CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)


This is the project page for WebKit's Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) implementation. CSS is a W3C specification, and WebKit has implemented virtually all of CSS1, most of CSS2.1 and even some CSS3. At this time we are focusing are efforts on completing CSS1 and CSS2.1 support. Some features of CSS3 are far enough along (like selectors) that they can be implemented safely as well.

Get Involved!

View bugs in the CSS component on OpenDarwin.

Here are some of the tasks that you can get involved with in CSS.

Complete CSS1 Support
Only a handful of CSS1 bugs remain, primarily with text-transform capitalize. Look for bugs that have been prefaced with "CSS1:" in the title. Complete support is measured by passing the CSS1 test suite.
Finish CSS2.1 Support
Most of CSS2.1 has been implemented in WebKit, but a few holes remain. The new white-space values pre-wrap and pre-line are not yet supported. In addition counters are not supported. Some of these features have been implemented in the current KHTML tree, and a merge may be possible for some of these features.
Finish CSS3 Selectors
Many of the CSS3 selectors are already supported by WebKit, but a few remain. Help complete support and test against the CSS selectors test suite to verify compliance.
CSS2.1 Test Suite
Check out the CSS2.1 test suite and file compliance bugs so that we can track open issues with our CSS2.1 compliance.