBump rnnoise to M82
2020-01-06 youenn@apple.comImplement RTC VTB encoders in GPUProcess
2019-12-30 youenn@apple.comDo not build yasm for iOS and iOS simulator
2019-12-23 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r253884.
2019-12-23 youenn@apple.comDo not build yasm for iOS and iOS simulator
2019-12-22 youenn@apple.comCompile libwebrtc without hardware acceleration for...
2019-11-15 youenn@apple.comUpdate libwebrtc to M78
2019-11-04 youenn@apple.comUpdate libwebrtc third-party boringssl to M78
2019-10-10 youenn@apple.comRename yasm-1.3.0 folder to yasm
2019-10-10 youenn@apple.comUpdate libwebrtc third-party abseilcpp to M78
2019-08-02 youenn@apple.comAdd build check for libwebrtc ObjectiveC names
2019-08-02 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r248156.
2019-08-02 youenn@apple.comAdd build check for libwebrtc ObjectiveC names
2019-06-28 dino@apple.comunable to build WebRTC for iOS Simulator
2019-06-12 youenn@apple.comMake sure libwebrtc ObjC codec interfaces do not conflict
2019-04-23 achristensen@apple.comAdd unit tests for WKWebView.serverTrust
2019-03-08 youenn@apple.comSkip compilation of unused audio device files for Mac...
2019-02-20[Xcode] Add SDKVariant.xcconfig to various Xcode projects
2019-01-15 ddkilzer@apple.comREGRESSION (r239510): Remove duplicate copy of srtpsess...
2018-12-22 commit-queue@webki... Resync BoringSSL to M72
2018-12-21 youenn@apple.comResync opus to M72
2018-12-21 youenn@apple.comResync libsrtp to M72
2018-12-20 youenn@apple.comRefresh usrsctplib to M72
2018-12-07 youenn@apple.comUpdate libwebrtc up to 0d007d7c4f
2018-10-12 Refresh libwebrtc up to 343f4144be
2018-10-04 mitz@apple.comFixed engineering builds using the Apple internal SDK...
2018-10-04 mitz@apple.comAddressed the warning “no rule to process file 'Source...
2018-10-04 youenn@apple.comAdd VP8 support to WebRTC
2018-10-03 mitz@apple.comANGLE and libwebrtc parts of [Xcode] Update some build...
2018-10-03 youenn@apple.comEnable H264 simulcast
2018-09-29 youenn@apple.comAdd yasm as third party tool for libwebrtc compilation
2018-09-29 realdawei@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r236620.
2018-09-28 youenn@apple.comAdd yasm as third party tool for libwebrtc compilation
2018-09-27 ryanhaddad@apple.comUnreviewed, rolling out r236557.
2018-09-27 youenn@apple.comAdd VP8 support to WebRTC
2018-09-17 youenn@apple.comEnable VCP for iOS and reenable it for MacOS
2018-08-29[libwebrtc] Remove references to Source/webrtc/modules...
2018-08-28 youenn@apple.comReenable -Wexit-time-destructors -and Wglobal-construct...
2018-08-23 youenn@apple.com2018-08-23 Youenn Fablet <>
2018-07-13 ddkilzer@apple.comREGRESSION (r233155): Remove last references to click_a...
2018-07-07 youenn@apple.comlibWebRTC GetThreadCpuTimeNanos() leaks mach_ports
2018-06-25 krollin@apple.comAdjust webrtc library for LTO
2018-06-10 mitz@apple.comAdded missing file references to the Configuration...
2018-06-08[Cocoa] Minor ARC tidying of libwebrtc