Resurrect WKWebView media controls API removed in
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / platform / win / editing / inserting /
2020-10-31 zalan@apple.comRemove unneeded whitespace between content and <br>
2020-10-15 antti@apple.comRemove <br> render tree dump quirk
2020-06-16 megan_gardner@appl... Text form controls can scroll by 1px when value is...
2017-10-30[Win] Rebaseline tests after r224177.
2016-01-28[Win] gardening after r195740. (more to follow)
2015-10-27 zalan@apple.comSubpixel layout: Convert RenderTable* and AutoTableLayo...
2015-03-01 rniwa@webkit.orgEFL, GTK+, and Windows rebaselines after r180867.
2015-02-27[Win] Rebaseline test after r180726.
2015-02-16 mmaxfield@apple.comDelete LayoutTests/platform/mac-mountainlion directory
2015-01-22[Win] Unreviewed test gardening.
2014-10-23[Win] Rebaseline various tests after switching to Windo...
2014-10-22[Win] Unreviewed test updates after switching to Window...
2014-10-14[Windows] Unreviewed gardening following r174585.
2013-11-03 akling@apple.comOptimize baselines: editing
2013-10-16 akling@apple.comRevert Windows-specific expectations shuffling from...
2013-10-16 akling@apple.comRemove Windows-specific test expectations that were...
2013-04-30 roger_fong@apple.comUnreviewed. Windows gardening after r148987.
2013-04-25 roger_fong@apple.comRoll out AppleWin re-baselines from r149088.
2013-04-25 roger_fong@apple.comUnreviewed optimize-baselines for mac and win.
2012-03-07 ojan@chromium.orgAnother round of straightforward Chromium Lion rebaselines.
2011-10-17 tkent@chromium.orgUpdate test exepctations.
2011-10-07 rniwa@webkit.orgWindows rebaseline after r96870. Also skip editing...
2011-07-10 abarth@webkit.orgOptmize LayoutTest resutls by removing redundant results.
2011-07-06 rniwa@webkit.org2011-07-06 Ryosuke Niwa <>
2011-05-23 tkent@chromium.orgChange text-based <input> types to the new shadow DOM...
2011-05-23 commit-queue@webki... 2011-05-23 Sheriff Bot <>
2011-05-21 tkent@chromium.org2011-05-21 Kent Tamura <>
2011-04-22 tony@chromium.org2011-04-22 Tony Chang <>
2011-04-19 tony@chromium.org2011-04-19 Tony Chang <>
2010-07-14 eric@webkit.org2010-07-14 Eric Seidel <>
2010-04-06 mrowe@apple.comREGRESSION (r57113): editing/inserting/break-blockquote...
2010-02-13 ojan@chromium.org2010-01-05 Ojan Vafai <>
2009-05-09 mitz@apple.comCorrect the results from the previous patch
2009-05-09 mitz@apple.comUpdate Windows-specific layout test results for textare...
2009-05-05 Reviewed by Dave Hyatt.
2009-04-29 Reviewed by Dan Bernstein.