Fix a bug in the iteration of locateCousinList and clean up the style sharing stats...
[WebKit-https.git] / JavaScriptCore /
2004-10-05 rjwJavaScriptCore:
2004-10-05 rjw Fixed <rdar://problem/3821515> binding layer...
2004-10-04 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-10-01 rjwWebKit:
2004-09-30 cblu Prepended underscores to NPN methods so that when...
2004-09-27 darin * kjs/string_object.cpp: (StringProtoFuncImp...
2004-09-27 darin - refine charAt/charCodeAt fix slightly
2004-09-27 darin Reviewed by Kevin.
2004-09-24 vickiversioning for TOT, Safari 2.0 (v166u)
2004-09-24 vickiSafari-165 stamp for everything except WebBrowser....
2004-09-17 vickichange version number to 2.0, 165u for TOT
2004-09-17 vickiSafari-164 stamp for everything except WebBrowser....
2004-09-15 rjw Fixed typo in header comment.
2004-09-15 rjwWebKit:
2004-09-15 mjs Reviewed by Darin.
2004-09-14 mjsJavaScriptCore:
2004-09-13 darin Reviewed by Kevin and Maciej.
2004-09-13 darin * tests/mozilla/expected.html: Updated test...
2004-09-13 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-09-10 mjs Reviewed by Richard.
2004-09-10 vickichange version number to 2.0, 164u for TOT
2004-09-10 vickiSafari-163 stamp for everything except WebBrowser....
2004-09-07 darin * JavaScriptCore.pbproj/project.pbxproj: Bump...
2004-09-03 vickichange versions for TOT, Safari 2.0 (v163u)
2004-09-03 vickiSafari-162 stamp for everything except WebBrowser....
2004-09-01 rjw Add pid to exception messages (to help debug dashboard...
2004-08-27 vickiback to 2.0, v162u for tip of tree
2004-08-27 vickiSafari-161 stamp
2004-08-25 vickiset the TOT version number to '161u', since we burned...
2004-08-23 vickibump all version numbers to 160u, since I just submitte...
2004-08-20 rjwAdded.
2004-08-20 rjwWebKit:
2004-08-19 vickiset version to Safari 2.0, (v159u) for tip of tree.
2004-08-19 vickiSafari-158 stamp
2004-08-19 vicki- initialize deletedElementIndex to make the compiler...
2004-08-18 darin Reviewed by Adele.
2004-08-17 mjs Code change by Eric Albert, reviewd by me.
2004-08-17 vickiset version number to '158u'. the tree is open
2004-08-17 vickiSafari-157 stamp
2004-08-16 rjw Fixed <rdar://problem/3581092> cash in KJS...
2004-08-16 rjwWebKit:
2004-08-13 darin - fix build so we can compile again
2004-08-13 rjwWebKit:
2004-08-12 darin Reviewed by Adele.
2004-08-12 vickiback to 157u, 2.0 for TOT. the tree is open!
2004-08-12 vickiSafari-156 stamp
2004-08-12 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-08-12 darin - fixed a tiny problem with the UTF-16 PCRE...
2004-08-11 rjw Fixed <rdar://problem/3674747> Need to implemen...
2004-08-10 darinJavaScriptCore:
2004-08-10 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-08-10 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-08-06 vicki156u, Safari 2.0 for TOT. The tree is open!
2004-08-06 vickiSafari-155 stamp
2004-08-06 rjw Fixed part of 3674747. The QT guys need this...
2004-08-04 vicki Reviewed by mjs.
2004-08-03 kdecker Reviewed by Darin.
2004-08-03 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-08-02 darin * tests/mozilla/.cvsignore: Added.
2004-08-02 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-08-02 darin Reviewed by Ken.
2004-08-02 darin Reviewed by Kevin.
2004-07-29 vicki155u, 2.0 for TOT. The tree is open!
2004-07-29 vickiSafari-154 stamp
2004-07-26 vickichange version number to 154u, 2.0
2004-07-26 vickiSafari-153 stamp
2004-07-26 kdecker Changes done by Darin, reviewed by Kevin.
2004-07-22 kdecker Reviewed by Darin
2004-07-21 darin * bindings/npruntime.h: Fixed typo.
2004-07-19 sullivan Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-07-19 rjw Fixed 3733349. Prevent Java applet callbacks into...
2004-07-16 sullivan Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-07-16 vickichange version number to '153u'. the tree is open!
2004-07-16 vickiSafari-152 stamp
2004-07-15 mjs Reviewed by John.
2004-07-14 kdeckerReviewed by mjs
2004-07-14 kdecker - added a necessary support library for
2004-07-13 kdeckerReviewed by mjs
2004-07-13 kdecker Reviewed by kocienda.
2004-07-09 kdecker Reviewed by Hyatt.
2004-07-08 vickichange the version number from '151' to '152u'
2004-07-08 vickiSafari-151 stamp!
2004-06-24 treyHmm, I thought this was working when I checked it in...
2004-06-24 treyAdded *.mode% to all .cvsignore files in XCode project...
2004-06-24 cbluJavaScriptCore:
2004-06-24 rjwWebKit:
2004-06-24 vicki- bump the version number in TOT to 148u, since I burne...
2004-06-21 vickiadd release marker for JSC-146.1
2004-06-19 rjw Fixed <rdar://problem/3702287> Crash returning nil...
2004-06-17 vickiset version to 147u
2004-06-17 vickiSafari-146 stamp
2004-06-17 rjw Fixed <rdar://problem/3696112>: nil from an Objective...
2004-06-16 vickichange version number to 146u -- the tree is open
2004-06-16 vickiSafari-145 stamp
2004-06-16 rjwWebKit:
2004-06-15 darin Reviewed by Maciej.
2004-06-15 darin Reviewed by me, code changes by Patrick Beard.
2004-06-13 vickifix the release markers in the ChangeLogs, which said...
2004-06-11 vickiset version number to 145u; the tree is open
2004-06-11 vickiSafari-144 stamp