AX: AXIsolatedTree::updateChildren sometimes fails to update isolated subtrees when...
[WebKit-https.git] / Makefile
2022-01-28 commit-queue@webki... [XCBuild] Small corrections to build-webkit and Makefil...
2022-01-20 commit-queue@webki... [XCBuild] Build via the workspace with USE_WORKSPACE=YES
2020-10-08 krollin@apple.comRemove copy-webkitlibraries-to-product-directory
2020-10-04 commit-queue@webki... Submission failure with "make: *** No rule to make...
2020-09-22 krollin@apple.comRefactor build rules in Makefiles and Makefile.shared
2020-01-08 mark.lam@apple.comRename testing build configuration to release+assert...
2020-01-08 keith_miller@apple.comAdd a testing target to make that is release + assertions
2019-11-01 timothy_horton@app... macCatalyst: Get TestWebKitAPI building
2018-09-10 timothy_horton@app... Make it easier to build for SDK_VARIANT=iosmac
2018-03-28 timothy_horton@app... Make it possible to disable building the tools with...
2017-02-02 ddkilzer@apple.comMake the Makefile great again after r211570, r211572
2017-02-02 jbedard@apple.comUnreviewed build fix after r211570
2017-02-02 jbedard@apple.comUndefined subroutine in svn-create-patch
2014-07-18 dburkart@apple.comAdd a new 'analyze' target to the makefile. This will...
2014-05-07 ddkilzer@apple.comAdd Makefile targets for copying static libraries ...
2013-02-08 commit-queue@webki... Makefiles should work for arbitrary SDKs and architectu...
2013-01-28 commit-queue@webki... REGRESSION (r140912): Broke specifying non-trivial...
2013-01-26 commit-queue@webki... .: Allow building with arbitrary SDK and ARCHS with...
2011-12-28 mitz@apple.comEntering "make" in Source builds only JavaScriptGlue...
2011-01-17 abarth@webkit.org2011-01-16 Adam Barth <>
2011-01-15 abarth@webkit.orgMove WebKit2 into Source
2011-01-08 abarth@webkit.org2011-01-07 Adam Barth <>
2011-01-02 abarth@webkit.orgMove JavaScriptCore to Source
2011-01-02 abarth@webkit.orgMove Sources to Source
2010-12-27 abarth@webkit.orgMove ANGLE to Sources/ThirdParty
2010-12-24 darin@apple.comUpdated makefiles used by Apple engineers to fix build...
2010-12-24 abarth@webkit.orgMove JavaScriptGlue into Sources
2010-12-18 mitz@apple.comRename WebKitTools to Tools
2010-08-16 cmarrin@apple.com2010-08-16 Paul Sawaya <>
2010-04-28 Add WebKit2 to the lists of modules to build.
2009-03-14 mrowe@apple.comRemove rarely used Makefile targets from the Makefile.
2008-05-10 andersca@apple.com2008-05-09 Anders Carlsson <>
2006-10-31 thatcher Reviewed by Brady.
2006-10-30 slewis Reviewed by Darin.
2006-10-28 beidsontop level:
2006-08-28 thatcher Reviewed by Anders.
2006-01-19 darinBuild JavaScriptGlue.
2006-01-11 darin * Makefile: Took out unneeded "export" line.
2006-01-08 thatcheradding the new Makefiles.