Building WebKit

Building WebKit requires that you have the proper developer tools installed and that you have a copy of the WebKit source tree.


  1. Open a Cygwin Shell (if not already open from checking out sources)

    Double-click the Cygwin icon on your Desktop to launch a new shell.

  1. Run the build-webkit script to build WebKit.

    Use the --debug option for a debug build, which includes debugging symbols and assertions:

    build-webkit --debug

By default, build-webkit places build products in WebKitBuild. You can specify a different build location on Mac in your Xcode preferences. On other platforms, the WEBKITOUTPUTDIR environment variable can be used to set a different build products location. If you have set up a custom build location, then build-webkit will place the build products there.


A common source of build errors on Windows is Visual C++ Express forgetting the Platform SDK paths. If you have trouble building WebKit, double check that the paths you set during step 2 of the Platform SDK Installation are still there and add them again if necessary.

Don't forget that if you have any questions or problems building WebKit, feel free to get in touch!

Once your build has finished, you can run it inside Safari.

Setting a Default Configuration

  1. To set a default build configuration for build-webkit and other scripts, use the set-webkit-configuration script:

    set-webkit-configuration --debug

    set-webkit-configuration --release