Update animation benchmark and tests
[WebKit-https.git] / PerformanceTests / Animometer / tests / misc /
2016-02-27 jonlee@apple.comUpdate animation benchmark and tests
2016-02-09 jonlee@apple.comRefactor tune() to not return the complexity of the...
2016-02-09 jonlee@apple.comGet rid of options member variable in Benchmark.
2016-02-06 jonlee@apple.comRefactor helper methods for getting random values for...
2016-01-08 jonlee@apple.comUpdate benchmark test suite
2016-01-08 jonlee@apple.comUpdate benchmark test suite
2016-01-04 jonlee@apple.comUpdate data reporting and analysis
2016-01-03 jonlee@apple.comSimplify the test harness
2015-12-24 jonlee@apple.comSplit benchmark into two different pages
2015-12-03 simon.fraser@apple.comAdd a basic compositing Animometer test