Fix for
[WebKit-https.git] / LayoutTests / fast / invalid /
2006-03-12 ap Patch by David Kilzer, reviewed by Darin.
2006-02-16 justing Reviewed by darin
2006-01-09 thatcher Rubber stamped by Eric.
2005-12-11 eseidelBug #: 5875
2005-09-20 hyattUpdate layout tests to deal with trailing whitespace...
2005-08-29 mjs - added pixel test results for the layout tests, so...
2005-08-05 hyatt -added layout test for fix to: <rdar://problem...
2005-07-19 ggaren - rolled in patch by
2005-07-06 ggaren Rolled in patch by
2005-06-14 hyatt The behavior of <pre> is broken so that the newline
2005-01-07 hyattFix the layout tests.
2004-09-29 hyattFix remaining fast tests to handle br changes.
2004-09-28 hyatt*** empty log message ***
2004-09-03 hyattLand updated layout tests after box/container swap
2004-09-02 hyattAdd layout test for crashing colgroup
2004-04-26 hyattUpdate layout tests to reflect WinIE body-height quirk.
2004-03-31 hyatt Fix for 3604241, simple space collapsing results in...
2004-03-30 hyatt Fix for 3603326, spurious line breaks in encyclopedia...
2003-12-03 hyatt*** empty log message ***
2003-11-18 hyatt*** empty log message ***
2003-11-17 hyattAdd malformed table content test.
2003-11-17 hyattCheck in revised layout tests after changing all the...
2003-11-16 hyatt Add border info to the render tree dumper.
2003-10-24 hyattChecking in the layout test results using our current...
2003-09-25 hyatt*** empty log message ***
2003-09-04 darin * layout-tests/apple-only/base/
2003-09-04 darin * kwq/KWQRenderTreeDebug.cpp: (write): Fix...
2003-08-27 hyattAdd a layout test for <script/>
2003-08-26 hyattCommit an h2/form test case.
2003-07-31 darinMoving layout tests in here.