Implement round,mod,rem functions for calc
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / platform / mac / fast / text / international / bidi-neutral-run-expected.png
2015-07-21[El Capitan] Test gardening
2012-01-13 simon.fraser@apple.comMitigate scrollbar differences when running pixel tests
2011-08-05 andersca@apple.comAdd more Lion specific test results.
2011-04-20 tony@chromium.org2011-04-20 Tony Chang <>
2011-04-07 mitz@apple.comCorrect results for the Geeza Pro metrics change.
2011-04-07<rdar://problem/9084761> REGRESSION (r73993): Default...
2011-02-17 hyatt@apple.comgit-svn-id:
2010-12-14<rdar://problem/8763696> REGRESSION (r72173): Fallback...
2010-11-17 aestes@apple.comWebKit mishandles line boxes where the content height...
2009-04-10 Reviewed by Mark Rowe.
2009-03-18 mrowe@apple.comLand updated results for tests involving Geeza Pro.
2008-11-05 mitz@apple.com2008-11-05 Pierre-Olivier Latour <>
2007-10-03 aroben Move pixel test results that were mistakenly...