Windows build fix part 1
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2009-09-19 oliver@apple.comWindows build fix part 1
2009-09-18 oliver@apple.comImplement ES5 Object.defineProperty function
2009-09-18 barraclough@apple.com2009-09-18 Gabor Loki <>
2009-09-18 barraclough@apple.com2009-09-18 Gabor Loki <>
2009-09-18 hausmann@webkit.orgFix the Qt/Windows CE build.
2009-09-17 hausmann@webkit.orgSymbian/WINSCW build fox.
2009-09-17 hausmann@webkit.orgSymbian/WINSCW build fix.
2009-09-17 hausmann@webkit.org
2009-09-16 eric@webkit.org2009-09-16 Gabor Loki <>
2009-09-16 bolsinga@apple.comAdd ENABLE(INSPECTOR)
2009-09-16 bolsinga@apple.comAdd ENABLE(CONTEXT_MENUS)
2009-09-16 eric@webkit.org2009-09-16 Benjamin C Meyer <benjamin.meyer@torchmobi...
2009-09-16 bolsinga@apple.comAdd ENABLE(DRAG_SUPPORT)
2009-09-16 kevino@webkit.orgwaf build fix after flag was moved to correct place.
2009-09-16[Qt] Build fix for 64-bit Qt on Mac OS X
2009-09-16 zoltan@webkit.org2009-09-16 Zoltan Herczeg <>
2009-09-15 oliver@apple.comAllow anonymous storage inside JSObject
2009-09-15 vestbo@webkit.orgAdded ENABLE_MATHML feature define and build-webkit...
2009-09-15[Qt] Build fix for windows.
2009-09-15[Qt] Build fix for Windows/MinGW
2009-09-15 zoltan@webkit.org2009-09-14 Gabor Loki <>
2009-09-14[Qt] Build fix for windows build.
2009-09-13 oliver@apple.comBuild fix for windows exports (again).
2009-09-13 oliver@apple.comBuild fix for windows exports
2009-09-13 oliver@apple.comCorrect fix for non-allinonefile builds
2009-09-13 oliver@apple.comFix non-allinonefile builds
2009-09-13[ES5] Implement Object.keys
2009-09-12 oliver@apple.comgetPropertyNames caching is invalid when the prototype...
2009-09-11 Reviewed by Geoff Garen.
2009-09-11 eric@webkit.org2009-09-11 Jocelyn Turcotte <jocelyn.turcotte@nokia...
2009-09-11 hausmann@webkit.orgFix compile error on Windows7(64Bit) with latest SDK.
2009-09-11 hausmann@webkit.orgQt/Windows CE compile fix, include the executable alloc...
2009-09-10 jam@chromium.orgJavaScriptCore:
2009-09-10 mrowe@apple.comUpdate JavaScriptCore and WebKit's FeatureDefines.xccon...
2009-09-10 Reviewed by Alexey Proskuryakov.
2009-09-10 oliver@apple.comWindows build fix.
2009-09-10 oliver@apple.comRefactor StructureTransitionTable and Structure to...
2009-09-10 zoltan@webkit.org2009-09-10 Zoltan Horvath <>
2009-09-10 laszlo.1.gombos... 2009-09-10 Laszlo Gombos <>
2009-09-10 abarth@webkit.org2009-09-10 Adam Barth <>
2009-09-10 abarth@webkit.org2009-09-10 Ben Laurie <>
2009-09-09 laszlo.1.gombos... 2009-09-09 Laszlo Gombos <>
2009-09-09 eric@webkit.org2009-09-09 Laszlo Gombos <>
2009-09-09 laszlo.1.gombos... 2009-09-09 Laszlo Gombos <>
2009-09-09 hausmann@webkit.org
2009-09-09 oliver@apple.comJSON.stringify(Date) loses the milliseconds information
2009-09-08 kevino@webkit.orgwx build fix, generate derived sources earlier in order...
2009-09-08 eric@webkit.org2009-09-08 Laszlo Gombos <>
2009-09-08 zoltan@webkit.org2009-09-07 Zoltan Horvath <>
2009-09-07 atwilson@chromium.orgJavaScriptCore: Reverting r48121 to fix Windows build...
2009-09-07 atwilson@chromium.orgJavaScriptCore: Enable SHARED_WORKERS by default
2009-09-07 eric@webkit.org2009-09-07 Fumitoshi Ukai <>
2009-09-05 oliver@apple.comWindows build fix
2009-09-05[[ToString]] conversion should use the actual toString...
2009-09-04 sfalken@apple.comWindows build fix.
2009-09-04 sfalken@apple.comWindows build fix.
2009-09-04 darin@apple.comDateInstance object collected on ARM JIT (JSValue:...
2009-09-04 darin@apple.comJavaScriptCore: DateInstance object collected on ARM...
2009-09-04 kevino@webkit.orgwx build fix. Switch USE_ defines over to the compiler...
2009-09-04 2009-09-03 Yong Li <>
2009-09-03 eric@webkit.org2009-09-03 Fumitoshi Ukai <>
2009-09-03 zoltan@webkit.org2009-09-03 Zoltan Horvath <>
2009-09-03 barraclough@apple.comShould crash if JIT code buffer allocation fails.
2009-09-02 kevino@webkit.orgwaf build fixes for Windows/MSVC and Mac/Snow Leopard.
2009-09-02 kevino@webkit.orgBuild fix for building on Windows.
2009-09-02 eric@webkit.org2009-09-02 Norbert Leser <>
2009-08-31 barraclough@apple.comFixed typo.
2009-08-28 oliver@apple.comJSON Stringifier does not follow ES5 spec for handling...
2009-08-28 oliver@apple.comJSON.stringify replacer array does not accept values...
2009-08-28 Reviewed by Oliver Hunt.
2009-08-28 bfulgham@webkit.orgJavaScriptCore: Link the testapi against CFLite when...
2009-08-27 sfalken@apple.comFix Windows-specific crash due to missing memory cleari...
2009-08-27 bfulgham@webkit.orgBuild fix: JavaScriptCore_debug.def missing some export...
2009-08-27 barraclough@apple.comx86-64 GTK broken due to code offsets changing, pointer...
2009-08-27 oliver@apple.comJSON parser accepts trailing comma in array literals
2009-08-27'this' in JSON.parse reviver is the global object
2009-08-27 alice.liu@apple.comWindows build fix: added some exported symbols
2009-08-27 ggaren@apple.comWindows build fix: Removed some exported symbols that...
2009-08-27 barraclough@apple.comx86-64 GTK broken due to code offsets changing, pointer...
2009-08-26 ggaren@apple.comA bit of Collector refatoring.
2009-08-26 End re-roll-in of r47738:47740 with Windows crash...
2009-08-26 atwilson@chromium.orgJavaScriptCore: postMessage() spec now supports sending...
2009-08-26 xan@webkit.org2009-08-26 Xan Lopez <>
2009-08-26 oliver@apple.comMore export fixes.
2009-08-26 oliver@apple.comHopefully fix all the exports from JSC on windows
2009-08-26 oliver@apple.comBuild fix
2009-08-26[ES5] Implement getOwnPropertyDescriptor
2009-08-26 barraclough@apple.comHow many copies of the parameters do you need?
2009-08-25* JavaScriptCore.vcproj/jsc/jsc.vcproj: Add Debug_CFLit...
2009-08-25 sfalken@apple.comRolled out r44739. Causes crash on Windows.
2009-08-25 Added all new Canvas3D files to the build
2009-08-25 levin@chromium.orgPLATFORM(CFNETWORK) should be USE(CFNETWORK).
2009-08-25 bfulgham@webkit.orgJavaScriptCore: Revise CFLite Debug build to emit DLL...
2009-08-25 ggaren@apple.comBuild fix: start out with a 32-bit value to avoid a...
2009-08-25 ggaren@apple.comSubstantially reduced VM thrash in the GC heap.
2009-08-25 barraclough@apple.com
2009-08-24* runtime/ObjectPrototype.cpp:
2009-08-24 darin@apple.comArray index miss case creates a string every time
2009-08-24 kov@webkit.org2009-08-24 Gustavo Noronha Silva <gustavo.noronha...
2009-08-24 kov@webkit.orgWebCore: