Debugging UIProcess on Mac OS X

  1. Open the WebKit2 Xcode project

Note, the Xcode project file depends on the build location specified in the project itself. In Xcode 4.3.2, choose Xcode > Preferences > Locations, click Locations, click the Advanced button, and ensure that the build location is Legacy.

  1. Set the project's build products location

    To find the WebKit you built, Xcode needs to know the build products location that build-webkit used. You can set the build products location in the project's build settings editor.

    Build products location
  2. Set the project's active scheme

    Xcode also needs to know the build configuration you used. You can set the active scheme from the workspace window.

    Scheme pop-up menu
  3. Add Safari to the project's active scheme

    Choose Edit Scheme from scheme pop-up menu. In the leftmost pane of the window, choose Run. In the Info pane, choose Other from the Executable pop-up menu. Then select /Applications/

    Edit Scheme sheet
  4. Launch the debugger

    In the workspace window, click the Run button.

    Run button
  5. See the Xcode Debugging Guide for more information on using Xcode to debug software on Mac OS X.