Update svg/zoom test expectations after r141303
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / platform / chromium-win / svg / zoom / page / zoom-svg-as-background-with-relative-size-expected.png
2013-01-30 pdr@google.com Update svg/zoom test expectations after r141303
2012-11-22 schenney@chromium.orgTest expectations update after enabling Skia changes.
2012-07-31 pkasting@chromium.org[Chromium] Rebaselines.
2012-06-11 ojan@chromium.orgLast large slew of Chromium windows png rebaselines...
2012-06-08 ojan@chromium.orgSecond wave of Chromium rebaselines after skia change...
2011-11-08 ojan@chromium.orgNew tests results after r99539.
2011-10-31 johnnyg@google.comUnreviewed, more expectations changes for svg.