[Qt] Add empty skipped lists for the platform-specific results
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / platform / mac-snowleopard /
2009-10-15 pfeldman@chromium.org2009-10-15 Pavel Feldman <pfeldman@chromium.org>
2009-10-14 andersca@apple.comDisable plugins/private-browsing-mode.html on Snow...
2009-10-14 pfeldman@chromium.org2009-10-14 Pavel Feldman <pfeldman@chromium.org>
2009-10-13 andersca@apple.com<rdar://problem/6660507> Add "privacy mode" to Netscape...
2009-09-18 andersca@apple.comAdd failing tests to the skipped list.
2009-08-31 atwilson@chromium.orgWebCore: fast/workers/worker-lifecycle.html crashes...
2009-08-28 atwilson@chromium.orgUnreviewed.
2009-08-22 cfleizach@apple.comNeed to implement ARIA role="listitem" and role="list"
2009-08-22 cfleizach@apple.comWebCore: Need to implement ARIA role="listitem" and...
2009-08-14 beidson@apple.comWebKit/mac: <rdar://problem/7091546> - Assertion failur...
2009-08-14 beidson@apple.comAdding two more to the skipped list.
2009-08-14 beidson@apple.comDisable media/controls-drag-timebar.html on SnowLeopard.
2009-08-12 cfleizach@apple.comBug 28219: platform/mac/accessibility/string-range...
2009-08-12 beidson@apple.com(no review) Disabling a failing test.
2009-08-12 beidson@apple.comRubberstamped by Mark Rowe.
2009-08-12 beidson@apple.comRubberstamped by Mark Rowe.
2009-08-11 beidson@apple.comRubberstamped by Mark Rowe.
2009-08-11 beidson@apple.comRubber-stamped by Anders Carlsson.
2009-08-11 beidson@apple.comRubber-stamped by Mark Rowe.
2009-08-11 beidson@apple.comRubberstamped by Mark Rowe.
2009-07-24 mrowe@apple.comSkip a plug-in test that fails an assertion around...
2009-07-24 mrowe@apple.comSkip two SVG tests that are giving unexpected results.
2009-07-24 mrowe@apple.comSkip two plug-in tests that are failing.
2009-07-23 pdherbemont@apple.comWebCore:
2009-07-10 pdherbemont@apple.comWebCore:
2009-07-09 eric.carlson@apple.com2009-07-09 Eric Carlson <eric.carlson@apple.com>
2009-07-09 pdherbemont@apple.comWebCore:
2009-07-07 eric.carlson@apple.com2009-07-06 Eric Carlson <eric.carlson@apple.com>
2009-06-07 mrowe@apple.comUnskip two more tests that now pass.
2009-06-07 mrowe@apple.comUnskip some tests now that they pass.
2009-06-07 mrowe@apple.com<rdar://problem/6778101> Four SSL-related test failures
2009-05-12 simon.fraser@apple.com2009-05-12 Simon Fraser <simon.fraser@apple.com>
2009-05-12 beidson@apple.com2009-05-11 Brady Eidson <beidson@apple.com>
2009-04-27 cfleizach@apple.comBug 25428: 5 crashes in DumpRenderTree at com.apple...
2009-04-21 darin@apple.com2009-04-21 Darin Adler <darin@apple.com>
2009-04-17 mitz@apple.com Rubber-stamped by Anders Carlsson.
2009-04-10 mrowe@apple.comRemove two tests from the skipped list now that <rdar...
2009-04-10 mrowe@apple.comSkip a few tests that are currently failing.
2009-03-28 mrowe@apple.comFix syntax of Skipped file.
2009-03-28 mrowe@apple.comSkip two plug-in tests that are failing due to <rdar...
2009-03-25 mrowe@apple.comSkip some more tests that are failing.
2009-03-24 mrowe@apple.comSkip fast/forms/search-zoomed.html as it currently...
2009-03-24 mrowe@apple.comSkip some more media tests for now.
2009-03-19 mrowe@apple.comSkip plugins/netscape-throw-exception.html due to ...
2009-03-17 mrowe@apple.comSkip media tests that are currently failing.
2009-03-16 mrowe@apple.comSkip a test that is currently crashing.
2009-03-15 mrowe@apple.comSkip two tests that are failing.
2009-03-14 mrowe@apple.comChange the layout test result search policy for Mac...
2009-03-13 cfleizach@apple.comBug 24474: AX: in multi-body tables, asking for a cell...
2009-02-26 cfleizach@apple.comBug 24143: Crash occurs at WebCore::AccessibilityTable...
2008-10-02 cfleizach@apple.com<rdar://problem/6227690> There are a bunch of tables...
2008-09-22 mitz@apple.comWebCore:
2008-09-18 cfleizach@apple.com<rdar://problem/6224222> AX: should not expose a <table...
2008-09-16 cfleizach@apple.com<rdar://problem/4003789> Expose lists as AXList
2008-09-13 cfleizach@apple.com<rdar://problem/5060439> Web elements should have an...
2008-09-13 mrowe@apple.comRoll out r36360 as it broke all non-Mac builds.
2008-09-12 cfleizach@apple.com<rdar://problem/4003789> Expose lists as AXList
2008-08-19 cfleizach@apple.com<rdar://problem/4003764> Expose tables as AXTables