In order to report WebKit bugs you need to sign up for a Bugzilla account. Once you have an account you can report bugs on any product on WebKit is one of the individual products listed in Bugzilla, and all of our bugs can be classified in various components under the WebKit product.

If you think you've found a WebKit bug, first search through Bugzilla to see if anyone else has already filed it. If not, you are ready to file a bug on the WebKit product. The Writing a Good Bug Report document (also linked in the sidebar) gives some tips about the most useful information to include in bug reports. The better your bug report, the higher the chance that your bug will be addressed quickly.

Once your bug is filed, you will receive email when it is updated at each stage in the bug's life cycle. After the bug is considered fixed, you will usually be asked to update your WebKit and try it, to make sure that the fix works for you.

You should be running at least Mac OS X 10.3.9 before filing bugs. Your WebKit version should be 312 or higher if you are on Panther and 412 or higher if you are on Tiger. Look at the string below to see what version of WebKit you are running. The number is next to the word AppleWebKit followed by a /.

If you are running an earlier version then your bug may have been fixed. Please upgrade if possible before filing bugs that may have already been fixed.

To report bugs in Safari or WebKit bugs to Apple that may contain confidential information, use