Reviewed by Darin.
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2006-06-02 ddkilzerLayoutTests:
2006-04-18 adeleMore updated layout tests
2006-04-14 hyattLand updated layout tests.
2006-03-15 bdakin Reviewed by Maciej
2006-03-03 bdakin Reviewed by Darin, landed by Beth.
2006-02-16 justinggit-svn-id:
2006-01-09 apRe-added the files
2006-01-09 ap Reviewed by Eric.
2006-01-09 thatcher Rubber stamped by Eric.
2005-12-19 adeleLayoutTests:
2005-09-24 darinWebCore:
2005-09-01 mjs - update test results for Mitz's recent border...
2005-08-29 mjs - added pixel test results for the layout tests, so...
2005-08-18 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2005-07-27 bdakin Fix submitted by: Andrew Wellington <proton@wiretapped...
2005-07-19 ggaren - rolled in patch by
2005-06-14 hyatt The behavior of <pre> is broken so that the newline
2005-04-15 hyattUpdate layout tests for Tiger.
2004-09-29 hyattLand changes to CSS1 suite from <br> patch.
2004-09-13 darin * layout-tests/css1/text_properties/text-transf...
2004-09-06 darinRemoved this test, since it doesn't work reliably.
2004-08-20 hyattFix layout tests.
2004-07-28 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-07-16 hyattReturn Panther baseline to layout tests.
2004-04-26 hyattUpdate layout tests to reflect WinIE body-height quirk.
2004-03-31 darin Reviewed by Dave.
2004-02-08 darinUpdated tests affected by the list box width fix.
2003-12-11 hyattLanding changed layout tests that don't dump incorrect...
2003-11-17 hyattRevise layout tests now that we break on hyphens and...
2003-11-17 hyattCheck in revised layout tests after changing all the...
2003-11-16 hyatt Add border info to the render tree dumper.
2003-11-11 hyatt Fix for 3478435, <hr> tags should be centered by defau...
2003-11-10 rjwAdded expected results for text-transform test.
2003-11-10 rjwRemoved Turkish and Deseret from the test case. These...
2003-11-07 rjwNew text-transform test case from Dave at CSS WG.
2003-10-24 hyattChecking in the layout test results using our current...
2003-10-23 rjwUpdated to account for change in metrics
2003-10-02 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2003-07-31 hyattUpdate layout tests.
2003-07-31 darinMore layout tests here.