AX: AXIsolatedTree::updateChildren sometimes fails to update isolated subtrees when...
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / http / conf /
2022-02-22 commit-queue@webki... Initial support for Wasm/ESM-integration in the WebCore...
2022-01-05 commit-queue@webki... Protect frame from destruction in HTMLMediaElement...
2021-11-17 dino@apple.comAdd ModelDocument for directly showing content that...
2021-05-27 Hironori.Fujii@son... [run-webkit-tests][Win] Strip PHP support from webserver
2021-05-26[run-webkit-tests] Strip php support from webserver...
2021-05-22[Tools][run-webkit-tests] Remove more leftover tests...
2021-05-20[Flatpak SDK] Remove PHP packages
2021-02-12 jbedard@apple.comTools:
2021-01-27[Mac] MediaSampleCursor::stepInOrderedMap can hang...
2021-01-26[LayoutTests] Pass authentication to CGI scripts
2021-01-26[run-webkit-tests] Support python layout tests
2020-06-29[webkitpy] PHP7.4 support on Debian platforms
2020-05-20 commit-queue@webki... [GStreamer] <img> tag needs to support video formats
2020-04-01[Flatpak SDK] Migration to version 0.2
2020-03-18[GTK][WPE] Migrate to Flatpak-based dev SDK
2019-09-25 Hironori.Fujii@son... [Windows][webkitpy] _apache_config_file_name_for_platfo...
2019-06-20 commit-queue@webki... [GTK] HTTP layout tests don't run in flatpak
2018-12-31 carlosgc@webkit.orgUnreviewed. Support PHP 7.3 in Debian.
2018-12-20[Mac] Update apache httpd.conf
2018-11-02[Apache] Self-signed SSL certificate RSA key is conside...
2018-06-29 commit-queue@webki... [GTK][WPE]: Add a way to setup our development environm...
2018-06-11[webkitpy] PHP7.2 support on Debian platforms
2018-03-09 commit-queue@webki... [webkitpy, WinCairo] Launch Apache HTTPD for HTTP Tests.
2017-10-27 commit-queue@webki... [GTK][WPE] install-dependencies can't find libapache2...
2017-07-05 commit-queue@webki... Incorrect IfModule on Fedora with with PHP 7
2017-03-22 svillar@igalia.comAll http/ tests with PHP fail in Debian unstable with...
2017-01-09 lforschler@apple.com
2017-01-09 lforschler@apple.comCreate new php7 config, preserving history via svn cp
2016-12-09 commit-queue@webki... Fedora also needs a PHP7 config file alternative
2016-08-24[Win] http server is not starting.
2016-08-23 ap@apple.comREGRESSION (PHP 5.6): http/tests/misc/bad-charset-alias...
2016-08-03 commit-queue@webki... Activate directory index generation for Apache test...
2016-08-01 commit-queue@webki... Update Apache configuration for Arch Linux
2016-06-17 [EFL][GTK] LayoutTest doesn't run on Ubuntu 16.04
2015-02-01[Win] Unreviewed test machine configuration change.
2015-01-30[Win] Switch to Apache on Windows
2015-01-21 ap@apple.comREGRESSION (Yosemite): HTTP tests time out waiting...
2014-02-15 rniwa@webkit.orgBuild fix after r164148.
2014-02-15 rniwa@webkit.orgrun-webkit-tests doesn't work with Apache 2.4
2013-08-28 allan.jensen@digia.comHttp tests fails on Debian with Apache 2.4
2013-05-15 commit-queue@webki... Allow http tests on Arch Linux
2013-01-08 danw@gnome.orgTools: Add Apache 2.4 support for Fedora 18
2012-10-26 rakuco@webkit.orgwebkitpy: Pass the `Listen' Apache directive from webki...
2012-10-07 commit-queue@webki... Unreviewed, rolling out r130596.
2012-10-07 rakuco@webkit.orgwebkitpy: Pass the `Listen' Apache directive from Apach...
2012-10-02 commit-queue@webki... Remove MSYS-related changes to the http testing infrast...
2012-10-02 rakuco@webkit.orgRemove comments from the Apache config files to start...
2011-07-12[Qt] NRWT should pick up the right httpd config file
2011-04-29 aroben@apple.comEnsure PHP's short_open_tag and log_errors settings...
2011-01-31 dbates@webkit.org2011-01-31 Scott Cameron <>
2010-04-28 Reviewed by David Kilzer.
2010-04-08 ojan@chromium.org2010-04-08 Ojan Vafai <>
2010-04-08 eric@webkit.org2010-04-07 Eric Seidel <>
2010-04-08 eric@webkit.org2010-04-07 Eric Seidel <>
2010-04-08 abarth@webkit.org2010-04-07 Eric Seidel <>
2010-04-02 eric@webkit.org2010-04-02 Laszlo Gombos <>
2010-03-08 kov@webkit.org2010-03-08 Gustavo Noronha Silva <gustavo.noronha...
2010-03-08 kov@webkit.orgLayoutTests
2009-10-26 jmalonzo@webkit.org2009-10-26 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
2009-10-12 jmalonzo@webkit.org2009-10-12 Jan Michael Alonzo <>
2009-09-01 xan@webkit.orgLayoutTests:
2009-08-17 Rubber-stamped by Dan Bernstein.
2008-12-11 alice.liu@apple.comWebCore:
2008-05-12 andersca@apple.comWebCore:
2008-01-12* Make launching of the WebKit httpd work on GNU/Debian...
2007-07-27 weinig Reviewed by Geoff Garen.
2007-07-19 arobenDisable SSL tests on Windows
2007-07-13 weinigLayoutTests:
2007-07-13 bdash2007-07-14 Mark Rowe <>
2007-07-11 andersca Reviewed by Geoff.
2007-06-12 arobenMerge WindowsMerge to trunk
2006-07-17 andersca2006-07-17 Anders Carlsson <>
2006-04-03 darinLayoutTests:
2006-02-24 ap Reviewed by Darin.
2006-02-22 ap Reviewed by Darin.
2006-02-21 ap Reviewed by Darin.