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Keeping in Touch

Mailing Lists

@@ -25,10 +12,12 @@ href="mailto:webkit-dev@opendarwin.org">webkit-dev@opendarwin.org. You can the list here.

If you would like help with development of an application using WebKit (as opposed to -development *of* WebKit), the right list is at of WebKit), the right list is at webkitsdk-dev@lists.apple.com with archives here. +

Our new bugs are assigned to the webkit-unassigned mailinglist by default. Check out the list info and the archives for it. +


You can find WebKit developers, testers, and other interested @@ -38,6 +27,25 @@ parties in channel #webkit on the F

Bug Tracker

You can report new bugs and monitor the state of existing bugs in -the OpenDarwin Bugzilla, +our Bugzilla, in the WebKit product.

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Other useful info

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+Want to know more about what we're up to? Check out our trac where you can browse the source and see our changes. Revision numbers are 1 off though, since we haven't figured out how to fix that yet. +


+Project activity of WebKit and other projects is measured at CIA, where you can see if we've done anything on our project page. +


+Build Bot
+Another way to see the current state of things is our build bot. This build system helps us identify build and testcase failures fast, and as such is invaluable to us. +

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