Add border info to the render tree dumper.
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests /
2003-11-16 hyatt Add border info to the render tree dumper.
2003-11-16 hyattFix overflow test to be in strict mode.
2003-11-16 hyattAdding css tests.
2003-11-16 hyattMoving this test.
2003-11-16 hyattAdd a dynamic id manipulation test.
2003-11-16 hyattAdding basic block tests for hr and h1
2003-11-16 hyattAdd new tests for float displacement.
2003-11-16 hyattFix the alignment test.
2003-11-12 hyatt Fix for 3481134, shorthand parsing in CSS does not...
2003-11-11 hyatt Fix for 3478435, <hr> tags should be centered by defau...
2003-11-10 rjwAdded expected results for text-transform test.
2003-11-10 rjwRemoved Turkish and Deseret from the test case. These...
2003-11-09 hyattAdd layout test for letter/word spacing bug.
2003-11-07 rjwNew text-transform test case from Dave at CSS WG.
2003-11-07 hyattAdding runin tests finally.
2003-11-07 hyattAdding inline-block growth/collapsing layout tests.
2003-11-04 hyattUpdate the layout tests.
2003-10-29 hyattAdd layout test for pre minwidth bugs.
2003-10-29 hyattAdd inline block test inside a center tag.
2003-10-29 hyattFixing the layout test that has a <button>
2003-10-24 hyattAdding test of unicode breakability and whitespace.
2003-10-24 hyattChecking in the layout test results using our current...
2003-10-23 hyattAdding generated content tests for fancy first-letter...
2003-10-23 rjwUpdated to account for change in metrics
2003-10-20 hyattAdd test for floating/positioning generated content.
2003-10-20 hyattAdding first-letter/before text-transform tests.
2003-10-20 hyattLayout tests affected by the removal of the list float...
2003-10-18 hyattAdd minmax test for positioned elements.
2003-10-18 hyattRemove accidental commit of a ~ file.
2003-10-18 hyattAdding another border-collapsing test.
2003-10-18 hyattAdding minmax width test for the mozilla web site beta...
2003-10-18 hyattAdding test for classname parsing bug.
2003-10-17 hyattAdd border-collapsing tests.
2003-10-14 rjw Updated layout tests actuals to reflect implementation...
2003-10-13 darin * layout-tests/fast/js/date-parse-test.html...
2003-10-10 hyattUpdate test to remove the padding from tables.
2003-10-09 hyattAdding layout test for section 10.3.7 of the CSS2.1...
2003-10-03 darin - updated layout tests for recent WebTextRender...
2003-10-02 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2003-10-01 hyatt Clean up our detach model so that you can always get...
2003-10-01 hyattAdding layout test for setting of cssFlaot via a with...
2003-09-30 hyattUpdate layout tests.
2003-09-29 hyattForgot to commit expected.txt for new whitespace test.
2003-09-29 hyattAdd layout test for abs positioned object inside relpos...
2003-09-29 hyattAdding layout test for <pre> maxwidth bug.
2003-09-26 hyattUpdating the layout tests.
2003-09-25 hyattFix the css1 failure, since we now pass the test.
2003-09-25 darin Added a new layout test.
2003-09-25 darin * layout-tests/fast/table/003-expected.txt...
2003-09-25 hyatt*** empty log message ***
2003-09-25 hyattAdding clipping tests.
2003-09-24 darin - a new test for JavaScript date parsing
2003-09-23 darinFix minor coding style issue in this test; something...
2003-09-19 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2003-09-19 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2003-09-13 darin * layout-tests/fast/frames/empty-frame-src...
2003-09-04 darin * layout-tests/apple-only/base/
2003-09-04 darin * kwq/KWQRenderTreeDebug.cpp: (write): Fix...
2003-08-27 hyattAdd inline fieldset test.
2003-08-27 hyattAdd a test for floats/clearing/margin-collapsing under...
2003-08-27 hyattRemove margin collapsing tests that are now buggy/invalid
2003-08-27 hyattAdd a layout test for <script/>
2003-08-26 hyattAdd a display:none test.
2003-08-26 hyattCommit an h2/form test case.
2003-08-21 hyattAdd a test for relpositioned floats.
2003-08-21 hyattThe most evil test I've ever come up with.
2003-08-21 hyattAdd test case for the unicode bullet bug.
2003-08-21 hyattFix this float test.
2003-08-21 hyattAdding overflow test with percentage widths.
2003-08-21 hyattRepair float test case.
2003-08-20 hyattUpdating layout tests.
2003-08-20 hyattCorrecting the glitch caused by textareas changing...
2003-08-20 hyattAdding a positioning test that makes sure spaces are...
2003-08-20 hyattAdding a float test that mixes positioning, inline...
2003-08-20 hyattAdding a float test for overflowing and line breaking.
2003-08-20 hyattAdding a test of line breaking inside positioned elements.
2003-08-20 hyattAdding an object/iframe test for padding/borders.
2003-08-20 hyattAdd a <q>/<p> test for split anonymous content.
2003-08-18 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2003-08-12 hyattUpdating layout tests.
2003-07-31 hyattUpdate layout tests.
2003-07-31 darinIgnore layout test results.
2003-07-31 darinRemove actual and diffs checked in by accident.
2003-07-31 darinMore layout tests here.
2003-07-31 darinMoving layout tests in here.